Woman Gives Birth To Eight Kids

On Monday, 26th Jan, 2009, a woman gave birth to octuplets at a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, Los Angeles, California

The two physicians who helped in the deliveries said they had planned in advance for the C-section deliveries but were expecting only seven babies. But instead, they got six boys and two girls, weighing between 1.8 pounds and 3.4 pounds.

The six boys and two girls were born between 10:43 a.m. and 10:48 am within a span of 5 minutes, said the doctors.

The eighth baby shocked the hospital delivery team which had been planning for a seven-baby delivery for some time. The last baby, perhaps hiding behind the others and came five minutes after the first was born. Perhaps, he had other ideas !!

The woman, whose name the hospital did not release, became the second ever lady to give birth to surviving octuplets. In fact, this is only the second time in history that live octuplets have been born, doctors said.

The team leaders consisted of Dr. Maples, Dr. Henry, and Dr. Mandhir Gupta, although Dr. Maples said that there were 46 people involved in the deliveries. Dr. Karen Maples said she was more than shocked when it became obvious that there was an eighth child and in fact they just went on and on and delivered the babies.

Although it was exciting, they were more anxious, but the orchestrated delivery went off without a hitch

Dr. Karen Maples, who was part of the team, further added that they were relieved that the newborns are in stable condition. In fact, the babies are actually doing very well said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, although the hospital was still watching the babies closely for additional breathing problems.

When the first baby came out, it was apparently crying and kicking, which was a very good sign said Dr. Gupta and it diffused any anxiety, the medical team had.

Dr. Gupta added that the mother plans to breast-feed the babies once they are big enough.

Two of the babies had to be put on ventilators, but have since been taken off, however, three of them still require minimal breathing assistance. The babies are expected to stay in the hospital for around two months and the mother could be released in as maybe less than a week.

It is believed that the woman is a single mother in her thirties and has already has six other children. The family currently lives in a three-bedroom house, which will soon be bursting with babies when the octuplets are released from the hospital in an estimated two months. The information on the mother and six other children was obtained from ABC News.

However, Kaiser spokeswoman Myra Suarez said she could not release any information about the mother, including her condition or whether she used fertility drugs.

As the world marvels at the birth of the octuplets, television stations have been computing something else – estimating the cost of bringing these babies up into the world. Although, it might mean eight times as much love, but will it also cost eight times as much money?

A director from the Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, Steven M. Donn said that the approximate cost would be an eightfold increase on a singleton birth. Incidentally, he also added that in comparison, the mother's care will probably be a bargain.

Costs for the average delivery of a full-term pregnancy range from $9,000 to $25,000, depending on whether the baby is delivered by Caesarean section or vaginally. Eight times $25,000 is a whopping $200,000. Phew !!

The real costs come from the pediatric side, particularly when it comes to neonatal-intensive-care said Dr. Geeta Swamy, a maternal-fetal specialist at the Duke University Medical Center. As a full-term pregnancy could last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks, Swamy estimated for babies born at 30 weeks (that is about 12 weeks premature), the hospital stay could be anywhere from six weeks to six months. Besides, for an infant stay in a neonatal intensive care unit, the costs can add up to a few thousand a day, she said.

Swamy said that she was estimating, probably several hundreds of thousands of dollars for the family. If it is about $100,000 per baby, then it could be $800,000 for all eight.

I guess they would need baby - funding !! Any donations welcome !!

The first live-born octuplets, which were born in Houston in December 1998 turned 10 in December, 2008. They were three months premature and their weights had ranged from 11 ounces to 1 pound and 11 ounces. Unfortunately, the tiniest infant died of heart and lung failure within a week after being born

Their parents, Nkem Chukwu and Iyke Louis Udobi, said they would always be grateful that their children have grown up to be healthy and active.

The 33 year old, single mother, Nadya Suleman (the lady's name, apparently released by her interview with NBC) already has six other children. In an upcoming TV interview, NBC reports the mother says all her children were born through in-vitro fertilization by the same specialist.

