Do not lower the drinking age to 18

Throughout history, people have always wanted what they can't have. Since the 1970s, this is the attitude most lawmakers in America have taken with respect to underage drinking. It was at this time that many states changed the legal drinking age form 18 to 21. The theory behind this was, essentially, if you rise the drinking age, people will drink more responsibly, because with age comes responsibility. Unfortunately, the people who made these laws did not consider that responsibility is something that comes from experience and teaching - not just age. Currently, there are many anti-alcohol groups (most concerned with the problem of drunk driving) trying to stop people from drinking illegally before the age of 21.

western nations on the planet in which the drinking age is over 18. In most cultures, drinking is perceived as a social activity. In Europe, many children (and I do not use the word "children" loosely) begin drinking in a social context with their parents by the early to mid-teens. In France, many families include wine as a part of the daily dinner, and in England, it is legal for a person to have an alcoholic beverage, in a public restaurant, with a parent, at the age of 16. So why is it that in America, we consider people who have wine every night to be alcoholics, and associate 16-year-olds that drink with stomach pumps? It seems to me that Americans have created an artificial problem with drinking, which precludes us from imbibing in the same fashion as Europeans. The fundamental difference lies in learned responsibility.

In the U.S., when you reach 18 years of age, you are legally an adult. Your new rights allow you to vote, join the military, obtain a marriage permit, sign legally binding contracts and many others except purchase and consume alcohol . Many feel this is the best reason for lowering the drinking age. I want to take a different approach at the issue; I think the legal drinking age should not be lowered to 18.

Why we should not lower the drinking age? Let me explain some reasons why not to lower the drinking age. One is that if we lower the drinking age we might be contributing to more fatal accidents. Second, lowering the drinking age might influence 18-year-olds to buy alcohol for younger teenagers (age 15-17). And third, 18-year-olds may not be mature enough to know their limitations on drinking.

One argument against lowering the drinking age is that alcohol impairs the development of the brain. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) stats in an article titled "Why 21" that "the 21 minimum age drinking laws were established to save your brain and your life" (Why 21?) Although it is standard knowledge that the manner in which alcohol is consumed is generally unhealthy, there are many other substances legal to any ages that are just as unhealthy. It is a wide known fact that heart disease is the number one killer in America. Heart disease is cause by unhealthy and fatty foods, which are consumed everyday by nearly everyone. If the American Heart Association were to use the same reasoning as MADD, They might suggest putting age restrictions on buying McDonald's fast food. In reality, such suggestions by the AHA would be shot down faster than an Iraqi fighter-jet in US air space. Further more, cigarettes have been proven to be the major cause of lung cancer. Any adult can purchase a pack of cigarettes at a store legally, despite the fact that the nicotine that they contain is far worse for your body than alcohol. When was the last time you heard of a class action suit against Budweiser for causing cirrhosis of the liver? Never! That is why it is preposterous to even try to defend the "twenty-one" age restriction on alcohol with health related support.

If we lower the drinking age we might be contributing to more fatal accidents. According to a study based on data from United States, lowering the drinking age increases car crashes among youth. The drinking age was lowered from 20 to 18 in 2000. The study found that the rate of traffic crashes and injuries increased 12% for 18-19-year-old males and 14% among 15-17-year-old males comparing the four years before and after the United State's legislature lowered the drinking age to 18. For females, rates rose 51% for 18-19-year-olds and 24% for 15-17-year-olds. The study estimated that 400 serious injuries and 12 deaths each year among 15-19-year-olds could be prevented if United States raised their minimum legal drinking age ( Minimum Purchasing Age for Alcohol and Traffic Crash Injuries Among 15 to 19Year Olds in United States American Journal of Public Health. 2005). Even though this study is from New Zealand, there is still a possibility that the same thing will happen here in the United States if we were to lower the drinking age.

A study has proven that "in the 12 zero tolerance states, single vehicle nighttime fatal crashes involving young drivers dropped 16 percent" (NHTSA Tolerance) The young drivers, defined by this study as under twenty-one, are not even supposed to be under the influence, but simply by enacting zero tolerance laws on drunk driving, fatal accidents have declined by another solid sixteen percent . MADD claims that the "twenty-one" age restriction has reduced the number of fatal accidents by up to twenty-eight percent, not even a solid twenty-eight percent. If zero tolerance laws were established, as opposed to age restricting laws, these decreases in the number of accidents would be higher than a pothead on April twentieth. MADD needs to take up anger management to stop targeting the wrong statistics.

Another reason Given by MADD for the "twenty-one" age restriction is that "Researchers found that teenage deaths in fatal car crashes dropped considerably - in some cases up to 27% - when the laws were moved back to 21. Like it or not, it is clear that more young people were killed on the highways when the drinking age was 18." Granted, with this statement MADD has risen slightly above their childish health argument, however, they are not looking at the big picture with this statistic.

Some may also think that younger people are involved in more drinking and driving accidents and decreasing the drinking age will only increase this problem. The thing about this fact that most people tend to not think about is that teens tend to abuse alcohol no more than people that fall in the age category of 21 to 40 year olds. When you take into account that teenagers drive more miles than older drivers do, the statistics show a higher rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities for teenagers than older groups.

One reason is that 18-year-olds might not be mature enough to drink responsibly. At the age of 18 we are not yet mature enough, we just stepped out of high school and are preparing for college. At 18 they have the responsibility to vote, start getting their credit, and start becoming an adult. Trying to become an adult is a big responsibility, and putting alcohol in their hands will only make it a little more difficult to do. At this age they are still trying to have fun, enjoy life, and explore adult hood. Why should we put alcohol in their hands to let them maybe destroy their or someone else's future?

Lowering the drinking age might also influence 18 year olds to buy alcohol for younger teenagers, ranging from the ages of 15 to 17. If they buy the alcohol for the younger teenagers we might hear more about fatal crashes but they would be with younger teenagers. See they may obtain their license at the age of 16, with that being said these teenagers would most likely drink and drive and may take innocent lives.

Now that I have explained three reasons why we should not lower the drinking age; hopefully, everyone will consider not lowering the drinking age. Some people would disagree with my explanations, but take time and realize that letting the drinking age be lowered ,we are letting these teenagers drink whenever they want too and do what they want when they are drinking.

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stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

I agree 100%! The drinking age should not be lowered.

ateeqvbhatti profile image

ateeqvbhatti 8 years ago

Be happy and enjoy life, be patient in difficult times, try to enjoy life as much as you can, listen to music, watch movies, play games, do whatever you can in this drop of water life no body knows who will remain after 2 minitues from know...

Siara 8 years ago

I agree on not lowring drinking age, and also making law more strict for people prviding alcohols t minors

shootemup55 8 years ago

if people want to drink that much... move to germany. drinking age is 16. move there. everybody happy

sheena 8 years ago

I think that if 18 wants to drink just let them drink because they can vote, buy cigarette and adopt children so why can't they vote.

