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Leaving our old parents in 'old age home' is right?

In your opinion, running away from our responsibilities by leaving our aged parents in old age home , has any justification?

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Is Leaving Your Parent in an 'Old Age Home' Right?81

Is Leaving Your Parent in an 'Old Age Home' Right?

4 years ago
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    devisree 4 years ago

    You described well to my question.This matter should be discussed widely.In this mechanical life people have no time to spend for their parents.They are forgetting that they will also have to overcome the same situation


JThomp42 says

4 years ago
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  • Starmom41 4 years ago

    I agree with his ^ viewpoint- everybody should pitch in to help, and it's only o.k. to place a person in a nursing home or similar facility if he/she needs skilled nursing care that the family can't provide.