Dr. Richard Paulson, the director of the fertility program at the University of Southern California, said that if the babies were born prematurely they are likely to face serious threats to their health. In addition, the mother also faces an increased risk of hemorrhage. Dr. Paulson, who had no role in the delivery process added that it was very risky to try and have all eight babies and that he would not have recommended it under any circumstances, but then one has to respect a parent's decision.

Maples said the team handled the surprise birth "without missing a beat."

Now a small anecdote for the day (please take it in the right sense !)

  • There once was a lady named Sprat
  • Who had triplets, Nat, Pat, and Tat.
  • It was fun in the breeding,
  • But hell in the feeding,
  • Because there was no tit for Tat.

Let us wish and pray for them and hope they make it without any hitch.


Doctors Karen Maples, with Harold Henry and Mandhir Gupta take questions about a mother who gave birth to 8 babies in a hospital south of Los Angeles.
Doctors Karen Maples, with Harold Henry and Mandhir Gupta take questions about a mother who gave birth to 8 babies in a hospital south of Los Angeles.
How much would it take to bring these kids up ?
How much would it take to bring these kids up ?
Eight Plus Six Kids
Eight Plus Six Kids
Nadya Suleiman - ABC Interview
Nadya Suleiman - ABC Interview

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NO NAME 7 years ago

When I first heard this story the first thought that came to my mind was she definetly had fertility treatment...when I found out that she had 6 kids already...thats when I came to a conclusion that she did this purposely so the government can maintain her family...I feel sorry for her kids but not her...How much attention can you give to all those kids..what can you offer them when you already have 6 kids and still live in a 3bdr...

affiliater profile image

affiliater 7 years ago from India Author

Yes, there has been some comments such as why she couldn't hop across the border and give birth to the kids in Mexico, where she is actually from. You are also right, as there are rumours that she took fertility medication. Now I am not in a position to officially comment on any of these as they haven't released any official information about her. But it's sure going to cost one helluva package raising these kids.

new orleans 7 years ago

first of all i wanna say thank god she made it out that alive, and i wish and pray she make it out alright, there's no since in complaining about how many babies she had or where she from, the matter is them kids they are here now no matter what she done to get them here or the reason why, itd time to step up and provide be it assistance o not, my last words is god bless everything will be okay good luck...... new orleans24

Kentucky 7 years ago

She should be ashamed of herself!!

Tilly Holiday profile image

Tilly Holiday 7 years ago

6 +8 = 14 babies = the world's first single family cricket team!

Ashley Joy profile image

Ashley Joy 7 years ago

I really am baffled by this one. I have one child that I struggle to raise on my own. Financially it is tough by yourself when there is no parnter making a second check.

How is this woman who now has 14 kids, lives with mom and dad, will have no child support, etc make the money to take care of these kids?

affiliater profile image

affiliater 7 years ago from India Author

Have thought a lot about it - no one seems to be thinking that way - all they say is that she ia blessed. But with a 3 bedroom apartment and fourteen kids to raise....what would they do...i guess they are hoping for public suport... Besides, it takes a lot out of a person to raise 2 kids, let alone 14...

earlydawn 7 years ago

how does a single mom in her condition have a doctor implant embrios, i've got bad health problems an can't even get a doctor to diagnose me without insurance. i'm tired of taking care of ppl like that an can't even afford my on health problems. god bless the kids, but shes stupid.

newcapo 7 years ago

If I had eight children....I think I would have to serve myself up a 'Kavorkian Cocktail' !!%$#!!

heather  7 years ago

I cant believe she has six children, than turned around and had eight more. i dont know her reason for her to do that. i would like to know how will shw feed, bath, and care for that many children by her self. I have three, and i could very well lose my mind today. i hope this wasnt for money from the goverment. cause if so, they only help for a period of time then its on you. but god bless

SBM 7 years ago

I cannot believe that anyone could be so selfish! After listening to the interview last night, she said that she "Did it for HERSELF". Since three of the older children have disabilities, it is most likely that some (if not all) of the eight will have some type of physical impairment! How sad!

affiliater profile image

affiliater 7 years ago from India Author

Yes.....it is indeed sad. I am sorry I can't go further as most people view this case from a different perspective..a blessing !!

