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I want to post a personal anecdote which offers no advice or valuable information. It's just funny.

Is there a way to do that without breaking some kind of Hubber Rule? "Again, personal anecdotes and experiences can add great value to Hubs and we welcome them; they simply have to be provided in a manner that adds value to the article and provides readers with valuable information."

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Lori Chidori Phillips (Lori P.) says

16 months ago
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Ilona Elliott says

16 months ago
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    bzirkone 16 months ago

    Agree, Ilona. HP has dinged me before on writing personal stuff and refused to 'feature' an article unless I included something instructive or helpful to the audience. As a result, I inserted some inane academic references just to pass muster.

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Jennifer Mugrage says

16 months ago
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