kid assumptions that were wrong

In the interests of my personal safety I will give the characters in this tale false identities so the foolish can retain their pride. I will however admitt that the first assumption was my own.

When I was about about eight years old I realised that my Mother carried around Sanitary pads in her bag. One day as we were walking through the city I asked her why. Her answer was "when ladies get older they sometimes have little accidents". The only little accidents I knew of were ones at night that kids have when they wet their beds... So I believed as a girl that when I became older ie in my teens I would have an incontinence problem. Imagine my delight when at the age of 10 I discovered that no they were for use during a woman's period when she bleeds for a week... little accident my ass!!

My second story relates to a young man who i will call "Fred" he moved out of home with the love of his life. When they moved in together. TLOHL mentioned that she though that a loofah for exfoliation would be a nice addition to the shower. Imagine her surprise when from the mouth of a 20 year old the following was heard "you don't buy loofah's, they are little animals that live and grow in the shower, they just appear" when questioned on the veracity of this statement he replied "that's what my grandma told me." Imagine his surprise and joy at finding an aisle of these creatures for purchase at the supermarket...

Once upon an oak lawn at university there was a group of students idling away the afternoon, when In the distance an icecream van was heard. One of the group said "who wants an icecream?" A few people indicated that an icecream would go down well. A girl who we shall call "Kelly". said "guys its too late everyone knows that when the van plays the music there is no more icecream!" The group looked bewildered... and a brave soul asked "Who told you that?" . It turned out Kelly's parents had a number of children and a very persistant ice-cream truck... so persistant in fact that they misled their children into believing that only empty ice cream trucks play music... Canny or what?

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Nicola 7 years ago

You gotta love Fred.

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