15 good and trendy restaurants in Algarve - Portugal

Great informal restaurants for lunch or dinner

1 – Rocha da Palha

Place: Armação de Pêra


“Rocha da Palha” is a restaurant in Armação de Pêra beach. It has a very nice balcony, with a stunning sea view. The food is very good and the prices are not very expensive (<20 euros person). It’s a good place to eat sea food.

2 – La Traviata

Place: Armação de Pêra

Link: http://www.pai.pt/restaurantes/pizzaria-la-traviata/y:pt_12636229_9999_14__1.html

This is a “pizzeria” in Armação de Pêra, with other kind of dishes to choose from. The interiors are very nice and modern. It also has a take away-service very good and fast. The prices are not expensive (<20 euros person).

3 – Serol

Place: Armação de Pêra


Rua Portas do Mar 2/4
Armação de Pêra

A classical restaurant in Armação de Pêra, with great tradition. Very informal environment, usually a very busy restaurant, but with the best sea food.

4 – Mr. Chicken

Place: Sr. Frango - Estrada de Fonte Santa, Escanxinas, Almancil (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almancil)

Link: http://www.pai.pt/restaurantes---cozinha-regional-portuguesa/sr-frango-restaurante/y:pt_48207554_9999_15__1.html

This is an informal restaurant to eat good grilled chicken and chips. The interiors are very modern and generally it is a very busy restaurant, full of people. The food is very nice, and so is the price (<20 euros person).

5 – Praia da Galé restaurant

Place: Praia da Galé

Link: http://pt-pt.facebook.com/pages/Albufeira-Portugal/Restaurante-Praia-da-Gale/108853912494496?filter=2

A modern restaurant (wood style beach restaurant), with great sea food and a great sea view. Can be a little more expensive, depending on wherever you choose to eat (20-25 eur).

Trendy restaurants for lunch:

6 – Salgados Beach Restaurant

Place: Praia dos Salgados - Vale de Parra

Link: http://www.pai.pt/restaurantes/restaurante-bar-os-salgados/y:pt_2499196_1__1.html

This is a very good restaurant is SalgadosBeach. It has two different areas – one for light food (hamburguers, soups), other for more exquisite food (especially sea food!). It can be expensive (>20 eur person).

7 – 2 Passos

Place: Almancil - Vila Sol beach (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almancil)

A modern restaurant (wood style beach restaurant), with exquisite and very good sea food and quality of service. It can be expensive (> 20 eur person).

8 – Gigi

Place: Praia do Gigi – Quinta do Lago (http://www.quintadolago.com)

Link: http://www.pai.pt/restaurantes/gigi-beach-pavillion/y:pt_10124340_9999_6__1.html

One of Algarve´s most famous restaurants, the best sea food you will ever eat. Expensive.

Trendy restaurants for dinner:

9 – Paixa

Place: Almancil (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almancil)

Link: http://www.paixarestaurante.com/#/home

This is a modern super trendy restaurant. You can choose from dozens of specialties that the chef has to offer (including typical Algarve food). It can be expensive (>20 eur person).

10 – Vila Joya restaurant

Place: Praia da Galé

Link: http://www.vilajoya.com/restaurant/index.html

Very trendy Michelin restaurant with great ambience, food and high quality of service. Expensive (>25 eur person).

11 – Evaristo

Place: Praia do Evaristo

Link: http://www.evaristo.pt

Very nice and trendy restaurant by the beach, in a very modern setting. Great sea food.

12 – S. Gabriel

Place: Vale do Lobo (http://www.valedolobo.com/home)

Link: http://www.sao-gabriel.com

Trendy Michelin restaurant, with beautiful gardens and exquisite food. High quality of service and expensive (> 25 eur person).

13 – Grande Real Santa Eulália

Place: Praia Santa Eulália

Link: http://www.granderealsantaeulaliahotel.com/pt/welcome.html

Everthing is beautiful here. Nice view and great ambience. It can be expensive.

14 – Pine Cliffs Resort Albufeira

Place: Albufeira (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albufeira)

Link: http://www.pinecliffs.com/ser_restaurantes.php

Beautiful place and high quality service. Great view.

15 – Restaurante L'Olive (Vila Sol)

Place: Vilamoura (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilamoura)

Link: http://www.vilasol.pt

There are a lot more good restaurants but hope this 15 will be a good start for you. Have fun!


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