Track My Kids

I can track my kids with their cell phone
I can track my kids with their cell phone

A Burning Need

Track my kids - More and more often, we hear on the news of children being kidnapped or abducted. Missing for months, years or permanently; these stories seldom come to a happy ending.

Fortunately, it is within our power to help effect a better outcome. We can help our local police locate our missing children and save our kids from misery and a possible untimely death. Here are several solutions I have found and implemented to track my kids as a concerned citizen and parent who would not want to experience a feeling of helplessness in this situation.

Smart Phones that Support Tracking

How Smart Phones Can Help You Keep Track of Your Kids - AT&T Family Map

In the last few years the world of cell phones has evolved by leaps and bounds, with smartphones basically being miniature computers at this point. One of the things that distinguishes the new generation of phones from the last one is the ability to easily download and use a ton of applications, whether user or company-made. There are many neat applications for you to try out, and without a doubt one of the more useful ones is the AT&T Family Map, available on the iPhone as well as the Android, although it can also be installed on a laptop and even a tablet computer.

So what exactly does the AT&T Family Map do? To make this long story short, it tracks the location of your family members, at least the ones who can be tracked. More precisely, it tracks their phones signal so that you can know their location at any time you wish to (unless of course their cell phone is turned off). Rest assured that the information in regards to your location is private and secure, with only your family members who are registered having access to it. It works quite simply; you need to choose which family member you want to track and whether you want to see their location on a map, or receive their coordinates via an SMS or an e-mail.

What is the AT&T Family Map useful for? For starters, it can help you to keep track of your kids, see if they go where they say they do, and more importantly, if they are skipping school. If you are trying to meet up with a family member in a crowded area with lots of places to go, you can use the application in order to find each other without breaking a sweat. Also, although it is rare, in the case of a kidnapping you will be able to react quickly and pinpoint your child's location in an instant, a valuable ability in a situation where every second matters. All in all there are plenty of reasons as to why you'd want to have the ability to easily track the location of your family members, so at least take the time to check out the app, especially seeing as how you can try it for free for 30 days.

A Mom Explains AT&T Family Map

Sprint - Boost Mobile Family Locator

Another Option is Sprint Family Locator. Cost is 15 days free and then $5 a month for 4 phones. Works best with sprint or nextel phones but can work for other phones as well. Uses both gps and cell tower triangulation so that as long as the phone is on you can get a good idea were it's at. Very handy when your kids lose their phone. Access from Mobile or PC for your convenience. No installation necessary although your phone must have GPS capability. Sprint Family Locator allows you to set up safety check for specific dates and times and emails you the results so that you don't have to go to the program and run a check for regularly occurring events such as kids return home from school.

How Sprint Family Locator Works

Use GPS Tracking To Locate Kids

Track my Kids - Universal Locator

If you have watched the movie "Taken" starring Lliam Nieson you might have noticed that the first thing that the young lady lost when she was abducted was her cell phone. Most preditors these days know they must get rid of this divise as soon as possible. If one of your main concerns is abduction or kidnapping, a cell phone would be the least desirable method for tracking your child.

Universal locators are small GPS divises that can be easily hidden, possibly give you a longer window of opportunity to locate your child. They are small enough to be easily stuck into the watch pocket of a pair of Jeans or interior jacket pocket.

Zoombak's Universal Locator works with GPS and cell phone technologies interfaces and sends reports through a nation wide (U.S.) network and allows you unlimited locates 24/7. Zoombak also comes with the ability to establish up to 5 safety zones. Once established, anytime the locator enters or leaves a safety zone you are notified by text and email. A location log is kept for up too a week. Batteries last 5 days on stand by or as many as 150 location requests before recharging is required. Monthly service contract required at $9.99 a month.

Track My Kids - Texting and Phone Calls

I just looked over my latest cell phone bill and noticed that my youngest child shared 8177 text messages last month...thank goodness I opted for unlimited texting! If your a concerned parent you are probably trying to keep track of who your kids are getting texts and phone calls from. It's a big job and also one that raises lots of privacy issues. Only you can judge how much you need to invade you kids privacy in this way but a little checking up never hurts.

I use a reverse lookup service to get the best most up to date info on who owns the phones used to contact my kids. Sure, there is a small fee involved ($39.95 yearly membership) but it enables me to do unlimited numbers of lookups and the reports they give are first rate. They tell you owners name, address, plan carrier in case you need to complain about harassment, and background information.

My quest to track my kids and protect them has given me a good collection of tools to do the job. Today as they step out into the world I have a lot more confidence and sleep better at night because of it.

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the eye profile image

the eye 7 years ago

Great Hub Astride Knighted

I think it is quite important in order to be able to locate them if missing.

With the youngs is it not a problem. But how should we focus it when they get older? Should we keep telling them Why to take out? Maybe we will start to invade their privacy, won't we?

Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 7 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author

Thanks for the comment. Yes I agree that as they (kids) get older sometimes a little invasion of privacy is a good thing

Thanks again!

BlackBerry tracking software 6 years ago

These new updates are great.. i always have fine downloading these files form RIM. tools and app of blackberry are all useful..

Angie 6 years ago

It is sad that these tracking devices are so expensive.

John Smith 6 years ago

If your kid has a GPS-enabled BlackBerry, a free verison of GuardianWare will let you locate you kid without any payment. It is worth a try.

Hannah_Smith20 5 years ago

Great post. This service is similar with the service that I got for my kids. I can easily track them wherever they are but the best feature of the service is that they can ask help anytime during emergency situation. This is not only a tracking application but also a safety protection solution. To know more follow the link provided

rachel 5 years ago

i think in this day and age it is a wonderful thing to be able to know you can locate your kids and vice versa. my 15 year old daughter is pushing boundries and rules at the moment constantly and thi is a great way to know where she is. anything to keep them safe!!!

Phillip 5 years ago

If it is your phone it is ethical to track them till any age. It is your phone and make it part of the bargain. It would also be ethical to tell them.

Fred Clouse 5 years ago

mobile monitoring software with parental controls are available for less than $5 a month. check out phonesheriff, for example

rachel 5 years ago

I know the best FREE app that tracks phone location - Tracesaver....

Tracesaver is the best free app for cell phone tracking/locating that i know. It tracks your phone's location records various other info and displays all that data on the tracesaver website. ....that’s my opinion anyway, but I would recommend it to anyone of any age. I think this app would be so great for parents so that they could track their kids at all times.

RobertVum 7 months ago

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