Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations

If you have fond memories of the lovable ol' bear Winnie the Pooh from your own childhood and want to bring back some of those good memories and share your love of Pooh bear with your own upcoming child then having a Winnie the Pooh baby shower is a great choice for new moms.

Firstly you'll need some Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations.  You can either buy them full price retail, discount or cheap at places like eBay or make them yourself.

But first consider they style that you want to go for.

Classic Pooh

If you like the original classic Pooh like from the AA Milne book (rather than the newer Disney version) then some of the best designs can be found by scouting out old picture books at second hand stores or eBay. 

You can design the invitations yourself by cutting out scenes and pictures from those books (or if you don't want to ruin the books - colour copy them).  After you have finished with them you can frame them and they make lovely keepsakes for the nursery.

Disney Pooh

You won't have any trouble finding any Disney versions of Winnie the Pooh around since both the movies and TV series are currently popular with children (and adults) of all ages.  You could purchase the invitations direct online or make them yourself with images that you find online or from children's books.

Most stationery supply stores have sheets of vellum (clear see through thick paper) that contain Winnie the Pooh images in them that can be printed on from any computer printer that make lovely baby shower invitations.

Winnie the Pooh Characters

Instead of having Pooh Bear on your invitations, consider one of the other characters like Piglet, Tigger and/or Eeyore.  You can get both classic version (if you look around) or the current Disney designs of these popular characters as well.

Some of the lesser characters such as Owl and Christopher Robin are harder to find but doing a search online could prove successful.

And finally if you have any artistic streak in you, why not consider drawing or designing your own cards - hand drawn cards are becoming more personal and many people have them as keepsakes to keep for your baby as they grow.

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