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

LOL...how dare you people sit is judgement of this lady! yes she has children and lots of them. So many people want kids and can't have them,families go all over the world just to buy a child. The Lord God himself knew she had children already and gave her more. If she were white she would have a band of gifts and surplus waiting for her but she is not....John and Kate plus eight? and the other big family on TV. planning to have more. How dare you tell her to go back to Mexico....where the hell did you come from? you don't own this world. Did she ask you to pay for her family? take it up with your government...because your going to pay taxes anyway. If she is on welfare thank God it's not you or your kids. What if something happened to you and your circumstances changed over night? We may all be in the same boat one day! the way this economy is going.Why are you so giving and caring around Christmas time? the human heart should have Gods love and mercy all the time. You people are jokes to mankind. Like it or not! at least she ain't dumping her babies like other so called mommas in the news. Get off of her back! if you can't say or do a good deed for this young woman keep your fat mouth shut tight....because the Lord can see and hear you. Please don't forget Elli on Sanchez came cross the water too and you had your big arms open wide for him...hell you didn't even want to give him back to his own poppa....lol you jokes. She is blood of his blood so treat her kids the same. God Bless you all. Sister Patterson

yokalyan 7 years ago

Is she planning birth control atleast now ?!

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

I'm sure that she has been advised in that area.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

I don't mind sitting in judgment. A woman with no job, and 6 children under 8, living in a 2 bed house with her parents and children, just shouldn't have another 8 kids. Love, food, nappies, where is it all coming from?

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

So sit in judgment you shell! So you work?...and who is taking care of your baby while you're not with him or her?this is the reason why so many of Americas children are so easily abused. (WORKING MOMS) Lots of mom don't work...this type of stay at home mom is a clear result of the better parent. Yes she is in a 2 bedroom house with her family...why don't you and I pray together that the Lord will bless her to move into a big enough home so she can give birth to more children if she chooses to. Who are you to tell a perfect stranger what to do or not do. This person's life and family does not concern you in the least bit. So please do sit in your grand seat of judgment! but do play fair meaning...blab about the moms that are on trial now for harming little ones.What you say with the tongue will come back to bite you...lol God Bless

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

Blimey love, you need to calm down a bit.

I reckon it would take something like 16 full-time employees to care for 8 newborns.

affiliater profile image

affiliater 7 years ago from India Author

guys.....this is now becomin a sticky area, stickier by the minute...why don't we discuss for a change the methods, she must have applied before moving on to the discussin "back to the future" !!!....... well.... let me put it this way, if you were to contribute to those children, would you put in some pennies ??

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

LOL...I am very much calm! "top of the morning to ya deary" Methods...what methods are you referring to? we all know how the children were conceived. If you're referring to a different topic make sense with the English Language. I see that this hub topic is nothing more than fun and games for some of you ppl. This mom has a web site set up for donations. The money given would be a benefit to her and the children,you can't just help the children and leave the parent out...you have to treat the family as a whole. In doing so healing will take place,mom will receive the holistic help that will enable her to become a well rounded mother. Thank You...God Bless

affiliater profile image

affiliater 7 years ago from India Author

Quote.......In an upcoming TV interview, NBC reports the mother says all her children were born through in-vitro fertilization by the same specialist....Dr. Paulson, the director of the fertility program at the University of Southern California, who had no role in the delivery process added that it was very risky to try and have all eight babies and that he would not have recommended it under any circumstances, but then one has to respect a parent's decision ... Unquote...

That's all there is to it

Now something from the lighter side of things...



