Why newborn babies smile while sleeping

I wonder and question arouse in my mind again when I saw my 5th new born baby boy smiling & laughing while sleeping, That why new born babies smile & laugh while sleeping? It happened with all the new born babies in the whole world. I have seen so many new born child’s smiling & laughing. The grandparents & parents told children often smile & laugh while sleeping. I have asked them several times why they smile & laugh, Their answer couldn't satisfied me well. Even my daughter asked me once why his brother new born baby smile & laugh while sleeping, I didn't even answer it well.

I had so many thoughts about it and I had also read some articles about it, but I was not satisfied with the thoughts of the others. When peoples feel comfortable they smile or laugh, or when they saw or listen humorous action, chat, jokes, comedy movies and when they feels tense they won't smile or laugh. I think nobody could smile or laugh in a tragic situation of their life. 

I think smiling & laughing has great connection with one's heart & mind as well. Mind is working even when someone sleeps, A person scared when having a bad dream & dreams only came with memories good or bad. It means while having dreams we could be afraid or happy.

A new born baby won’t have memories everyone knows. I have so many thoughts about it. When a baby smile or laugh, it means a baby is dreaming but about what a baby is dreaming about? But I totally disagree with that (I might be wrong, thoughts just came in to my mind). That new born babies have memories about his/her creation and the above all his/her Creator or he/she might see an angel in dreams. The memories might come from DNA.

As far as my topic is concerned it is only about the smiling & laughing of the new born babies, but most people would also mention that new born babies also cries while sleeping. Crying of new born baby is subject to starving I think so, But it might also because of evil things sought by him/her while sleeping.

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carolinemoon profile image

carolinemoon 5 years ago

Wow great articles, Thanks for knowing.

Bilal 4 years ago

Baby just not only smile they also scared and cry. but I also notice their face expression just like they disagreed with some one or happy with some one and feel some taste which they don't like very much. some time i seen them confused. I can say they are totally connect with some one.. but when they awake they watch us as stranger. but can u tell me who teach them sucking and crying for feed. Is this fix in our DNA? if this is fix in our DNA eating is also should be in our DNA but as we know they don't eat. but According to Islam We've created before we came in this world. We were living in heaven. before coming in this world I Promised to Allah (GOD) that I'll follow your order in this world.

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