love is

Love is

What is love?

I don't know how to explain it. But I , You and everyone can feel it.

Love may be between a Mother and Child. A Boy and father. a girl with her daughter. a girl with her father. Brothwer and sisters. between husband and wife. between other famly members. The love may be between our friends

and Specially a major part of love is after marriage or finding a girl or boy.

How love is ..

Normally a boy or girl may find some difficulties or some problems with their life from their early stage itself.

I just tell these problems as following.

Source of childish problems

peoples kind 1: Their parents may be fighting all time from his/her birth itself. But he/she is a kind heart. and he/she may want a true caring love.

Peoples kind 2: Some peoples are impressed with other peoples true love. it may be married couples or lovers before marriage. the situation he/she impress is Some vocational tour or during he is outside worrying with some problem.

Peoples kind 3 : They love because they are impressed with their friends love. this may be either true love or time pass. but they need it.

How they see

He/she may grow. they actually don't feel about childish problems. But when they see a such characters in their lif (true loveor some thing as explained above) they may need it.

Why we are giving importance to beuty

We always think that if we are beutiful every one love. In my point of view it is wrong If we are beautiful (because of wearing Nice dress,styles,and some other things) we will get impressed by other.
I don't mention that normal peoples (without more beauty) will not get impressed. But every one get impressed because of Beautiful things. But Some peoples are get impreesed to normal beauty.

Character does is

I finally tell that analyze the girl/boy's character.

Character is the important thing.

If you find a peoples with good character then you will surely get impressed.

My advice is if you feel any difficulty before marriage (if it is related to character try to change him. otherwise leave him). because after marriage he/she can't change (difficult to make her/him to change.

Love is TRUE

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