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Gifts For Girls - Where To Start..

Buying gifts for girls, especially ones that you don't know very well can be a daunting proposition. The aim of this page is to offer some suggestions to help guide you as to the best gifts for girls by age group. As a mother of girls myself my daughters have been more than willing to offer up suggestions as to what would be the best received gifts and I think that we have come up with a list that includes something that every little girl would love.

One thing that you need to remember when buying a girl a gift is that there are some things that many parents don't like their child to have. If you don't know the parents very well and aren't entirely sure of their preferences there are some gifts that you should definitely steer clear of. Examples of these might be cosmetic kits (young girls LOVE them; parents are often a lot less keen!), Play doh (Again, kids love it, but it ruins carpets), Bratz dolls (they are rude and brattish and many parents loathe them).

If in doubt stick to something non controversial but pretty. Also remember that whilst many adults really enjoy buying clothes for girls 6 and under, little girls often aren't that keen on receiving them. People love to buy gorgeous little outfits because they are so cute, but the little girls themselves would often prefer toys.

Gifts are arranged below according to age group. Feel free to skim down to the age group you are interested in. Clicking on the product links will take you to an amazon page where you can view them, or find a related alternative. Happy Gift Hunting!

Gifts For Baby Girls

When buying for baby girls 1st birthday the first thing to remember is that you need to make sure that the item that you buy is safe and suitable for a child that age. Many toys have labels that say that they are unsuitable for children under 12 months or 3 years. Before you buy something please check- better safe than sorry.

  • Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are a lovely option for a girl, but many children nowadays have a lot of soft toys. In reality many kids have one or two favourites and the rest are completely ignored. If your heart is set on a soft toy I have found that the ones that are best received tend not to be too large and have a very soft texture, which makes them huggable. Also some that babies can grasp in their hands often become favourites. Above right are some of the teddies and comforters that my children loved. In fact, my younger daughter (now 7) still sleeps with the Kalkoo rabbit every night.

  • Baby Activity Games

These games were absolute favourites of my daughters as babies.

Many a long hour was spent being entertained by them. Whilst coloured plastic doesn't always look the most attractive my daughters adored these toys with a touching devotion. In fact, my daughter would coo happily underneath her baby gym until she was almost a year old!

Gifts For Girls: 2-4 years

When it come to gifts for girls aged 2 - 4 there is a whole world of gorgeous things to choose from!

Girls of this age are just starting to play imaginative games. This means that they love to dress up, have little houses to play in and have pretend tea parties. Perfect gifts include playhouses, tea sets (although not china yet as they are still too young- tin or plastic is perfect) Dressing up outfits that are popular include fairies and princesses. 

My daughters were also great fans of Lego from an early age and the Duplo set shown is a great starter set and also suitable for younger children which smaller kinds of lego are not. Fortunately it is also a great buy. My nine year old daughter still plays with her duplo today!

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Gifts For Girls: 5-7 years

Girls aged 4-6 have very specific ideas of what they like.. In my daughters case what they liked was barbies, My Little Pony, Hannah Montana and anything to do with pets. Girls of this age often love animals and in the absence of real life pets zhu zhu pets are the next best thing.

By this age girls are also more than capable of playing board games. I'm not sure how many games of chutes and ladders I have played through my childrens' childhoods but I know it is probably in the high hundreds! The great thing about this game is that it is simple enough that even young children can manage to play it but it is also suitable because in reality it is based on luck not skill meaning they have just as good a chance of winning as older players!

Gifts For Girls: 8-11 years

Girls between eight and eleven years are very, very hard to buy for. This is because many of them now consider themselves "above" toys- but still secretly want to play with them! Some of the best gifts for girls this age are things like roller skates, music cd's, craft activities and other gifts that would not be considered "babyish".

My 9 year old daughter has pre-approved this list as suitable for girls aged 8-11... These are things that she would both be happy to receive and happy to offer as a gift at a birthday party.

One of her favorite possessions is her scooter. I love it too. Not only does it get her out of the house and into the park but she is happy to ride it for hours, whatever the weather, meaning that she gets great exercise too.

I have yet to meet a child that isn't fascinated by this volcano making kit. I think it is a great gift because not only is there a crafty element to it, but there is also a scientific aspect meaning that it is both educational and great fun!

Girls of this age love their friends and love to make things for them. This bracelet making set is perfect as it is a great craft or hobby to keep them occupied but also makes them so happy as they have gifts to give all their little friends at school. 

With this age group steer away from dolls or other items that their friends might think babyish and think crafts or outside games.

Gifts For Girls:- Teens

Buying for teens is probably THE hardest age group to buy for. All of the gifts suggested here would be suitable for a teenage girl, but with any teen it is probably best to include the receipt so that they can change their gift for something more suitable if it doesn't fit the bill.

If you have the chance perhaps ask the girls parents of their daughters likes and dislikes. Some teen girls love sports and outdoor activities whilst some are real homebodies and love nothing more than staying inside listening to music.

One thing most teens are interested in is technology so this is an area where it is hard to go wrong but which can get expensive! If you know that the teen you are buying for already has an ipod or other gadget why not find out whether they need or want any accessories for it?

Personal appearance and beauty are also important to many teens so beauty sets or perfume can be another good buy. However steer away from celebrity perfume and make up lines unless you know the teen you are buying for likes the celebrity in question as the affiliation might put them off the item. Better to go for something that is always in style such as Calvin Klein or similar. 

Please Let Me Know What You Choose!

Hopefully this hub has helped you to find gifts for girls or at least provided you with some food for thought. If you feel there is nothing suitable here, clicking on the links will take you to an amazon page where you can see related items to the item shown, that may be more suitable.

Good Luck, I hope she loves her gift!

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I think that was really good. I was looking at this for things for my bithday list and I have got some great ideas thanks for your help

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