101 of the Best Coffee and Espresso Drinks Part 1

For all of you coffee fans out there, I would like to teach you a new phrase coined at The Coffee Bump. Ready? We like to call all true lovers of coffee "coffee sommeliers"- meaning that you love a good coffee as you would love a fine wine, cherishing each note of flavor and hint of boldness that makes the coffee roast what it is. So here is our gift to you- the 101 Best Coffee and Espresso Drinks available for your tasting and drinking pleasure. Cheers!

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1. Frozen Caramel Latte: This is one of the best frozen lattes out there for all of you seasoned coffee vets- sweetened with caramel and topped with whipped cream. Ooh la la!

2. Gingerbread Latte: It's the most wonderful time of the year! To enjoy holiday lattes, that is...

3. Eggnog Coffee Punch: Within that same holiday theme is this delicious eggnog coffee punch that will be making you wish it was Christmas all year round!

4. Bailey's Espresso Martini: Oh, man... That is pretty much all I can say about this delightfully delicious coffee concoction- that, and let's raise a glass to one of the greatest espresso martinis around!

5. Easy Iced Coffee: This recipe boasts being a "cheater" for an iced cappuccino- less is more!

6. Death by Chocolate Cappuccino: This is for the chocolate lovers out there who just can't get enough...

7. Mocha Mint Coffee Recipe: Methinks there is nothing better than mint and chocolate chip, all together in one cup.

8. Whipped Cream Amazement: This sweet beverage centers around- you guessed it- whipped cream! It doesn't get any better than that.

9. Coffee Infused Vodka: The perfect pick-me-up for a time when you need to relax and take the edge off? Hey, whatever works!

10. Autumn Holiday Coffee: This is a great infusion to "spice" up your regular holiday roast and get you in the mood for the holiday season!

11. Basic Espresso Recipes: This is the rundown on all you need to know about espresso drinks, A to Z. Easy!

12. Almond Cappuccino: That's what I'm talkin' about! Rich flavors with just the right hint of sweetness? Perfecto!

13. Brazilian Coffee: This coffee is rich and dark just like the country it hails from- very exotic!

14. Cafe Caribe: This is a wonderful blend of coffee and spices that you concoct before brewing. Superb!

15. Mediterranean Coffee : This recipe has you blend all the spices before you brew to give you an even more unique flavor!

16. All Nighter Coffee Smoothie: This is the best of both worlds since you are getting a delicious smoothie that has the caffeine to perk you right up!

17. Making the Perfect Shot of Espresso: This is where the magic happens in using your barista skills to make quality espresso shots every time.

18. How to Make a Cappuccino: This is a video teaching you the basics on a quality cappuccino- just like you would find in Italy. Bellissima!

19. How to Make a Mocha Coffee Drink: What could possibly be better than an espresso drink except adding chocolate? Just what the doctor ordered.

20. How to Make a Mexican Coffee: Ay-yi-yi! This is the best Mexican Coffee you will find north of the border.

21. Espresso Con Panna: This will hit the spot being that it is espresso topped with whipped cream- can't get any better than that!

22. Brewing Turkish Coffee: This is a specialized coffee usually enjoyed with a Turkish delight- bon apetit!

23. Espresso Macchiato: A true classic made of espresso and foamed milk- not to be overlooked!

24. How to Make a Ristretto: This is not a full espresso but a more dense and syrupy coffee- read on to learn more!

25. Bavarian Mint Coffee: A great flavored coffee mix for all of the daring coffee drinkers out there that love trying new things!

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mike crimmins profile image

mike crimmins 7 years ago from Tampa

There's more than a few drinks that I have to try here. Great idea for a hub!

Chuggin McCoffee profile image

Chuggin McCoffee 7 years ago from San Antonio Author

Thanks! I must admit I haven't had them all, but I'm working on it :)

profile image

newsworthy 7 years ago

This is really buzzing on coffee. Cheers with the chocolate and mint coffee.

gille 7 years ago

i don't no what the prizes r starbuck is inccretabul..!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????

CoffeeAddict profile image

CoffeeAddict 7 years ago

Wow! There's so much coffee in the world I haven't tried yet. Espresso panna looks really sinful.

flavourHound profile image

flavourHound 7 years ago

i love coffee flavors!!!!! I love to mix and match flavored coffees with flavored creamers. My latest craze - august roast, fudge brownie beans, and vanilla caramel brownie creamer. Pure heaven in a cup of caffienated goodness.

Chuggin McCoffee profile image

Chuggin McCoffee 7 years ago from San Antonio Author

Mmmm... that sounds delicious! I'll have to try it :)

Isabel_Belicia profile image

Isabel_Belicia 7 years ago

Bookmarking this hub - I do so love my coffee

Turkish Coffee 7 years ago

Thanks for adding Turkish Coffee to the list..

Every person who likes to drink strong coffees like espresso must taste this delicious coffee type.

Jenn Knows profile image

Jenn Knows 7 years ago from USA

Thanks for the great list.

I'm a huge espresso & turkish coffee fan.

Here's a related hub I've created:


Chuggin McCoffee profile image

Chuggin McCoffee 7 years ago from San Antonio Author

Great! Thanks!

Mike Chronos 7 years ago

Yummy! Nice hub. Nothing like a beautifully prepared latte or espresso to start your day off.

Jamiehousehusband profile image

Jamiehousehusband 6 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

Great hub, information and pics that really tempt you - thanks! Eggnog punch looks unusual - will try, thanks Jamie.

toothache pain relief 6 years ago

arrgghh..I need starbucks now....

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 3 years ago from The City of Generals

What a wonderful list. So glad I made it by. I've been wanting to learn about the many types of coffee and here's your hub. Thank you, I enjoyed reading. I am sharing and pinning. A coffee toast? :=)Tonette

LaThing profile image

LaThing 3 years ago from From a World Within, USA

Oooo la la.... Is, for sure, the right expression for these!! I simply LOVE these drinks. I have tried most of them, and have to go grab the others on your list! Fantastic Hub!! Thanks for sharing :)

jessiexue profile image

jessiexue 3 years ago from Hong Kong

wow, all drinks are looking nice and attracting me. Great work!

Free2writ3 profile image

Free2writ3 3 years ago from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

Wow..looks very yummy..thanks for sharing.

Achmad Suryanto 2 years ago

Do you know the ingredients to make a delicious coffee pure black !.

Apakah anda tahu bahan ramuan untuk membuat kopi hitam murni yang nikmat!.


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