Organic Cotton Bassinet Pads

Certified Organic Cotton Bassinet Pads - Green Your Baby!

Green your baby with these organic cotton bassinet pads, a great choice to green your baby. While many bassinet pads are treated with excessive (and toxic) flame retardants, the ones chosen here have been picked for their organic cotton filling and less hazardous flame retardants that have been applied. Read on to find these recommended bassinet pads and to purchase!

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American Baby Company Fitted Velour Bassinet Sheet made with Organic cotton, Natural Color
American Baby Company Fitted Velour Bassinet Sheet made with Organic cotton, Natural Color

Our 100% natural organic cotton velour bassinet sheet fits all 15W x 33L standard size bassinet pads. Free of any pesticides these soft and cozy bassinet sheets are ideal for baby's sensitive skin. Uses certified organic cotton.


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Bassinet Pad

Before you purchase your bassinet pad, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself in checklist style:

  • Is the bassinet pad certified organic?
  • Is the bassinet pad multifunctional, or strictly used for the bassinet?
  • Have the reviews on this bassinet pad been favorable by other consumers?

A bassinet pad is something you can add quickly to your baby registry and shouldn't be too expensive. For that reason, it also makes an inexpensive baby shower gift as well.

Snoozy Organic Flannel Multi Use Bassinet Pad (Waterproof)

Snoozy Flannel Cotton Large Anti Allergy Waterproof Multi Use Pad/Toddler Bed Pad, Perfect for Potty Training, 27" x 36"
Snoozy Flannel Cotton Large Anti Allergy Waterproof Multi Use Pad/Toddler Bed Pad, Perfect for Potty Training, 27" x 36"

The Waterproof Multi Use Pad is 100% certified organic flannel cotton. This is breathable yet waterproof polyurethane membrane backing. It is laboratory tested to provide anti-microbial protection from allergen molecules of less than 1.0 micron. The multi use pad is for bassinet, carriage, cradle and changing table.This is scientifically researched and lab tested by Quorum Pharmaceuticals, a trusted leader in the field of allergy drugs. It measures 27" x 36" and is satisfaction guaranteed or we'll replace it free of charge.


The Benefits of Going Organic With Your Baby

In the formative years of your child's growth, these can be the most essential for their brain and body development. Today's sheets, mattresses, bedding, pillows, and baby products often contain many hazardous chemicals which have been used during production and still are present on the product. These chemicals could be pesticides, or the toxic plastic element phthalates could be present in the item. Pesticides and phthalates have been linked to many forms of cancer, as well as allergies and asthma. Avoiding these chemicals can have a positive effect on your baby, and certainly cannot hurt. Whenever possible with babies, going organic makes sense, provided the item is certified organic and meets your budget.

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