Now this has happened and is behind us, we can only try and help her but sincerely pray that this doesn't set a trend of things to come..

the octu-pelet-erosis !!

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

I honestly don't see how you can be a good mother to so many children so close in age.

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

Londonchick! please get a life,and know what you're talking about before you open your mouth and let all your hot gasses escape... Did you make a typo in your comment dear? or are you directly talking too me? How many children do I have and if so what are their ages? Yes affiliater it is behind us,but you will see more families having multiple kids in the future,she is not the first or the last. Thank you for letting me comment on this hub.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

I am not sure of her religious affiliation, but Catholics beleive in no contraception and they promote lots of children for they take it from the Bible of theirs seriously--Replenish the eartt.

That being said, if she is catholic then she deserves all the help that she can get--only becasue they fostered that concept they should be responisble for it as well.

If not, those children should have care because it isn't their faults that they are here. The mother---well again that depends on how she was brought up and where she got her values.

There are other families that have lots of multiples and some of them are adopted families. They are subsidied by the governement as well. Anybody watch Medical and health channels where that information is readily available on the TV?? Sometimes I wonder how people don't know about these types of things. Do they not have TV's at all....

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

it's a figure of speech - nothing to do with you personally.

I do not believe that a person can bring up 14 children who are so close in age.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

Have you heard that babies tht are close in age sort of bring themsleves up after they are brought past the stage where they are dependant on mom for everything? Like when they start playing with each other--they become their own best firends and they play with each other and then strt to take care of each othe.

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

Yes. But in the large, extended families I see in Israel, that seems to put an awful lot of pressure on the older children.

One woman just can't look after 8 newborns, and 6 other kids under 8.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

No, that is why she has her parrent's to help.

That may be the case in Isreal, but she doesnt[ live there, she lives in the US. Things are done differently here. Some good and some not so good.

I am questioning the fact that after having so many children already, why would she want to go and have another child...period....It wasn't like she was married or had a lover who wanted another child--one of their own......

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

They were all (all 14) born by IVF, apparently.

I don't think 3 people can easily look after 8 newborns 24/7, either, to be honest. And they all live in a 2 bed house!

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Let's be clear on Catholicism's view on birth control and having children. Children conceived NATURALLY between a MARRIED COUPLE are to be accepted lovingly from God. I sincerely doubt the Catholic Church would condone a single mother of 6 going out and getting artificially inseminated with 8 more. But that is not the point.

Who paid for this artificial insemination? Didn't anyone advise Nadya that it was risky? And not for anything, but there's a huge difference between nature giving you more bounty than you expected (twins, triplets) and knowingly getting yorself knocked up with 8 kids you know in advance you do not have the means to support. Shame on her for asking for donations. Shame on her for being so selfish that she adds 8 more kids to an already large family just so she won't be "lonely" (good reason to have maybe a husband or a boyfriend, but not kids). She really sounds like she has mental problems and don't think that she's not on CPS's radar screen. I feel for those poor babies. I don't imagine they're going to live with their mom all that long.

Sister Patterson -- I don't know where you get your views, but you might want to be a little less confrontational in your comments. You blast LondonGirl for being judgmental - but you are being judgmental yourself in doing so! MM

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

"Shame on her for being so selfish that she adds 8 more kids to an already large family just so she won't be "lonely" (good reason to have maybe a husband or a boyfriend, but not kids)."

Or maybe a cat or dog!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

Does Artificial Insemenation coust something like over 2ooo bux! She lost her first house on bancruptcy and where is the huband of either group of children? Things just don't seem right here. If she did have them for reason of getting more child support then the children should be gived=n good homes becasue she will teach them they can get things for free which is not a good thing to be teaching children of welfare when we try to teach them to be upright citizens. This certainly is not doing that!

According to what I hear the Doctor knew there were 8 viable fertilied eggs. Now if they had let some of them die then that is agan't the church as well---so she is still at fault for getting pregnant in the first place and her mental state should have been red flagged by those doctors!