Brandon 7 years ago

If you old enough to get your leg blew off in a war your old enough to drink

Sara Algoe profile image

Sara Algoe 7 years ago from Phoenix, Ariz Author

but atleast ull regret it less coz u were not drunk.

princess 7 years ago

the drinking age should not be lowered to 18 because all people are doing is messing up their liver and their lives... getting drunk is not going to solve any problems it might make you feel better but the problem is always going to be there..

E$ 7 years ago

Please!!! First what we have to do is stop this nurturing mentality we have towards 18-20 year olds. I hate to break it to you, the age of adulthood is 18, stop treating them like children. We must educate are young adults on the consequences of drunk driving, give them responsibility for once. This will never change unless we rid ourselves of this stupid prohibitionist attitude and rid this country of conservatism

hillary nichole  7 years ago

E$ says:

5 weeks ago

Please!!! First what we have to do is stop this nurturing mentality we have towards 18-20 year olds. I hate to break it to you, the age of adulthood is 18, stop treating them like children. We must educate are young adults on the consequences of drunk driving, give them responsibility for once. This will never change unless we rid ourselves of this stupid prohibitionist attitude and rid this country of conservatism..


David 7 years ago

I think that the drinking age should be 18 because we can go to war at the age of 18 but we cant drink one little beer. I understand that alot of teenagers die from drinking left and right but there more teenagers die over seas and the teen are 110% responsible for there actions

marcus  7 years ago

i think drinking is good i like it... go army

jake krusher 7 years ago

meanwood meanwood meanwood

lozza 7 years ago

i think it should not be lowered!!

:P 7 years ago

I think the drinking age should be lowered

If people under 21 wana go get drunk most of them find a way

Drinkin age in Ireland is 18 and its great iv only just turned 17 bt iv started goin out abit and i find im alot less inclined 2 drink too much compared 2 goin out in a field sumwhere where there is clear danger its a very socialable healthy thing and can boost the economy!

kyle 6 years ago

why keep it? the ONLY reason you guys come up with for keeping it is drunk driving deaths. what about all the other related deaths that has not changed changed. kids are going to underage drink no matter what. its safer if the age is lowered. Iv never been to a college that didn't drink under age people die because its illegal. if it drinking age was 18 it could save lifes. the choice to drink and drive is your own. its a whole different law for a reason. why cant a freshmen in college who is stressed out to the new lifestyle he or she as to adjust to sit down and enjoy a few beers. 21 year olds get 15 and 16 year olds booz anyway. the fact that an 18 year old could wouldn't change anything.

Cesar 6 years ago

Why do you think teenagers tend to get into accident and binge drinking because the law limits them to drink in public were they will be under the supervision of an adult or medical staff. Instead they are force to drink secretly in fraternities basement, or any hidden place were there is no adult supervision.

Unknown 6 years ago

I think that it's a great deal that we don't lower the drinking age. Why do people compare this situation to kids when the people opposing lowering the drinking age is saving lives. Get real here folks.

BROby maquire 6 years ago


people will take you a lot more seriously if you articulate your points in a mature way instead of blasting your opinion with caps......just a thought

Sara Algoe profile image

Sara Algoe 6 years ago from Phoenix, Ariz Author

Hey every one thanks for replying. I was a bit busy these days hope to get back to my hub life very soon

college student 6 years ago

The 21 drinking age is really very silly. I understand that it helped to reduce drunk driving fatalities in the 1980s, but it's not 1984 anymore. Twenty-five years later, society has changed a bit. There's much more awareness about the dangers of driving drunk, and people are more inclined to designate a driver than they once were. The glamour of drunk driving has faded. More people also go away to college than in the 1980s, and most college students do not even have cars on campus. Even if they do, their parties and bars tend to be within walking distance. The drinking age erodes respect for the law. It is really a non-issue for college students to obtain alcohol. There is always an older friend, party house or someone with a fake ID who can go buy it. It's really just an inconvenience, especially when I want to go to bars. At 20, I'm am so sick of having to hand the bouncer an ID that isn't mine, and having to give a little smile to go into an establishment where I am probably not going to buy a drink anyways. I am a legal adult, and not even a teenager anymore. Being told by the government where I am and am not allowed to socialize is incredibly patronizing. I have one mother, I do not need the United States to do her job for her.

unknown 6 years ago

drinking age should not be lower to 18 because many can't handle it and they start acting stupid or they start puking. many drink because they want to show off, others because they have issues and thanks to them there are more car crashes and deaths because of the stupidity of drinking and driving.

james 6 years ago

raise the driving age to 18 and lower the drinking age to 18. also keep the 0% alcohol tolerance for drivers under 21 and make it so that people who've had their driving licences for under two years (of any age) must have a 0% BAC. If this is breached, the licence is revoked for 10 years. responsible drinking should be shown by the parents. e.g. if your child is drunk at 15 they're not allowed to go out for a month but if they have one beer with their family meal once a month it shows that alcohol is something to be respected not abused. I'm 18 and where i live i can buy alcohol legally (UK) but I and people my age would never ever ever consider getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking because government money was not spent on banning us drinking, it was spent on education and enforcement of the driving laws.

muhammed 6 years ago

drinking is a nasty habit. in high school, many teens are going off and getting drunk. what does that do? it destroys their future and the way they treat themselves. there are the few who are responsible, but it sucks to know that there are even more who are dumb and make stupid decisions. teen driving related deaths are already high, why make that total # of deaths even higher. if something is important, you can wait. alcohol is not to be abused, but as i stated previously, many teens are already abusing alcohol. i know to many people who have fallen victim to alcohol. ya it's fun, but it's not worth it. and all my friends have regretted the decisions they made regarding alcohol. Point: most people are still not responsible enough at the age of 18.

ainsley 6 years ago

you should drink aslong as you dont binge drink but it should stay at 18

Sahar 6 years ago

I just think it's stupid that at eighteen you can get married, but can't drink your own wedding toast. You can run for public office, but can't have a celebratory drink if you win. You risk your life for your country, but can't go out for a drink when you come home. It's a double standard

Thomas 6 years ago

I really don't understand how lowering the drinking age would in any way raise driving accidents. If teenagers want to drink most times they will. And then, because it's illegal, they take their drinking to the max. Nobody gives them any information or tires to help them because nobody knows about it. If the age limit is lowered those 18 to 20 wouldn't need to take their drinking to the extreme. They would be drinking responsibly.

aaaaaa 6 years ago

Minus the fact that 18 years olds can enlist in the military, vote, sign legal documents, etc. The human body does not fully develop until around the age 21, which means at 18 years old, your brain is not fully developed. And if you were to drink at the age of 18, the brain cells you lose are dramatically greater than if your brain were fully developed. Also, I see that many of you are saying that lowering the drinking age would provide experience, responsibility, and education about drinking, which is good. But all of that can start when you turn 21, no need to rush.

leon 6 years ago

You actually think people start drinking at 18 or 21? you actually think rising the drinking age solves anything at all? the only way to solve this is education, you already allowed drinking as a social activity, maturity does not come with age, as long alcohol is legal to certain ages, and parents give an example to their children that drinking is acceptable, people will keep drinking alcohol under-aged, obtaining it in illicit ways, so take your pick, the other one just makes it worse

laura 6 years ago

In my opinion kids are going to drink anyway. It doesn't really make that much of a difference where they get the alcohol or how. If they want it they will find a way to get it. Having it lowered may make them not worried about getting caught because they are of age and they will go out more but really its not gana make that huge of a difference. If they want to drink they will find a way and they will.

