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Is breastfeeding and drinking alcohol okay or frowned upon in your eyes?

Keeping in mind that no amount of alcohol is safe for a baby to be exposed to, is breastfeeding while drinking not a big deal or a potential harm to the baby in your eyes?

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Link10103 says

2 years ago
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Jacqui (jlpark) says

2 years ago
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Penny Godfirnon (Penny G) says

2 years ago
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    Aime (Aime F) 2 years ago

    Sorry, but this is total scaremongering. I actually just looked through some medical journals and the common consensus is that occasional drinking while BFing not medically significant. Putting alcohol in a bottle is not even remotely the same.

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Aime (Aime F) says

2 years ago
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    Peeples 2 years ago

    I agree, my doctor said it was fine, with no pump and dump, as long as I tried to have a drink right after feeding. Just a matter of moderation.