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Is your 24 yr old daughter still acting like a rebellious teenager? Please help!!

Why is it that my 24 & 26 yr old daughters feel the need to berate me and be disrespectful, when I ask them to do me a favor or if I choose to raise my voice and let them know that "As long as you are living at home, I expect ..yada, yada. I think I have a right to be angry, considering their ages, I don't feel I'm being mean to them at all. The certainly are being mean to me though, that's for sure!

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freecampingaussie says

2 years ago
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    Lor B (Junegirl58) 2 years ago

    Overall they're both respectful. They both cook, help around house, etc. but because of other stresses in our home, I feel like they're holding some of our past issues over us. I could never kick them out, but their attitudes do not help the mater.