John 6 years ago

They will just have to wait who cares about drinking. The lower the age the more deaths

6 years ago

this article is helping the pro lowering argument more than the con...

Jordan 6 years ago

Alright, I'm 18, valedictorian at two high schools, currently enrolled in college where I have a 4.0 gpa while in high school, and I have a high enough act score to almost get a full ride in college. There now that validity is out of the way, why is it that in this country those that lean toward the liberal ideologies think that people are far too stupid to make smart decisions. Under the current laws, the government believes me to be responsible enough to handle giving consent in contracts, the choice to smoke or not to smoke, and most importantly they expect me to be accountable to the country during the time of war in the form of the possibility to be drafted. However, they don't believe me responsible to handle alcohol. Where is the rational for this exactly? If they expect me to be responsible enough to handle all the facets of adulthood, than why can't I have alcohol? I mean I can get drafted tomorrow, end up in Afghanistan,and get shot and die there. The government and this poster expects me to be sufficiently mature enough to pick up a gun in the U.S. military and decide who lives and who dies in war, blow people to chunks, and possibly decapitate children in accidental friendly fire incidents and then come back to the states, if I don't die, and become a normal citizen. Now for the argument about my brain not being developed, which do you think would harm the psychological state and function of my brain cells more, the traumatic experience of a friendly fire incident where I kill a child or the few cells I would kill from aldehydes that the ethanol would eventually become. Isn't this a double standard of sorts? Secondly, isn't adulthood about being fully accountable for your actions? If I drink alcohol I know that my brain isn't fully developed and I should be fully responsible for those actions when they hurt me later. likewise, if I get behind the wheel of a car under the influence and kill someone I'm responsible for that action. In both cases I know what will happen and I would have to accept the repercussions of those actions, but for some reason the government seems to think that the adults under 21 are mature enough to be adults but not smart enough to understand that as adults they are accountable for their actions. The double standards abound all throughout the drinking laws. Look if you guys are going to expect me to be an adult and defend this country if called, then that's not going to happen until you guys I'm treated as an adult and not a partial adult. I'm certainly not going over seas to die because I'm mature enough, but at the same time remaining sober just because I'm not.

Jordan 6 years ago

And, as for the driving while drunk thing. That should be illegal period. so, don't push off the alcohol consumption should be illegal for people under 21 because they are more likely to drive while drunk which puts others at risk. This is simple to correct, make laws which make driving while drunk for all ages illegal but make it more sever for those groups which are more likely to do it. It's really that simple and doesn't maintain a double standard like current laws. Besides, why is it that laws like those for drinking while under 21 and seatbelts are so bent on making life safe for me even if I decide otherwise. If I want to destroy my life without physically hurting others like drinking and wearing a seatbelt does, then why is it anyone else's business if I choose to do that anyway? drinking is only hurting me if I stay off the road. I mean people in this country need to stop trying to control others by passing laws when they have no right to. The only thing that makes laws like these have any credence is when the majority of people vote for these things.

numz 6 years ago

that's crazy

Digger Dave profile image

Digger Dave 6 years ago

There is a huge problem now in the UK with young people drinking from the age of 18. The anti-social behaviour that often accompanies 'weekend binge drinking' by the young affects thousands, possibly millions of people every week. City centres become no-go areas for many as the pubs and clubs close releasing thousands of young, drunk people onto the streets. The cost to our health system is immense and there are now people in their early 20's affected by liver disease, brain damage and numerous other health issues directly related to drinking alcohol. The drinking age limit does not just affect the individual who is drinking.

DJ 6 years ago

they should lower the drinking age to 18.

i see it my self in my twn teens find some one to buy they drive out of twn get waisted n come back to get their cars. that could be avoided if teens/18 could buy the alcohol n take it home have lil party or wat ever n stay there till sober. if the U.S considers 18 as being an adult then dam let us drink. im 19 but still no matter what the government says i still have ways to drink. but some people knw where to drink n how much they can handle just because some cant handle it everyone has to suffer. i believe 18 is good age to be able to drink plus it would reduce the alcohol related car accidents.

people 18 n up should b able to drink in the end every one does it if its against the law or not.

Johnny Walker 6 years ago

Fellow "adults" (18-20 yr olds) not too much longer and our children will be able to drink when they're 18. If you look at the past, you will find that the older generations were more conservetive. BS politics turned weed into the ultimate killer, (watch the old propaganda films). Now look at it, its becoming more legal every year.

You dont even need to be born during prohibition to know about all of the smuggling and the gang violence that resaulted from it. The drinking age went to 18 yrs of age. But, once again politics gave states 2 limited choices: Raise the age or get funding pulled. As the new generation wave is coming in, I doubt our politics will be as conservitive.

nicole 6 years ago

First off teenagers are going to find away to drink anyways, so you might as well make it legal at 18! If you lower the drinking age to 18 then 18+ will learn their drinking limits. Also, I know there there is a HUGE majority of high school students already driving drunk and not killing anyone, because they know their limits by finding 21+ people who will buy them the alcohol. And like others have said make a zero tolerance policy and take away their license for a few years! Maybe then it will be clear to the ones who get caught driving drunk, and that goes for everyone 21 and older as well. Just because a few teenagers aren't mature enough to handle it doesn't mean everyone is! I'm 19, and mature enough to know my limits, no help from the government, because they won't even give me a chance to prove myself! It's insulting to be told I'm an adult and be given all these responsibilities, but then be told I'm not mature enough to be able to kick back and enjoy a beer with a couple friends!

