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Death of a 3-year-old Maryland boy ruled homicide. Why do parents snap? Why do people not get help?

How sad. Proof, just because you can physically deliver a child does not mean you mentally capable of being a parent. R.I.P. Jiā€™Aire Lee. The story hit the news on May 22nd of this year. People called the police after witnessing a mother pushing a child on a swing for an unnatural period of time in La Plata park close to the Washington area. The 24 year old was pushing her dead 3 year old in a swing. Authorities ruled this a homicide as it was determined the Maryland boy died as result of dehydration and hypothermia. Why did this happen? Why don't people get help before harming others?

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Peeples says

19 months ago
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    Christin Sander (ChristinS) 19 months ago

    Absolutely. Ironically it was Reagan who gutted the mental health systems act that lead us down this spiral. He was shot by a mentally ill man. People stigmatize what they don't understand, but refuse to help fix the problems. sad :(

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Motherbynature says

19 months ago
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Aime (Aime F) says

19 months ago
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