LondonGirl profile image

LondonGirl 7 years ago from London

I agree with all of that.

sandra rinck 7 years ago

yikes, I heard about her and saw her on tv. From what I have heard, she did get fertility treatments. I suppose I really don't care that she had fertility treatment because she said in the interview that she wanted to have a lot of babies and I think it is fine.

I am curious though, if she didn't have a job or money etc...how did she pay for the fertility specialist? If she plans to support her children by going to school and using student loans to support them, then when will she ever find time to a) graduate, b) take care of them, c) cloth them etc.

I mean I think it is pretty awesome that she had so many babies and that she loves them and wants them all but it really does sound like someone is lying or news is giving out false information on her.

Anyways, your right, just pray for her and her babies and wish them luck on being able to make it cause God knows it will not be easy for her.

ruthy 7 years ago

I agree with Sister Patterson, the children were born & we should be helping this mother instead of rejecting her...whatever her reasons were for having these children really is none of anyone's business. What are their precious little names, what do these precious little ones look like; so she had 6 kids before - I've been a social worker and lots of people with 6 kids get pregnant again...I've known families that had 14-17 children in a family and these children were loved and taken care of - their parents weren't welfare families...I didn't see them going without the care and love that parents, cousins, friends supplied to them, they may not have had the newest $200 shoes every time they turned around like people with 1 or 2 children could afford, but they grew up to be respectable people just like the rest of us...in fact why don't we all give this subject a rest and praise GOD for 8 more beautiful children and hope they will be raised in His name!

britneydavidson profile image

britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

well i dont have anything to say...this is too much....a family of 14...would be able to take care of all the kids....if she has done this purposly then she doesnt deserve to be a mother. sorry to say but this is ashamed...for popularity???

james 7 years ago

that bitch is huge OMG how can you have that many kids. you slut! holy mamoth. you look huge!!!!!!!!!!!! but i would tap that! sexy ass thing. phelcher

jermy monge 7 years ago

she is hot and fat! i would be there baby daddy

aissa 7 years ago

i think it would be hard for her but i hear she has a dirty home with the other kids and dosent take care of her home or kids thats not good at all

Liz 7 years ago

please sister paterson........why dont you mind your darn business...this woman have no business having eight more kids when she already has six that she do not even take care of.......how about your manly self help her if your so spritual

Tishasgt profile image

Tishasgt 7 years ago from Hamilton,ON

Ok,all I can say is What the hell was she thinking.I have one son and he's 16 and I have a hard time.What, does she expect her parents to look after all those kids,because she sure won't be able to do it.SisterPatterson you need to chill out cause your just way to hyper over this.Since you feel so strongly about helping this woman,why don't you give her some of your money? Do you know who will be paying for those kids US,NOT HER OK! Our taxes will go up because we need to feed her kids.Why the hell should I have to pay for her to have kids and she don't want to work.All those kids are going to grow up with no father and probably on welfare.Hey that will boost this economy of ours.More people on welfare great.I don't know what kind of Sister you are hunny but you need some anger management.


SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

Tisha you are a low life and what you have said makes no sense . If your going to say something at least show your face,and please do write a Hub.

Liz you are meaningless and I have no words for you,please post a picture and learn to spell.  I can truly see that the both of you are very young so I won't waste words on you. God Bless

Miss Keke profile image

Miss Keke 7 years ago from Nowhere

Oh gosh. why yall clowning on this gurl. her stomach was huge when she had the kids, hasnt she suffer enough?

CC 7 years ago

I have nothing to say about this but that this lady should stop thinking about herself and putting more on her family. And don't have a job. Live with her parents. And having for taxes go out to take care of another person that done work.

THis is why people done like going to church because of people that go around say GOD BLESS after you say things that are not right. You are why church is over rated. TO YOU PATTERSON.