Robyn Sorrell 5 years ago

ADDICTION is the key word here. I realize that it is enevitable that teenagers who are not 21 will find a way to drink come hell or high water but when they suffer enough negative consequences for their drinking actions as well as people who are 21 and older that is when the drinking consequences start to effect not only the person doing the drinking but families, tneir jobs, reputation etc. I am having to write an essay on the Drinking age should or should it not be lowered I say NO:)

Dentalcutie34 5 years ago

I say no to changing the age to drink. It saddens me that most people think just because you can buy alcohol legally that it is not a drug and a person cannot get addicted to it, WRONG alcohol is the biggest gateway drug there is.

dom 5 years ago

the drinking age is retarded, it should just be gotten rid of all together, even the OP said that the US has made it a problem, regardless of age. i know 19 year old alcoholics, and i know 60 year old alcoholics. yes, there may be a sudden spike in drunk driving accidents and what have you, but that would eventually die down, because people in this generation (i'm 19) consider drinking to be fun, which it is. but, had i been raised in my family having a glass of wine or bottle of beer or 2 at dinner things would be very different. also, we should either lower/ban the drinking age, but INCREASE penalties for drunk driving, because that's just retarded

Clay 5 years ago

i agree

swwetipiee 5 years ago

look at the girl in the restroom.. she cant handle itt !! soo why should they lower it to 18 because kids are dieing younger and younger each day !! save your brain cells !!!!!!!!

John 5 years ago

First of all the drinking age where im from is 18 and if anything the sensible thing to do would be to lower it to 16, let me explain : Most people that age will drink anyway, regardless of the law, its a sad fact but there it is, therefor lower the age to allow people into bars means they wont be hanging about on street corners and causing a general nuisance. second of all, the comment that your not mature enough at that age to drink is in my opinion an affront to anyone who has served their country in war, some of whom were only 17 in vietnam. So they are old enough and mature enough to get killed fighting for freedom and defending their country, but not old enough to get drunk at their coming home party ?and also according to the law at that age you can get married and have kids, so your not mature enough to have a drink at your own wedding ? At the end of the day it is irrelevant wheather or not they lower the age officially because most people under that age are drinking already so it wont make a difference at all to be honest, just means they will be out on the streets instead of safer inside a bar that's all. By the way im not advocating drinking at a young age, im simply saying that it happens and that clearly setting the age limit above 18 is not at all reducing the problem.

Mary 5 years ago

we should not lower the drinking age to 18 because its making us have more car crashes and teen pregancy.

matt 5 years ago

Really it makes teens pregnant? The only argument there is proven by studies is 22,000 people have been saved by lowering the age there are no health defects. Alcohol does not cause alcoholism uneducated people cause it atleast know your facts befor you put something on the web.

nicole 5 years ago

@dom. exactly my point. Teaching kids to drink responsibly is the best solution. They wouldn't feel the need to binge drink just because they are "aloud" to drink. And yes, increase the penalties for drunk driving.

@swwetipiee. Just because that girl couldn't handle her alcohol doesn't mean the rest of the teenagers can't. I am responsible when I drink. I have never been drunk. I stay in control, I am more of a social drinker. At a party I have one drink the whole time maybe two and I don't chug them. I drink slowly, at my own pace. I have seen people drunk off their ass and I can tell you that doesn't look fun to me. Making themselves look stupid. Not being in control of myself, that would have to be the worst. But again THEIR choice, I make my own choices.

@john. Thank you, my point exactly. Hell i'm more in favor of lowering the drinking age and raising the driving age. This way teens know their limit, before they get into a car. Because right now we can drive at 16, but when our 21st birthday comes around we won't know our limits. Let them know their limits before they get into a car and kill themselves or someone else.

@Mary. Ummm, what causes teenage pregnancy is UNPROTECTED sex. Not alcohol, it's the teens responsibility to make sure condoms or another form of birth control is being used. Yes, alcohol impairs your ability to make decisions. But I'm sure you would be well aware that you are having sex, so the smart decision would be to protect yourself. And again to the crashes, comment above me.

Stan 5 years ago

Immature Young Adults, thinking just because they are old enough to vote, adopt, join the military, get married, and get tried as an adult. they think they are old enough to drink.. i THINK NOT!

Btw im 19 and i know for a fact the Drinking age Should Not be Lowered. If they want to drink, do it when your 21!

No 5 years ago

@Stan: Just because you or your friends are immature young adults doesn't make everyone who's below 21, are.

I think driving age should be raised to 18 and drinking age should be lowered to 18. However, teens should be able to drive with supervision form their parents at the age of 15 so that they can have more experience before driving alone.

Dean 5 years ago

People that are even 14 drink. The bad reasons would be drunk driving, easier supply for people under 18. What else? Exactly my point, people dont get the fact that its more of a good thing. If your 18 your an adult, why cant you do adult activities? Drinking is a habit, addiction, and used for rec purposes. Alcohol is a good and bad thing. If they ban it, a huge crime ring will happen. Theres nothing we can do...

Soundmaster profile image

Soundmaster 5 years ago

i just posted a hub asking to drop the age back to 18

So yes i think we should lower the age, also if 18 year old people are adults then treat them as such ...stop the wishy washy attitude

pebbles 5 years ago

i think you should be 20 or more

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Sara, your point of view is in error. Why should the 18-21 year old be treated as second class citizens? Despite all the nanny talk, the overwheliming issue is the assumption of responsibility not ranting on about how 15-17 year olds are more likely to obtain alcohol with a 18 year drinking age. As far as I am concenred if you make the sacrifice to give your life, the greatest of all responsibility, you should have the right to vote for who is putting you in the war and have a stiff drink. Who are all the elitists that think that they always know better? Just because their kids are irresponsible dorks does not mean we are to apply a broad brush. The age of majority is 18, period!! Cred2

Student 5 years ago

I agree that if you can die for your country then you should be able to have a drink. So the Government should raise everything up to 21.

Scoodles 5 years ago

How about this? We change the drinking age to your mental age, or IQ! That way the intelligent adolescents can drink, while the rest of you idiots who oppose modifying the drinking age laws, despite likely drinking underage yourselves (75% of high school seniors have been drunk), are banned from drinking for life (or until your IQ improves, which it won't substantially), as you are far more likely to abuse it even into adulthood and were the cause of most of the problems with an 18 year minimum drinking age, screwing the ages 18-20 majority who didn't abuse alcohol over (and you are still the leading cause of alcohol related crimes).

Lower IQ = more likely to abuse drugs and have unprotected sex, look it up. (And intelligent people do drink, they are just far more likely to be responsible). Please take note that the lower IQ isn't a result of drinking at a younger age, look at Germany as an example.

Absolute minimum age = 14, afterwards a minimum IQ of 120+ OR 110+ with completion of an alcohol awareness course.

