Ways to help people in Need

How you can help people in need

 There are many ways you can help people in need even if you have no spare cash.

I am not very well of in terms of money so my way of helping is to donate to charity with books, clothing etc every time I have a clean out .

I also buy my books , clothes etc from them  as that helps me have nice clothes for a great price and helps them to support the needy .

Here are some other ways you can help.

Teach them how to make a garden or share your vegies
Teach them how to make a garden or share your vegies

Do you have a skill you can share ?

If you have a skill such as playing music, dancing

How to sew clothes or knit a jumper or baby clothing.

How to fish or catch prawns

cooking or baking . Showing how to make healthy meals or healthy kids lunches .

How to make cakes & biscuits

How to make & keep a vegetable garden

Help them learn how to maintain their car.

How to  write a resume  for people looking for work

Share your computer skills with others

Are you a  good organiser ? Can you help them to organise their home / time/ money etc ?

You could offer to show others how to do any of these things that you are good at .

Imagine how these skills would help them in their lives to save money , maybe they could even earn extra money with their new skills & this will help them a lot more in their life than just recieving a handful of cash.


Maybe you could mind children for a few hours while a Mum & Dad have a few hours to themselves .

Its not always cheap to get a babysitter so this would be greatly appreciated if there is a special occasion

Do something special for the children like take them to a park, play some games together.


 If you love to bake cakes , biscuits or anything else why not make extra and take them to a local old folks home or hospital.

Or anyone you know that is living on their own .

Maybe make extra stew or casserole for an elderly neighbor.

Learn how to grow an organic vegie garden

Do you have fruit trees or a vegie garden ?

 Where we are living at the moment there are loads of lemon trees full of beautiful big lemons and I will not buy them from the shop while they are in abundance like that.

If you have fruit trees full of fruit that you dont want to eat why not bag them and do a fruit drop in the neighbor hood and find people that will use them.

If you are in need of cash you could sell them at a market for a good price which will still help others as well as yourself.

If you are a keen gardener why not plant extra seeds so you can help someone out with fresh vegetables .

That is a great way to help them providing fresh nutricious food !

Do you live in the country ?

 If you have animals why not offer to have town/city people visit so they can see where milk comes from,

Where the eggs are laid.

Maybe give them some fresh eggs etc to take home with them.

Some families did this in Australia.

They matched up families with children about the same age and they made some good friends.

If you are older with no children at home

 You could teach teenagers skills like how to change a tyre

mow a lawn

paint a fence

tune a tv

cook a meal

take them shopping

invite someone over for a meal/bbq

How do you like to help others /

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Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

You've got some great suggestions here, hopefully someone will read this and get inspired to do something.

wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thank you . It is rewarding to be able to help others even in a small way !

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