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When I had my first child almost ten years ago there wasn't much in the way of "fashion" for pregnant women. At least, if there was I didn't know about it. Bags like the Kalencom Diaper Bag just weren't available. Pregnancy clothes looked as if they were designed for frumpy old ladies and as for the accessories, well, let's just say that there wasn't a lot of selection. Diaper bags were black and functional, or if you really wanted variety, there were blue and functional options as well. I schlepped about in saggy leggings and huge oversized shirts, picked through a haze of resignation, simply because I could actually get them on.

Fortunately by the time of my most recent pregnancy I was thrilled to find that everything has changed. Not only are there some great clothes (juicy couture maternity jeans anyone?) the accessories are wonderful too.

I can't tell you how happy I was to walk into Topshop and find that not only were there stylish clothes now available for pregnant women, I could actually afford to wear them too.

Of course a stylish wardrobe meant that when I went to purchase other items I found that they too needed to be just a little more funky than I would have once required. Of course, they needed to be practical too, but that was no longer the only requirement.

Kalencom Diaper Bags... Available in numerous colors!
Kalencom Diaper Bags... Available in numerous colors!

Kalencom Diaper Bags

This is how I stumbled upon Kalencom Diaper Bags. No more of the navy canvas (and highly impractical) monstrosity that I had lugged about during previous pregnancies. These bags were not only practical they were stylish too. I couldn't believe it. When did pregnant women and new mothers actually start to get recognised for being what they are- young women!

The thing that I love about the Kalencom bags isn't just how practical they are with their bottle warmers and change mats, it is the variety of styles. Want something that looks like a simple purse or handbag? They have one. Need a weekender? They have one. Need to go to a wedding and want something that will coordinate with your outfit and still allow you to look like a wedding guest rather than a pack horse? They have one.

It seems to me that if you were so inclined (and rich enough!) you could find a bag to coordinate with almost any outfit that you bought. I am a particular fan of the double buckle giraffe blue version, but there are so, so many options. The biggest problem that I have encountered is limiting myself to one. Oh, and that the one that I chose looks a little too like a handbag so that my husband huffs a little when he has to carry it..Shame!

Kalencom's Plainer Styles

When it comes to Kalencom Diaper Bags there are two schools of thought. The plain and the bright. My husband is a big fan of the plainer styles because for him he would prefer that the style was as close to a man bag as possible. I like the plainer styles simply because they look chic.

The Skip Hop Studio Bag, shown on the right, looks about as close to a normal handbag as you could every hope to get with a diaper bag. This is great for those days when you want or need to look a bit less like what you are carrying is filled to the brim with baby things.

The Sling bag is my husband's ideal diaper bag. However, to be honest it isn't mine. I prefer something just a bit more feminine, so until my husband decides he wants to fork out for his own diaper bag, he'll just have to live with something that is more handbag than manbag.

The bottom bag to the right is the rather fabulous corduroy

Kalencom's Brighter bags

Kalencom has some gorgeous plain bags, but for me, my heart lies with their brighter styles.

There is such an enormous range!

Not only are there the styles shown to the right, but every one of these bags has tens of other color options. Clicking on any of the images will take you to a page where you can see what a huge variety of colors the bags are available in...

My all time favorite diaper bag by Kalencom is the Laminated buckle paisley cotton candy bag above. This wasn't available when I bought my bag, but if I ever need another one this is what I'll buy.

A Video About Kalencom I Found...

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