Dan 5 years ago

Maybe we could add a sub law so that teens(18-21) and younger can drink with an adult who is a parent or guardian; in a public place: but only if the adult isn't going to drink, and make a limit of one alcoholic beverage,there must also be a signature from both the adult and teen so that a background check may be done to verify relationship and/or guardianship. At home: the parent/guardain must take precautions before allowing an alcoholic drink to the teen(s), (such as hiding their car keys in a spot they can't find, and locking the house doors). For both public and at home situations: keep it to a minimum of 3 times a month but not one time after another. (Btw i'm 19 XD)

notbobslc 5 years ago

Why not provide drinking classes and a license for anyone under age. You suggest the problem stems from lack of responsibly caused by lack of education and experience and with my sons I literally taught them how to drink responsibly. Now I watch as they prevent their friends from doing stupid things while drinking. Instead of saying no, educate people and if a drinking permit for under age drinkers can provide more liberty while at the same time addressing your safety concerns them why not ?

Education is the answer and liberty is the solution.

Jamie 5 years ago

I think if anyting the drinking age should be raised some people just canthandle these things seriously.

John Doe 5 years ago

I have never posted on a forum before but I feel my bitterness needs an outlet, and this website was the first to show on Google.

The absurdly high drinking age in the U.S. is a classic throwback to our bigoted god-fearing puritan roots. We have so little reign over our younger generation that we invent any easy way to make ourselves think we have brought things under control. Our media consistently spouts to young adults the glamour and social prowess that comes from "shots, shots, shots shots shots," and the government attempts to slap a band-aid on the issue by legally barring it. I whole-heartedly agree with all comments that education is key (especially education at home from parents), and it sickens me to say that any sort of "IQ testing" or "licenses" will have no future. They would be too cumbersome to approve, to make legally sound, and to legitimately implement in society.

Personally, I am a 20-year old who is living in (what I would think is) an independent, mature, gainfully-employed fashion amongst co-workers several years older than myself, and as a result I have few opportunities to be socially active when every human situation is peppered with "drinks at the bar." I am a social burden because of legislation, which is quite a shame (I'm probably not all that fun to socialize with anyways, I couldn't be if I were to post such an obnoxious attack on drinking laws). When you can't even walk into a CVS with a friend without getting them kicked out, because the entire "purchasing party" has to be of age, something is backwards in society (whereas standing outside casually picking your nose will do just fine when someone is buying for you). And no, I am not constantly biting at the bit to binge drink, though I suppose I must be lying because I am underage, and no one in their right mind doesn't want to get wasted, especially when they are young and hopeless. Oh, to reminisce on what an idiot you were back in the day! Great conversation to have over a beer. Especially a pale ale, those have a bite which takes years to learn how to ignore and pretend you think is delicious (or to simply lose enough taste buds to not know the difference). "I don't always advertise liquor with polish and charm, but when I do, I make people laugh at my tone inflections so they'll buy my product."

I have seen too many people my age hesitate to call an ambulance for their friend when they are at toxic levels of alcohol consumption because they are more afraid of a MIP than they are of a fatality. I have been observing the number of people who go consistently to the bar as soon as they turn 21, and frankly I think they have more alcoholic tendencies now because they were suppressed for several important years during their development into a functioning member of society. I won't quote numbers, you can find statistics supporting or combating the drinking age-- the graphs are a slave to whoever pays for them.

However, it is inevitable that people will always enjoy denying privileges to others (especially when they have had to suffer for the right themselves, see 'hazing' in the dictionary for more information), and society always looks for simple solutions for dividing amongst their classes, and I fear this law will be a long time in changing.

For those of you who feel the need for a legal crutch when deciding how to educate your youths about alcohol, I'm sorry you lack the backbone to raise them properly. It's always fun entertainment to see parents who ban alcohol completely from their home environment, and to then watch their kid drink herself into oblivion completely unbeknownst to them. Didn't see that one coming! And indeed, who would have ever thought banning sex in the catholic clergy in the middle ages would push them to seek pleasure in other horrifying ways? Great solution if you ask me.

Education is the answer, and liberty is the solution (great statement notbobsic).

Mario 5 years ago

Cool article! Thanks to this article, I can do my final project!

Thinking Self 5 years ago

Although many people support the conclusive argument that "one should be able to be drunk since one can serve in the military," I find fighting for your country and drinking at the age of 18 uncorrelated with each other. First of all, maturity has no exact age to measure upon and the sole reason for the drinking age is to allow physical maturity (mind and body) to occur first before any consumption of the liquid drug. In comparison, serving your country is a different matter of viewpoint upon which the same lens of analysis from drinking to pledging to protect is absurd. If you are that wary of being shot at in the military and concerned with being unable to drink - the military was never DOES not need you.

Kiwi9312 profile image

Kiwi9312 5 years ago from west virginia

i understand that you do not think the drinking age should be lowered but think about it this way, even if its not legal it still happens. teens just hide it. they talk someone into buying it for them or they sneak it from their parents but it still happens. against the law or not. just like drugs, people do it they just hide it so they dont go to jail. i feel it should be lowered because when you are 18 your an adult; you can live on your own, you pay taxes, you can buy cigarettes, you can buy lotto tickets, you can adopt, you can serve in the can do almost anything except drink. maybe if they allowed the drinking age to be lowered but put limits on what they could buy or how much they could buy it would be better. then maybe having a lower number for what is considered drunk, so it would be more strict. i just think it will happen either way no matter what the law is.

reality check 5 years ago

im so sick of all the hype of alcohol consumption in the united states. The main reason alcohol is blown out of proportion is because its condoned for driving. If youths were respected with equal rignts and not saying no no you have to die for a beer at 18, then it just possibly could socialization be possible.

reality check 5 years ago

im so sick of all the hype of alcohol consumption in the united states. The main reason alcohol is blown out of proportion is because its condoned for driving. If youths were respected with equal rignts and not saying no no you have to die for a beer at 18, then it just possibly could socialization be possible.

Countryguy 5 years ago

I'm 18 and have been drinking since i was 12. not like a case everyday but a few beers / shots here and their. throughout high school myself and many of my friends drank after winning a baseball, football game, and after homecoming/prom. we always had a designated driver and if not we would spend the night at the place we were at. I have been pretty responsible throughout my adult life, i have been working at an AFB for over a year and go to college. i am responsible enough not to drink and drive and all that bs. common sense is what not much people have. it doesn't matter if the drinking age is lowered, it's not going to stop anyone.

Anonymous 5 years ago

Jordan, you need to learn grammar and capitalization. Until then, your argument is invalid.

silly sally 5 years ago

The drinking age should be removed all together and laws against drinking and driving should become ruthless like in Japan. The problem is not that kids drink; they will drink no matter what laws you pass (prohibition didn't work for adults and it won't for kids). The problem is drinking and driving. Take away their license on the first offence and they'll learn how to ride the bus.

