When Children Chip Their Adult Teeth

Before I begin, let me just say that this is being written from personal experience. Most people will never chip a tooth, and y'all need to be really, really thankful for that, because it's not something anyone would enjoy. I chipped one of my front teeth when I was in 5th grade, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. This article is being written to help parents understand what their child goes through when that happens, and what they can do to make a bad situation a bit easier on their child. It's not the neatest thing your child might experience, but it's far from being the end of the world, either. The main thing is to stay calm when it happens; do not panic, because there's really no need.

How I Chipped My Tooth

WARNING: If you're a big wuss, I suggest you skip this part.

I was in Art Class. The tables had been lowered for the kindergarteners who'd been there before my 5th grade class, and I guess the teacher didn't have time to raise them back up again. I was coloring something at a table by myself, and since I was so much bigger than the height of that table, I was laying with my head on my arm as I colored, because it was a lot more comfortable. Well... and this is the part you may not want to read... at some point, I had to sneeze. It came on really quickly and I didn't have time to get my head up off the table. So I sneezed directly into it, teeth first. I'm actually grateful that it only chipped one of my front teeth and not both of them. I'm also grateful that it didn't knock them out entirely.

How much did I chip?

My front right tooth was chipped in the shape of an almost-perfect arc. I would estimate the deepest indentation at about one centimeter. Which, um, is a pretty big chip. There was no missing that sucker when you saw me smile.

How much did chipping my tooth hurt?

You'll probably be very surprised to hear that it didn't really hurt at all. It was a shock to my system -- I felt it, and I knew something had happened -- but it didn't hurt like getting punched in the face would. In fact, I didn't even cry. I felt my teeth, knew that the sharp edges didn't feel right, walked over to my teacher and told her something was wrong with my mouth.

What not to do when a child chips their tooth.

Do not panic like my Art Teacher did. When she saw my tooth, she totally flipped. She ran over to my table, found the chipped bits, opened a carton of milk and stuck them in there because she thought the dentist would need them (he didn't). Then, as she me dragged down to the Principal's office in a fit of hysteria, she must have asked me 20 times why I wasn't crying. My answer ("Because it doesn't hurt.") seemed not good enough and she kept looking at me like she expected me to burst into tears any minute. In my particular case, I was a very calm, cool, and collected child in emergencies, but others may not be. Don't add to the panic if you don't have to.

What Happened Next

My mother arrived in a similar panic and took me directly to the dentist. The dentist looked at my teeth, took a few x-rays and told my mother I was fine to go home. She asked him if he was going to reattach the bits (you remember, the bits my art teacher sent home in a carton of milk?) and he looked at her like she was crazy. Then she asked if he would put some sort of covering on it. He said I didn't need it -- he said that it would level itself out over time on its own.

What sucked about having a chipped tooth

While it didn't actually hurt, it wasn't long before I was experiencing an awful chill in that tooth every time something cold touched it. I didn't have that problem with warm or hot temperatures (although some kids might) but cold? OMG, it was awful. It was so sensitive, in fact, that opening my mouth to talk outside during a cold New York winter would have been a nightmare. I am not exaggerating -- it was that sensitive. There is nothing that can really describe this feeling, but if you've ever accidentally touched a light-socket the wrong way and felt that little vibration of electricity (doesn't hurt, but sucks all the same), you can get close to knowing how this felt every day for a very long time.

How long did the sensitivity last?

I honestly can't remember, but I would guess it was probably two years, give or take.

Did it level out on its own?

You know, it actually did. Within a couple of years, my teeth were similar enough in length that you couldn't tell when I smiled. There is a slight angle to it still, but if I pointed it out to you, you would probably tell me I was imagining things. And just to be clear, I never had any dental work done on that tooth to make that happen, and I am VERY glad that my mother didn't drag me somewhere to force me to have it done.

How did it affect me as a kid?

It really didn't affect me much at all. I really didn't care about it. That may sound strange, but it's true. I wasn't teased for it, and it didn't interfere with anything (I had a lot of dental work done in later years to straighten my teeth and that process was not affected by that chipped tooth) so I had no reason to really be bothered by it. It bothered my mother a lot more than it bothered me!

