making Coffee Ice cream

making the custard
making the custard

These holidays I have been to my shed. As I have been living in Malaysia for 3 years, there is a huge amount of "stuff" that I thought i just couldn't throw away... its now been sitting there for 3 years and I am not sure whats in there any more. Ahh the life of an expat.

Mum has been talking about making ice cream... I opened one of my boxes and voila... the scoop factory from Breville (an ice cream maker) revealed itself to me. I have permanently loaned the ice cream maker to Mum. Before I go back I wanted to have a go at making some ice cream. I chose coffee. It was very successful and here is the recipe. For Anna's coffee Ice cream!


5 Egg yolks ( wondering what to do with the whites read my hub on cherry ice cream)

1/2 cup of sugar

100 ml of Coffee ( I used Expresso)

375 ml of milk (I wouldn't use any thing less fatty then low fat)

125ml of cream ( I used thickened cream)


  • Place the milk, cream coffee and sugar in a sauce pan and heat until the sugar is dissolved
  • Beat the eggs with a whisk and then SLOWLY add the milk mixture. Make sure you whisk the whole time. (This is called tempering the eggs)
  • Place on the stove on a low heat until a thin custard is formed. Strain any lumps out.
  • Allow to cool at least to room temperature or place in the fridge until very cool. Some glad wrap on the surface of the custard will eliminate any skin.
  • Then place in the ice cream a maker, following the instructions or until a very soft ice cream is formed.
  • Cool in freezer for a few hours
  • Enjoy served with pudding, fruit, maple syrup or Kahlua (coffee liqueur )or Baileys

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faithfulpen 6 years ago

Sounds great, I need to try it.

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