Tara 5 years ago

This is a ridiculous law, to let an 18 year old go to war and fight for your country but not have a drink when you come home. By letting people drink it basically takes the novelty out of it. In ireland the legal age is 18 and i think this is a much better system. And before everyone says about ireland being a pack of drunks,america has a higher rate of alcholism than ireland and i dont think this is a coincidence!

DICK 5 years ago

honestly i used to always argue for lowering the drinking age. "if you can go to war you should be able to have a drink", "they are just going to get it anyways" ect. I am 24 years old now, and as i have gotten older I have realized how dangerous alcohol is. if you look at statistics most violent crimes involve alcohol, domestic abuse ect. if a full grown adult cant control himself/herself with alcohol, why would you think that a very young adult could do so. I remember how i was like with alcohol at the age of 18, out of control, drinking way to much, driving, fights ect. And to you who say "if it was legal 18 year olds would drink in a bar with a controled enviornment" I know when i was 21 that being in a controlled enviornment is not going to help really. you can still get hammered and do stupid shit. you can still drive home and you can still get in fights. we call our 18 year olds adults, yet they are not really adults. adults on paper but not in the head. your brain does not fully develop until you are 25, alcohol disrups that development and slows down the plasticity proccess. I dont care what anyone says, an 18 year old is not really an adult, he/she does not make the best decisions. lowering the drinking age would be deadly

Taylor Roth 5 years ago

no matter if you do not lower the drinking age kids are still going to find ways to drink. no matter how strict the laws get

Elise 5 years ago

I really think it depends on the individual person when it comes to drinking. Many Americans are probably responsible enough to drink at that age but the ones who aren't cause disastrous events. Because my family owns a vineyard, I have tasted wine since I was little and was even my dads "official wine taster" in my teens due to me seeming to have really good taste buds. Back to my point. When I was 18 I never got drunk or flew off the hook even though I had thousands of gallons of alcohol at my fingertips. So really in my opinion the only reason the drinking age shouldn't be lowered is due to those irresponsible teens

Felix 5 years ago

IDK if any of you realize this but if your in the military on any base the drinking age is 18 so you can drink on base...

name 5 years ago

It should be lowered, they're adults. And to anyone who says underage drinking = throwing away your future, listen up. My friend is now 21, been drinking and smoking weed since he was 18, and he's a certified genius. He got tested at some facility and was told he's smarter than 98% of people and he drinks/smokes all the time.

that kid:) 5 years ago


man 5 years ago

if your friend is so smart then why is he killing himself with weed that destroys your lungs and drinking that destroys your liver and guess what when he needs a transplant he will never get one since why waste it on a idoit that will just destroy the new one i say your friend is stupid and so are u if u believe that drinking and smoking is good for you. :(

Aussie Girl 5 years ago

I just had to post on this because it made me laugh so much I had tears in my eyes. In Australia our legal drinking age is 18. Most people get the drinking faze dealt with early, at back yard parties while in high school, and by the age of 21 are contributing members of society. Say what you want about our reputation as a country we've heard it all before. But, just letting you in on a little secret here.... we think the way you baby people, calling them children until they are 21 is hilarious! Listen to the smart ones around you, the longer you keep them from doing these things, the longer it takes for them to learn what is appropriate use. The only people I have ever known to actually get alcohol poisoning, were the kids who were never allowed to have a small glass with mum and dad, finally had the freedom to drink and went over the top. Before you bring drink driving into it and all the crashes it causes, I have had several friends die in car accidents when they were teens, they were the ones who didn't drink and thought it was better to race their cars on bad roads instead. Moral to this story, don't blame alcohol on your short comings, blame the idiots who didn't teach you how to drink properly in the first place.

Bree 5 years ago

Aussie Girl, or whatever the hell your name is, I'm glad this article made you lauph... NOT! What kind of heartless bitch are you? I love how you think our country babies us until we're 21 when in fact they don't. They actually care about us. If you knew how US teens worked you'd know that mostly every single teenager(as in everyone that has passed those teen years)has tried beer, wine, etc. So look over your research, sweetie. I actually think it's sad that people like you talk without even knowing their facts. And yea, I'm not surprised that your friends that did drink weren't in car accidents. They were all probably dead before they even had a chance to get back on the road. Because according to you, they "Went over the top."

Devin A Cassidy 5 years ago

I think that the law should be lowered do to the faced at the age of 18 you and the government deems an 18 year old suitable to fight and die in a strange land but they can not have a beer that's BS

Jessica 5 years ago

We should not lower it. Ive done A LOT of research on this subject and Why should we give kids this special treatment I mean I get there officaly adults , but how do we know they wont abuse this , Did you know that Kids under the age of drinking Normally don't just have one or two beers they normally binge drink which can cause drunk driving , rage, and suicide, homicide. Do you people not take this thing into concern I get we should give some respoblitly and stuff but How are we supposed to trust them when there a 5,00 deaths a year from underage drinking, I mean it would be ok if they understood to not abuse this but they do. they say that 18 and under drink and bad decisions . Well then why should we lower it if they cant prove there responsible enough?

AJ 5 years ago

People underage abuse it because they can't get there hand on it all the time. The reason there are so many under age deaths is because a teens must travel, unless their parents are willing to give them a drink, to find were they can get someone to party with. Then they can't call a cab because if they do they are taken a risk of getting someone in trouble. Basically wat im saying is that teens are going to party at 18 and being that its against the law for them they have to take risk to do it. If the age was lowered teens would not drink so much cause they can buy it and it wouldn't be so rebelies and there wouldn't be so many deaths due to the fact teens wouldn't have to worry about calling a cab or a responsible person to come and get them. I personally feel that the age should be 18 to buy and at the 16 have it be the parents choice under their supervision.

Mike 5 years ago

I am i can go buy a pack of cigs, a machete and a 12 gauge shotgun, then cruise on over to the strip club, then head down to the casino and gamble my college loan away, then i can vote for a president that will send me off to get my head blown off. I'm just looking for a little consistancy. If I can do that, give me a damned glass of merlot please! And if not, then pick one mature(which you wont find, I think we are all animals. 1095 days doesn't change that btw).

Robyn 5 years ago

Sarah roberts died because of wine just in case you ask if she drank it until she got sick no she didn't her father did and he abused her until she died poor girl I am glad i'm still a kid and kids can't drink beer! I can't wait until I can get a job and make 3 bottles of acholil or more agnest the law

QODNLADJG 5 years ago

For those of you who think of beer.

