Parent's Precious Family Moments

There is nothing as sweet as listening to your parent remind you of your naughty, funny, cranky and sweet child hood tales. I never seem to get enough joy from just watching the smile on there faces and glitters in there eyes when they recall my funny child hood ordeals.

Parents love to share loving stories about there children especially when they watch you grow successfully in your career. To them it is amazing to see their child whom they nurtured turn out to be so strong and big and successful in life. It brings joy to the eyes of parents as they watch their accomplish children or their grownup child. Memories begins to flood their head and they just can’t help it but to tell their children’s fun story almost all the time to there friends and sometimes just to anyone who cares to listen.

A good and successful child is the bride of their parent. Lots of parents have a way of sharing there precious moments. Some just stare at their family pictures and some go visiting there already independent adult children. Some at festive seasons are visited by all consisting of  Children, relatives, friends etc. parents seize these opportunity to remind them about life while they were kids and things they did that was either hideous, hilarious or very brave of them.

My parents are very typical examples of this write up. There is no single festive period we get together that they don’t remind me of my child hood pranks and fights. They will constantly remind me of how stubborn and caring I was at the time and still am. My entire neighborhood knows about my funny child hood escapades. My mum is always telling.

We have a family album where old pictures are kept, those pictures are also tools used to further liven up the conversation. I love my precious family moments with my family because it makes me happy, I feel accepted, I feel like am in the right place, my spirit and body is liven up. Listening to parents tell stories about there children just makes you want to have kids.

In Africa, precious moments are mostly shared under a big tree when the full moon comes out. And this tress is in every individual’s compound. Under these trees, mothers assemble her children and tell them folk tales and also would tease each one with there child hood stories. It is a moment everyone looks forward to. But it is only done when the full moon is out. No matter how hideous a child’s story might be parents have a way of making it sound so not bad. I love my parents and am sure you love yours too.


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