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asma 4 years ago

read your aryicle grat help

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 4 years ago Author

At least 5 years, maybe more. I was young at the time and not really paying too much attention...

Alicia (again) 4 years ago

How long did that take?

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 4 years ago Author

My toothed evened out to the point that it wasn't noticeable unless I pointed it out to someone, but that took many years, it hasn't been long enough for that to have happened to you yet. If it still bothers you when you are older you can save some money and get a veneer put over the chipped tooth, and it will look like new. Good luck! :)

Alicia 4 years ago

Hello! (: I chipped both of my 2 front teeth, just before the 6th grade. Here'd the story. I was at a block part playing on a blow up water slide. It was so nice how the end of the slippery part was facing a brick wall. I went on it like a million times face first. But the last time I went, I couldn't stop myself my face stopped me. I knew I hit my teeth. But couldn't feel any pain. Then someone pointed it out, and I freaked out! I started crying. But a fake cap was put on the bigger crack 2 days later. My right tooth has a higher arch then the left one. And then the cap fell off, 2 months later. (I guess he was a bad dentist?) I got another cap on it, but this one lasted about 4 months? I was so upset.. /: Half of my 6th grade year it was chipped. I was made fun of, called hill billy, bum. But it didn't really bother me. I have not had fixed, from 6th grade to now. I'm a 9th grader. I can't really have it fixed because no $ and no insurance. I'm a 14 year old girl with 2 chipped teeth. And my dream right now, is to have them permantly fixed. It's very embarrsing to smile, to talk to new people, especially since I move a lot. I'm afraid my tooth will fall out.. /: And your tooth has evened out, I don't understand why mine hasn't? (and I haven't been to a dentist since the 6th grade because of no insurance) For those people who are very lucky to not have their teeth broken, KEEP ON SMILING!

Anonymous 4 years ago

Hi. I have a chipped tooth too. It happened about a year ago. I was eating one of those hard coated bubble gums. It chipped my molar right behind my eye tooth. Now it has a cavity. My bottom left eye tooth now has a cavity. It chipped in half about two weeks ago, but I didn't notice until one week ago. Now the tooth directly next to it looks grayish. I am EXTREMELY scared of the dentist. I absolutely hate the sight of blood so I can't pull it out. Plus I've read a ton of bad stuff about infected teeth. My parents forget to take me to the dentist a lit. My mom knows and tells me to wiggle it. Now I'm really scared. I'm only 11!!!!! It has me super worried. HELPME!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't hurt for some reason, but split into two pieces and has a teeny piece wedged into my gum, but I could get it out if the main part was gone. I'd really appreciate advice. I'm not too scared of getting it pulled, but I'm terrified of getting a root canal, and my mom won't let me anyway. If there are any dentists or experienced people out there reading this, I would appreciate help.

Taylor 4 years ago

I was running and I tripped and a corner of my front tooth is came off. It didn't hurt but it's cold when I breath in. I still cant find the piece. I'm going to the dentist soon and I don't know what to expect...

Abbey 4 years ago

Well my story? yesterday.. i was in my bathroom ( Looking in the mirror ) and the light fell and hit me on the head. My house has very high celeings and the light around the light bolb was glass and very heavy! The light bolb ( which was on ) hit my head along with the glass prtecter around it. I don't remember it as i was knocked out completely! but my Parents say i hit my 2 front teeth on the wooden floor boards. i woke in a hospital bed. I went into complete shock. My teeth felt really weird so i looked at them ( on the reflection on my phone ) and i saw my front teeth and screamed! the bottom half of them were completely gone. I have been looking up stuff to eat for when you have chipped teeth and i came across this. I hope i don't get teased:( im only 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Aina 4 years ago

I chipped three of my front teeth just yesterday cause I slipped and fell face first in a dark, slippery, inclined tunnel (it was part of my co-curriculum in school) just yesterday. I'm sixteen and a girl. Just wondering though, what percentage of teen girls chip their teeth? Cause I honestly think that TEEN GIRLS who chip their teeth in any situation are hard to come across. I must be one of th only few who actually do chip their teeth. My two front teeth formed an irregular ark, but an ark nonetheless. My other tooth was chipped in th corner. Every time I breathed in cold air, it hurt. But nothing compared to when th dentist started "working" on my teeth. Honestly, it hurt like hell, but only for a few hours. You can't feel much if you sleep it off, that's what I did. I'm telling you, if you're a teen, go get it filled, it hurts less in th end. If you're still a kid, don't worry about it, it's just your milk teeth, new ones will grow out. Just wanted to share my chipped story too. =)

