Why parents shouldn't break the law

What about the kids?

The main reason why parents shouldn't break the law is because of the well-being of their kids. A parent's actions will be more harmful towards the child than the parent. Sure, the parent may spend some time behind bars, but the child will have the possibility of growing up without their parents, growing a hardened heart and trust issues.

The bond between a parent and child can't be duplicated, no matter how much effort is put into trying to do so. As these are the traditional problems that children face when separated from their parents, these aren't the only problems that some children have to go through. Some children go through trials and tribulations that are damn near impossible to think about, but happen to some kid around the world on a near daily basis. Lets take a look at some of the horrors children face sometimes when separated from their parents.

Abused girl
Abused girl

The Dangers of Foster Care

If you look at the statistics of child abuse in America, the rates are quite startling. You would think that taking children and placing them in foster homes would protect them from the predators and evil individuals with intentions of causing bodily harm to them, but oh no!! This approach has been proven on many ocassions to be wrong. There are quite a few stories of stories that make the hardest of individuals feel pain in their hearts.

One story I came across while researching foster care was a story where a little girl contracted Gonnorhea of the throat due to sexual molestation. The home that she was living in was an unlicensed foster home. Her foster father constantly molested her, causing her to be infected with gonnorhea of the throat.

An 8 year old girl ran away from her home. She was found walking down a gravel road beaten, battered, and bloodied. She told her neighbor that she didn't eat in days and that she was beaten with a hard-heeled shoe. When police investigated the home, they found 2 dead bodies in the freezer. Read the rest of the story here.

Peer Pressure

Foster care isn't all that bad, but why take the chance? Now, another thing that can effect a child is peer pressure. Without having a strong role model to back them up and keep them in the right track, a child will be more prone to peer pressure than another with both parents by their side. Besides being exposed to their parents getting arrested and thrown in and out of jail, they also have to deal with the other kids in the community as well who will attempt to sway them into the dark side.

Children are easily manipulated. Its possible to get a child to do anything, even murder someone else. It all depends on how the scenario plays out but its possible. Why would you want your child to be put in a situation like this? What if he/she does become a murderer? Its best to not try and find out.

While being unlikely for a child to become a serial killer because their parents spent some time in jail, there is a possibility of this happening. Don't test faith! Follow life accordingly and everything should go down a pretty smooth path. Be there for the kids. Put them through college, whether they want to go or not lol.

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