What is Bad Boy Bad Girl Idealization?


When you idealize someone you put them on a psychological pedestal. That means you raise them above normal standards. This fantasy becomes the rules you gauge others by. Many times people idealize someone's beauty, which is a big part of drawing people (figure art). When you idealize the bad boy or bad girl image, values are turned upside down.

The bad boy or bad girl is now the hero in your mind. Kids tend to dress and act like those they think are ideal. You may turn your hat around backwards and wear your pants below your beltline or if you're a girl, you'll wear skimpier clothing. In past times, leather jackets, caps, and boots were symbols of the bad kid. Today there are cloths specifically geared to the bad boy or girl. It is out of hand.

There is also a lot of music written that is about the bad boy and girl. The bad boy or girl has tattoos, body piercing, and a bad attitude. Perhaps, not all boys or girls that has one of these traits is idealizing the bad image. But a combination of these things can mean he or she does idealize this bad concept.

Though gangs have been around a long time, the increase in gangs is partially an outgrowth of this idealization of the bad boy and bad girl. Many times the bad boy or bad girl types are seen as more attractive, which is a mistake. You may have seen a poster of James Dean in the mall. He played bad boy roles in the movies. The actress, Marylyn Monroe was idealized as a bad girl, but yet innocent. These types of students are disruptive in school and elsewhere if not by there actions then by their idealization. These types of students have the right to express themselves, but need monitoring so the stereotype is not played out in real life. They are also many times dangerous to students and teachers and to themselves.


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