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

I care not about what you do....what a fool you are. Yes this comment is for you Mr. CC . Please don't tell me you are female. Go to hell for all I care sweet pants. God Bless

CRISTAL 7 years ago


Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Anybody who truly has some idea of the kind of waste of tax dollars the government does would realize that welfare mothers are kind of the least of anyone's problems. Besides, in the "scheme of who's on welfare" - another 8, innocent, babies (who share only one mother - not three different mothers, by the way) aren't going make much of dent.

It's a good thing the government doesn't take away the children of anyone any of us thinks shouldn't have become a parent, because an awful lot of children would be taken away from parents because someone else thinks they have a right to be judge of who should have babies.

Most people suspect this young woman has some "emotional issue going on" - and I don't understand why people aren't grown-up enough to be a little more compassionate about a young woman who appears to, most likely, "have issues". People should be thankful they don't have such "issues", rather than hurling hostility as this young woman.

She's not the first single mother in the world. She's not the first welfare mother (or sort of welfare, or whatever she happens to be). She's not the only mother in the world who hasn't provided her children with a perfect specimen of a father (many married fathers are real "pieces of work"). She's not the first person to have more children than would seem she can afford. Neither is she the first/only person to have multiple babies from in vitro or to not abort a few of them. In fact, if, by any chance, she was the victim of bad doctor, she wouldn't be the first either. Neither would she be the first person in the world to "pull some scam" for attention - if, by any chance, that is what has gone on with her. Most scams don't involve someone's risking her life to give birth to eight babies.

In any case, the world is full of a whole lot more horrible things for people to get all up in arms about and/or for all those "society-concious" people to get out and do something about. I really don't see that this one young woman and her babies are reason for people to become so hateful. The world is full of people who are horribly, horribly, abusive to their one or two (or four) children; and it is full of criminals who are not on welfare but who find ways to take the life savings of innocent victims.

Those eight, innocent, little souls who came into the world deserve better than all the hostility that surrounds their birth and is directed toward their (most likely) misguided young mother. There is most likely some excuse for this young woman's choices; but I think the people who should be ashamed of themselves are those who spin their wheels, and make it a point to be nasty, about a misguided young woman and her innocent children and newborns.

S.D 7 years ago

Best of luck to the mother,and be patince in the upbringing of your kids coz they deserve that,words wont do any harm to you and your kids pray to jeohvah for devine knowlege and draw close to him by doing his will than he will draw close to you,thats the best I can help you with,


take care.

Keondra Kelly 7 years ago

sister patterson your a bitch your talk is full of shit

cc 7 years ago

Wow I must be right. And there you go again with the god bless. You shouldn't have the right to even be able to walk in a church. Oh way a real one not a money hungry one. And they dont pay taxes. Back to you SiStEr PAtTerson

SisterPatterson profile image

SisterPatterson 7 years ago from New Hartford

Keondra Kelly...you little pile of nothingness!!! If you have something to say, post a pic. or shut the hell up and stop hiding behind your empty words. ACTION IS LOUDER THAN YOUR SCOLIFIED WORDS.

God Bless

Tina 7 years ago

Love the comment above why is sister patterson being so mean to everyone

Tishasgt profile image

Tishasgt 7 years ago from Hamilton,ON

SisterPatterson obviously has some unresolved issues of her own that is why she is being so mean to others.People that have low selfesteem usually treat others not very nice because they don't feel good about themselves.SisterPatterson if that is what you call yourself,you need some help girl and some REALLY good medication oh and

God Bless

beccckky 7 years ago

I really don't beleive SisterPatterson is being mean. she is just keep it real. Everyone does need to get a life. Worry about your ownselfs.

ADAM 7 years ago



Sarah 6 years ago

Okay honestly it's her life. I just read Alll these comments and seriously even if she had kids already maybe she wanted one more honestly I really don't freaking think that she meant to have that many. You can't pick how many kids you want!!!

Sim 4 years ago

I think this women whanted to give birth to a boy.She never knew she would have 8 more kids.

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