What are the Benefits of Stay At Home Dads

Walking in Daddy's Footsteps
Walking in Daddy's Footsteps | Source

What are the Benefits of Stay At Home Dads

Life is wonderful – I have two great kids at home, a loving husband, a promising career, and a passion to do great things. What’s my secret? My husband is a stay at home dad. Yep, we are redefining family stereotypes every day – and loving it! Let’s explore some of the benefits of being married to a stay at home dad.

A better appreciation for differences in people

My husband is the one who takes the kids to sports lessons, drops our daughter at “mother’s” day out, takes the kids grocery shopping, and pushes the kids on the swings at the park. In each of these situations, he’s usually the only dad among a playground full of moms. I believe this shows our kids that all families are different – some have only one parent, some have two moms, some have grandparents, but in each case they have family. I think this helps our kids appreciate these differences and open their hearts to accepting differences in others.

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Redefining gender roles

By having their dad be such an integral part of their lives on a daily basis, I think our kids will be less likely to fall prey to gender stereotypes, both for men and for women. They will know that your gender doesn't define who you are, but that your life and your actions define you. I recently witnessed a good example of the gender-stereotyping. This spring when my daughter had a class party in her “mother’s” day out program (there’s a stereotype right there) both my husband and I attended (it was over my lunch hour). When I arrived, I immediately noticed that my husband was the only dad in the room. After passing out the treats to the kids, one of the mom’s said “OK, kids, let’s thank our moms for this great party”. I immediately chimed in “and our dads” as I glanced to my husband. I have to assume that the mom who said that did so unintentionally, which means the idea that women/moms have a role and men/dads have a distinctly separate role is thoroughly ingrained in her. I hope my children, as they grow, would never say something so sexist, especially in front of young impressionable minds, such as those that filled the room that afternoon.

Division of labor

There are some tasks that I just don’t like doing, like cleaning toilets and scrubbing dishes. I hear lots of moms (those working outside the home and stay at home moms) complain about the division of labor in their household. The great thing about this arrangement is that most of the chores, including some back-breaking labor, can get done during the week. That frees up our weekend for family time.

Though there are a few challenges, there are many more wonderful benefits of stay at home dads. This is a situation that has worked out well for my family and one that, I believe, will have lasting positive benefits on our children. Whatever your situation, I hope that you are teaching your children to love and to respect others.

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eHealer profile image

eHealer 4 years ago from Las Vegas

I think it's cool that your husband is a stay at home dad. It will be interesting to see how men's new roles have impacted children on their growth and development. I remember my dad, he was essentially a couch that burped! Beautiful hub Written Up and I applaud you.Voted up and awesome job!

Written Up profile image

Written Up 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK Author

Ehealer, thank you for the kind and encouraging words! I had to giggle at your description of your dad as "a couch that burped."

eHealer profile image

eHealer 4 years ago from Las Vegas

Lol, I only write the truth Written up... lol.

Rosie writes profile image

Rosie writes 4 years ago from Virginia

Enjoyed your hub and your many examples of reasons why having a stay-at-home dad is beneficial.

Written Up profile image

Written Up 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK Author

Thank you, Rosie. I hope my kids can someday understand the gift they have been given.

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