D: 4 years ago

Im so scared... I just chipped my tooth well idk if I did. I feel it with my tongue and it feels weird and not smooth like usual. But it dosent hurt... I cant feel it with my hand... I look at the piece and it wasn't that all big... Should I be scared or calm? Im 11 and its 11:30. Im scared of dentists. Scared that its going to hurt if I need a crown probably not or maybe IM HOPEING they will just leave it alone. Please help me im scared to wake up my mom incase she will set an appointment. Im scared out of my mind!

Anand Joshi 4 years ago

Hey thanks for this write up. Just yesterday my Seven Year old chipped his exactly like yours in the Arc when he was hit on a basketball poll after sleding from the snow pile... Unfortunate!

But I will share this article with him. Thanks a ton for your write up

5 years ago

This article was very helpful for my child, who chipped a little part of her front tooth today. It looks like they may file the sharp edges down and it would even out over time. I also chipped off half of my front tooth when I was in 6th grade while I was roller skating. I had the bottom half bonded and I've had it redone twice. I'm 43, and hopefully I'll never need a root canal or crown. The experience of my child chipping her tooth was horrible for me, bringing back all the emotions I had when my accident happened.

childcareworker 5 years ago

Just today a child in my program chipped both of her front teeth when she collided with someone in the gym... She panicked ... The staff panicked ... And her mother panicked ... Bad situation all around. She ran to the dentist and had false put in and is demanding we pay... Someone should have let her read this first!

Somedudeyoudontknow 5 years ago

I chipped my front 2 teeth like halfway on both of them and my dentistgave me 2 fillings -__-

kenken 5 years ago

I chipped my tooth 2 times and I got a fillin will my tooth grown and the filling will fall off or what

ca 5 years ago

Do you think the tooth grow down and level itself when kids chip their adult teeth? I asked the dentis and she said that it doesn't grow anymore. It only moves down to level, but that could becomes detach from its root. I think you could tell if it grows by seeing more enamel at the bottom from what was chip. What do you think Isabella Snow?

moha 5 years ago

i just chipped my teeth last month..

i was fasting i didn't eat anything i went to the toilet and.. i passed out and my face slammed on to the toilet and when i woke up.. i saw blood and my 2 front teeth were feeling all weird.. and it hurt.. pretty bad : (..

and i feel like my teeth are all sensitive all the time now it hurts whenever i drink something cold.. and whenever i try to eat or talk : (..

I'm 20 years old it's such a horrible experience i wish this could never happen to people but it's unfortunate..

tyler striga 5 years ago

I'm 9 & I just chipped my tooth while swimming I hit my chin and severely chipped my tooth It really hurts

:( 5 years ago

my tooth was chipped when i was 5.... i was all great... till 2 days ago... it its bin irritable.... and feels like its on the move :'O nooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i cant loose any teeth!! i haven't even gotten laid yet :) lol.... seriusly tho

joniboy 5 years ago

I just chiped my tooth 2 days ago when i bonked my right tooth on a metal pole. i didn't feel it and it didn't give me any chills. then 2 days later i wake up and drink some mil and i get a chill. i went and looked in the mirror and i chiped about half a centimeter. i wonder what my dentest will do.

Sydney 5 years ago

Hi I am Sydney I am 11 years old it is like 3:00 in the morning I have a chipped tooth on the bottom row of teeth and it was always very sensitive my lil brother threw a hot wheel at my face and chipped it when I was 8 or so I think I just chipped something next to that tooth I woke my parents up to tell them and they told me to go back to sleep....... And my gum hurts VERY badly btw my dentist did a VERY bad job fixing my chipped tooth btw AGAIN he chipped half of my tooth off they but some gluey white junk on it any advise with what to do with the other tooth plz!!!

