Lets Begin Again

Well here we are again... for those of you who don't know me I was a local town girl who met the man of her dreams and then he turned into a Farmer. I have 7 wonderful kids...yes I have heard of birth control, no I did not plan on that many. Now that is out of the way I have learned that God just does what he wants. Now mind you when we met I did not know you could make biscuit's from anything but a can from the store...obviously that was not going to work And my loving mate bought me my first cookbook. I have come along way since then,I now know how to do many things including making my very own Ghost pepper jelly! We went and lived in Cleveland for a couple years...you know to go get rich in the city. Yes I know you are probably laughing to yourself right now, needless to say we are back where we started and have recently acquired 45 acres, oh the plans we have.! As you can imagine the kids are bursting with the excitement of hand planting, bee stinging and endless hours of weeding. But we will be going back to farm markets and since I always take the "volunteer" out to eat afterwards that is considered a bonus for all the hard work. They do not realize it quite yet but these are the stories they will tell someday. The learning skills they receive are priceless as well as the customer service and pride they will one day feel. The job skills and abilities. These are things a lot of kids do not get to experience until they are on there own. My girls will not have to feed their husbands burnt eggs and bacon, just so you know cooking eggs in bacon grease is not as you may think. We now have the knowledge and experience that we can pass on to our kids that our parents did not give us. It has been a very long and difficult struggle at times ..and definitely not what I had planned. As I said God does as he wants...so after thus long journey we have come back to our roots from the big city and we are starting over..again. Our goal is to become certified organic and live a happy healthy very slow paced life where we can enjoy our jobs and our kids and provide a hood positive environment.... so follow along as I share with you the ups the downs and everything in between of our journey.


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