I think the age doesn't matter. Should a child be stripped of his/her to do things. No. Should you be taken away from your freedom. Drinking is not the problem. It is the world. When you drink what are you doing? Sure you are harming yourself but what of others. Your family, friends, loved ones. Do you care for them? Do they care for you? If yes then continue to read. If no you may skip my words. Love is one of the meanings of life. Others will find love inside you if you continue to find happiness. Those of you who think beer is bad may realize the world is a whole. Decided by feelings and decisions. The choice of drinking beer is in a human's nature but the result may affect others. People who care for you cannot stand your ignorance to the fact of what beer can do. Your own body may not care but I tell you a fact. Suicide is the most selfish act of all. Running away from life and happiness. If you are loved, think about all the people who will grieve over your death. If you are hated you are avoiding the truth. You are doing this for yourself and not even thinking about others. Beer a small factor. Many think beer can overcome sadness and bottle up your memories. It cannot. Only happiness can triumph sadness. Seek the truth and think about what drinking can do; not just to your self but to others too. I conclude my thought.

Nadya 5 years ago

The drinking age should be lowered, it is insulting to ones intelligence to say we think you are responsible enough to vote, buy cigarettes, gamble, and make the huge decision to serve in the military for your country well knowing that you may die in the process...... we….. we just don’t think you are responsible enough to drink responsibly....... As if making the choice to give your life for your country holds less weight than choosing to drink. Not only is this insulting to young people’s intellect, but you make yourself look stupid in the process. Illegal alcohol sales happen every day on a regular basis, and the best part is there is no way to monitor just how many illegal sales are going on. Parents, older siblings, aunts/uncles, older friends, strangers, all kinds of people are more than willing to purchase alcohol for Minors. Don’t you find it funny that you are considered a minor yet at the ripe old age of 18 you can be charged as an adult, smoke, gamble, sign your life away to the military, can be legally bound to a contract and various other actions which require “responsible” decision making. Furthermore, there is still the realm of prescription drug abuse and illegal drugs which if you can’t get booze the availability of illegal or prescribed drugs far exceeds that of the availability of alcohol. We should not be in the business of telling people how to live their lives even if it puts them at risk, it should be our responsibility to educate people of the dangers, provide resources for people and be willing to help those who want to be helped, not force your ideals upon others. You’re an adult or you’re not, if at the age of 18 you feel people cannot responsibly drink then perhaps you should suspend all other privileges until the age of 21.

jordan is gay 5 years ago

jordan are you retarded how can u be valedictorian at two high schools and not get a full ride to collage i call BS

dsdfsdf 5 years ago

Yes I agree to all of you who think age as a big topic. I agree the child world will devour the adult world. I even agree beer is good. But what you must understand is that no matter what age you drink beer people around you will feel funny around you. Some people care for you and they aren't going to let a little beer ruin your life. It is not your choice to say that beer is bad for you. It is others.

34543135 5 years ago



Emile 5 years ago

drinking is the worst. It is killing your mental

Nathan 5 years ago

Thanks sara, this is really helpful for my Proteus Project!

Reality 5 years ago

if the country I live in decides I am old enough to be drafted and kill a man, I am old enough to make an informed decision on what I will put into my body

Themannn 4 years ago

If 18 is the age people are legally adults, they shoud be treated like adults. They should lower the drinking age to 18 and those who are caught drinking and driving shoud receive more severe punishments by the law

Samantha Starr 4 years ago

Me, being 18. I have been through a shit ton of problems in MY life. I live in Minnesota, I think it is RIGHT! -That they give us some lee way. We are adults. Some of us, grow and mature faster then some other 18 year old;s. Me having a full time job, and on the process of graduating this month. I think this is APPROPRIATE! I live in a small town, and there's nothing to do, but eat fast food. If there was something legal in Minnesota, anything- We would have a better state. Everyone at a decent age of 18, should be able to at least sit down and take a drink. We all go through shit, and Its not like most people out there neverrrr had a drinkk. And if you say you never had a drink in your life, let me tell you most people here in the world, HAVE. So i would like the rude comment of 'they are just children' and other stupid stuff. When kids are little our parents say, 18 your an adult. And now people say, oh well your 18, wait till your 21. No, Its wrong. I AGREE TO LEGALIZING THE AGE OF 18 TO DRINK. Give us some damn freedom like you agreed to when we were younger.

jiah 4 years ago

So I can vote, go off to war, sleep with whoever I want, and smoke cigs 24/7 7 days a week if I wanted but I can't drink. Do you not see the inconsistencies. It's America's stupidity at work once again. Lower the drinking age.

hheeyy 4 years ago

thank you im doing a speech at my school and your article helpd me a lot

ashleyt 4 years ago

So because someone is three years older than me, we're both adults yet I'm being treated like some second class citizen even though I'm an adult I don't have as many rights as a 21 year old. I'm sorry "America" and all the people who want the drinking age to stay 21 I'm calling BULLSH*T. Road trip to Canada anyone. But I guess there is no need to be mad because I'm going to drink anyway legal or not.;)

peter 4 years ago

The age 21 is totally absurd. When you become 18, you should be allowed to freely drink a beer. College students on their own can't legally drink a beer, until they become 21. When you became 18, You are functionally an adult, but you must wait until 21 to legally be allowed to drink a beer. The Europeans have more realistic altitude about drinking a beer.

Dalton 4 years ago

Its so Easy for 18 year old to get alcohol anyways. who are you to tell someone what they can and cant have shouldn't that be up to them.

Sons Opposing MADD 4 years ago

There are too many spelling and grammatical errors in this for you to be taken seriously. As well, you use MADD as your only source to support your arguments. There is no validity in MADD's statistics. If you had done any research, you would find different data on this subject. Please go take a class on rhetoric before atttempting this again.

aj 4 years ago

i agree

T Taylor 4 years ago

The age limit isn't stopping 18 to 20 year olds from drinking. Think that if you're old enough to decide to die for your country you should be able to drink,but increase penalties for dui/dwi's. Should have testing to make shur they understand the penalties!

Shai natchman 4 years ago

I want to knw

Megan:) 4 years ago

Okay. All you people out there like to say that either we should or shouldn't lower the drinking age. Well try looking at it like this. How old were you when you had your first beer? I will admit i was 16. When you start drinking is when you start to learn your limits. No one knows there limits til they try to find it. If we can join the army, buy cigarettes, vote, sign legal documents, and get married and be adults then why not treat us like adults? Seriously. Parents are letting there children go to war and get shot or blown up but won't let them have a drink? That's kind of idiotic sounding to me. You aren't going to stop underage drinking. And just because you think the fatalities are bad when teenagers drink and drive doesn't mean a thing. Yeah it's bad. It's horrible as a matter a fact. But the crashes are still happening. There is no way to permantentally stop them. Take a while to think about things before you automatically say "No. That shouldn't be done." Or "Yes. It Should be changed." I not saying we should or shouldn't change the legal drinking age to 18 or leave it at 21. I'm just stating what i've been hearing my whole life.