Tatiana 5 years ago

i chipped my front tooth when i ran into a door frame while playing tag at first it didn't hurt but when i looked into the mirror i could see my nerves but overall i cant wait until my crowning

Aileen 5 years ago

I just chipped my front tooth about 3 hours ago when I fell off my bike.I didn't have enough time to protect my face,so I hit my face teeth first. I was shocked that it didn't hurt at all. It still feels weird. I am gonna see a dentist tomarrow,I hope they can repair my tooth.

jess 6 years ago

hi everyone i chipped my tooth when i was in 6th grade by getting on the back of one of those bananas swings it swung and hit me in the face, amazingly it ONLY hit my front two teeth thankfuly. So i got temporary teeth until 10th grade and then i got veneres, it was a longgggggggggg painful hard process but eventually it was done just a 1 month ago actually and yesterday i started feeling that HORRIBLE cold feeling and i have felt it before but it was just so random, i really am hoping i don't need a root canal.. but its always a possibility i suppose ALL YOU READING don't EVER chip your tooth/teeth... just don't

6 years ago


abbie 6 years ago

i chipped my tooth around...4months ago ( front tooth )...is it ok? I hurts once in a while...

Ken 6 years ago

My 4 yr old daughter hit my 12 yr old son in the mouth with the end of the dog's leash and chipped one of the two front teeth. Not too bad, we have photos to show when he starts dating.

chip the beaver 6 years ago

I chipped my tooth too, it is an edge off my very front tooth! Has this happened to anyone else?

malia 6 years ago

i just chipped my tooth two hours ago and it hurts really bad every time i touch it with my toung it stings i was doing back hand springs and landed on my knees (just learned how to do a back hand spring too) so i was tired but wanted to land on my feet and end on a good one

well i was to tired my arms gave out and i landed on my head. as you can guese i chumped down to hard and cracked my teeth. it wasn't soo bad but i cracked my front one on the bottom on the right about 1cm.

steven 6 years ago

hi have bad teeth too,

norma 6 years ago

My daughter aged 13 has just had a horse riding accident, in which she fractured two vertebrae and has also extensive damage to 9 of her teeth. I have been told by the dentist that he will repair her teeth temporarily but she will need extensive work done on them in a few years. Has anyone else suffered a similar experience and how did the dental work go?

Smiles 6 years ago

Thanks for the stories, helpful as concerned parent of daughter with chipped tooth.. Keep smiling!!

freddy 7 years ago

i chipped my tooth also by trieing to do a flip in a scooter and i fell so fast that i didn't have time to protect my face and i chipped my front tooth it was so noticeable and so i went to the dentist the next day and he put some whit stuff it was all great until i ate an apple and it fell off after 2 years later my tooth grew and you coould hardly notice it but i still want to fix it.

Sara 7 years ago

I chipped by tooth when i was about 14. I had a simular incident in the matter it all happened with a single sneeze! (People often laugh when i tell them i chipped by front tooth sneezing)

I happened to be getting out a car when this happened and didn't have a chance to raise my hands and protect my face (and catch those nasty germs) and my teeth went straight into the top edge of the door. I knew instantly something was wrong. I had felt an impact with the door but didn't feel any pain. My tongue connected with my top tooth and i felt it. Funnily enough at the time i was wearing a retainer for braces that went halfway down my front teeth at the back and the chip only went as high as that (must have stopped it going further) and it's only the back that is was chipped and a tiny bit at the front. It wasn't very noticeable but i could feel it and i could feel how senstative it was. Even breathing i could feel it. I hated the feeling!

I managed to get into a dentist a day or so later and they put some white hardening stuff on it and reshaped my tooth. It was great for about a year until i crunched on a hard bit of rock candy and it came straight off. How annoying. It was fixed again but not as well this time. I'm also always worried about eating tought things with my front teeth like spare ribs. A tiny chip has apearred on it the last year or so. It's annoying but there's not a lot i can do about it. I'm glad that the treatment for it is very easy. Sit in dentists chair and they wack some white stuff on it.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

I'm sorry to hear that, dkrainwater. :-(

dkrainwater profile image

dkrainwater 7 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming

I chipped a tooth when I was ten and still have the same chip 40 years later. Wish I got it fixed.

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