Hard Boiled Eggs Done Perfectly!

I have boiled many eggs. No matter how careful I was the egg shells would crack or the yolks would be too soft and they were always hard to peel. After all the trials and tribulations I have now learned how to boil the perfect egg and I will share the secret with you.

Make Sure The Eggs Are Fresh

  • Start with clean, fresh eggs that are not cracked
  • The best way to know how fresh they are is to check the expiration date on the carton they came in
  • It's best not to mix eggs from one carton with those in another as the expiration dates will undoubtedly be different.
  • If the eggs are properly stored they can be consumed several weeks after the expiration date.

Use Fresh Eggs
Use Fresh Eggs | Source

Bring The Water To a Boil

  • The size of the pot you choose will depend on how many eggs you plan to boil.
  • Fill the pot about a third of the way with water.
  • There will have to be enough water to almost cover the eggs.
  • Just keep in mind that the eggs will displace the water.
  • If the level gets too high once the eggs are placed in the pot it may boil over the top.

Poke The Fat End of The Egg

  • Use a push-pin to poke the fat end of the egg.
  • Push it all the way in.
  • Poke all the eggs you intend to boil.
  • Be Gentle.

Poke the fat end of the egg
Poke the fat end of the egg | Source

Place The Eggs in the Boiling Water

  • Gently place the eggs into the boiling water and turn down the heat.
  • Cook the eggs at a low boil for 17 minutes.

Boil the eggs for 17 minutes
Boil the eggs for 17 minutes | Source

Rinse With Cold Water

  • When the timer goes off remove the pot from the stovetop and place it in the sink.
  • Turn on the cold water and let it run into the pot for 1 minute.
  • This stops the cooking process and cools the eggs.
  • It also makes them much easier to peel.

Run cold water into the pot.
Run cold water into the pot. | Source

Remove The Eggshell

You won't believe how easy it is to remove the egg shell from this perfectly boiled egg!

So easy to peel!
So easy to peel! | Source

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Comments 12 comments

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York

I can't wait to try this! I am so tired of little pieces of egg shell in my eggs or cracked shells when I'm boiling.

This sounds really great.l

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin Author

thanks so much, tillsontitan. I was sick of losing half of the white when shelling...and having egg shells in the mix. This does work so well. Thanks for your comments and for stopping by:)

profile image

masmasika 5 years ago

Great tips. I have a hard time boiling eggs perfectly. Thanks for the tips.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin Author

Thanks masmasika, until this method was shared with me I too had problems. I appreciate your comment:)

5 years ago

Voted up. For working ppl operating within a budget, a hard boiled egg makes part of a good packed lunch to take with one to work.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin Author

The incredible, edible egg! They do make a handy lunch and a great addition to a salad. Thanks for stopping by, f. I appreciate your comments and votes:)

5 years ago

YW. I've lost count of the amount I've had for a packed lunch, anyway. (Not too keen on the vinagre taste, mind you.)

5 years ago

PS: I never quite know about egg sizes to go for, though. Different ppl who cook have different ideas about what is appropriate. I think that for a hard-boiled egg that is going to be used as the best part of a packed lunch, it does need to be of a reasonable size, though I suppose it all depends how ppl are going to define 'reasonable'. There are the different, recognized egg sizes, of course.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin Author

It's funny, f. I always buy large eggs. Recipes don't really specify. For an omelette it seems it would take too many small eggs and the carton wouldn't last very long. I'm not relly sure why they come in different sizes!

5 years ago

Yes, well I instinctively want to buy the smaller ones but it's a matter of habit, I guess.

pedrn44 profile image

pedrn44 5 years ago from New Berlin Wisconsin Author

I tend toward medium. Well, extra large are good for omelettes and salad toppings. They are all good, right?

5 years ago

Yes, well they're all good, of course.

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