Nick 4 years ago

You are honestly ridiculous, for all the reasons you stated in the begining are the right reasons why it should be legal. If i can kill thousands of people in Irag why can't i have a beer? You can't control everyones lifes. If i want to smoke cigarettes to death and drink alcohol then fucking let me.

pfmpm 4 years ago

alrite I come from Europe, and I´m 18. I´m totally against this 21 thing.. it´s so stupid.. only America would come up with it. and here´s why;

1. as the article said, if we´re gonna ban harmful substances, you might aswell ban mcdonalds till 21? would reduce your obesity problem... oh.. but of course that's not gonna happen.

2. who the hell do you think you are to determine that an 18 year old, voting adult that is allowed to go to war, marry etc.. isn´t responisble to drink? the asumption that 18 year olds aren´t responisble enough is simply retarded.

3- yeah decrease in car crashes... alrite, here´s an interesting insight.. why not ban alcohol for ALL ages? I bet it will decrease car crashes... oh but wait.. them mad mummies like drinking.. so that's not cool...

4- who said anything about getting wasted? most young people who drink where I come from get tipsy at most. we normally chill at a bar and have 1-2 bears.. but ordering a milkshake at a bar at the age of 20?.. only in America...

stopcraziness 4 years ago

Im iver 21 now. I started drinking a tiny bit at about 13 having occasional wine with my family. I traveled Europe with my Mom when I was 13 for the summer and had wine or champagne with dinner a few nights a week. I lived in NYC where there are tons of bars that don't card. By the time I got to college - I partied and drank too much at times but never drove drunk ever! or got in a car with a drunk driver. Friends of mine from NYC and other cities where drinking wasn't this huge forbidden drama (such as London) always discussed how insane those who had not grown up with drinking being a normal part of life were. They were the only ones I knew who ever drove drunk or got wasted the night before a test. Those who grew up with alcohol a normal and unforbidden part of life always were responsible. Laws and restrictions and the over dramatization of something so part of our culture is not intelligent at all and does not cause people to behave safely. Turning alcohol into this huge forbidden thing is actually pretty dangerous. I nerve drove drunk in my life or got in cars with drunk drivers while partying even at 16. I have seen and read about plant of people over 30 and even 40 having no problem getting behind the wheel after drinking. The problem seems to be using alcohol and driving at any age - not having a few drinks at 17. Btw- it has always seemed really ironic to me that the same parents who freak about an 18 year old adult having a beer are the same ones who have stuffed their 4 year olds with McDonanlds and other processed chemicals since 4 years old. I think this country needs to take a look at where its hysteria is placed.

stopcraziness 4 years ago

To add to my above comment - if all of the money, energy and efforts that went into this idea of carding for over 21 went into an anti drunk driving system - such as carding for a taxi receipt proving no one drove, or carding for a designated driver they would actually have a solution. and in response to the person above who commented that a lower drinking age would add to more pregnancies - as I stated above I grew up in NYC where while the law is 21, it might as well have been an "on the books law" due to the fact many bars and most parents do not care about drinking. Of all of the maybe 15 high schools that socialized within that scene there was not one teen mother or father I ever encountered all four years of high school and to this day (I graduated awhile ago ) there has been none in my high school or any in the circle we socialized with. Oh and none amongst my London friends. Teaching and supporting teens in healthy and realistic body choices such as drinking in moderation, making school and internships the priority, safe sex,, healthy overall diet choices and self value is the priority. I saw that mentality work in the culture I grew up in and around. Petty and controlling laws and rules (especially ones which go against social norms) of any sort do nothing to create responsible and intelligent behavior.

Dontfallintothemediasgames 4 years ago

I think the leagel age limit should be 16 or lower with the parents consent to give the mind time to get use to there surroundings from an earlier age so as they get older it wouldn't be anything new to them and can take better control of their situations like any other drug it fades as you get older but than there's a small percentage that are weak minded and fall into the alcoholism life.

Jack 4 years ago

I would like to see everyone under the age of 21 leave the military

smeagle 4 years ago

it is so amusing that americans care if a person under the age of 21 consumes a drink instead of focusing all your attention towards that maybe try looking into why gas is almost 5 bucks a gallon and why the economy is almost collapsed if an 18 year old is able to go to afghanistan to fight for crude oil he should be able to drink a beer

hiiiiiiiiiii 4 years ago

are u guys crazey i am 12 and i think the drinking age should stay the same

aradia 4 years ago

i cant belive u guys i think that i can wait till i am 21 to drink i mean i have tasted beer and it dose not taste good trust me

aradia 4 years ago

trust me

dsadad 4 years ago

i think that the drinking age should be at least 20 so they can do what ever they want and then if they stuff up its there fault

JmG 4 years ago

I think it should be lowered. really kids will drink anyways at 14, 15, or 16. They do it anyways. Drunk driving at 18 will happen anyways. I could honestly care less if the drinking age were lowered or not, I'm just saying which age is a little more reasonable.

dsadad 4 years ago

i know what ur saying but if they lower it to about 16 they might start drinking early and they might be drunk all the time and not focess on their school work.

jsdjfhsdf 4 years ago

i started drinking at the age of 17 and i didn't have any troubles with school work because i didn't drink every weekend like some people do so i don't mind if the drinking age is lowered

aradia 4 years ago

sup every one i think that the legal drinking age should stay 20 so they will be old enough to deal with thestuff they did that was bad

GaMzEe MaKaRa 4 years ago

HeY I ThInK DrInKiNg Is OkAzAy BeCaUsE I Do It And I aM 6 SwEePs OlD

eridan 4 years ago

wwell i think that the drinking age shouuld be lowwerd so i can get my buzz on

kanaya 4 years ago

hello i agree with karkat

vriska 4 years ago

i h8te how all the people tr8t me like a littal girl and s8y i cant drink it sucks

I say sir... 4 years ago

Drink, don't drink. There is always a few idiots in the ranks. Old and young alike, let em at it. Let's see who lives and who might learn ......or not. In the end it's their choice.

larry thomas 4 years ago

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THE RIGHT CHOICE 4 years ago

I think the drinking age should be at least 20 and the parents of the kids that let them drink should tell them to stay home and help with the house work but when they are 18 they should be able to at least try a few drinks but not go silly so they end up in hospital.

peter 2 years ago

I agree that it shouldn't be lowered to 18, but it shouldn't be 21 year either. The drinking age should be lowered to 19 or 20. Most 19 or 20 years old persons are living on their own . They are either in college or are working or both. So they are functioning like an adult ( more or less). So they should be able to drink beer or alcoholic beverages.

adash 2 years ago

Well if your not responsible enough to handle a beer what makes you responsible enough to serve in the military or buy a gun? Under this logic we should raise citizenship to 21 and maybe older. If you can be trusted to vote for the individuals that make all of the decisions in government then you should be trusted to have a drink. Either raise the age to become a legal citizen to 21 or lower the drinking age to 18.

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