5 cookbooks I could not live without!

I guess the more observant hubbers have realised that I really really really like to cook. I like draw my inspritaion from a variety of sources! Living in Malaysia has been an eye opener to the number of cook books that are availaible. The stores here are really well stocked and they have a variety of cookbooks that is sadly not seen in Australia. I know that you can use Amazon to buy books but I like to be able to flick through them and really make sure that I want that book. Although in Malaysia there is a small issue with the plastic wrapping (cling wrapping) of books that can be a menace... but at least you can hold them!

So here goes as of the third of March 2009 My favourite cookbooks are: (In no particular order)

Everyday in the Kitchen by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis.

This book was bought for me by a friend and was left in Australia, I missed it so much that I bought the second edition when I was last in Australia. What a great book! It has wonderful marinades, exciting salads and great biscuits as well as everything in between. A wonderful addition to any kitchen. When I am wondering what to do for dinner this is a great resource!

Flatbreads and Flavours by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.

Who could fail to seduced by this book on breads. I first came into contact with this book through a Library, when I moved house I considered borrowing it forever... Luckily my partner bought it for me from Amazon and I have never looked back. This a book rich in tales of far away places and the recipies that returned. Great for unusual flatbreads and interesting cooking methods a much loved book in a yeast lovers kitchen.

The Cook's Companion by Stephanie Alexander.

This is a book that could be used as a weapon as it is thick and full of interesting culinary obscurity. I have used knowledge from this cookbook to impress butchers with questions such as is your pork from sows or boars... Sows are nicer apparently... This is a great book that it divided into ingredients and provides endless inspiration for the cook who doesnt know what's for dinner.

Artisan Bread in five minutes a day by Jeff Hertberg and Zoe Francois

If somehow you have failed to hear about no knead bread revolution then have I got a surprise for you. Imagine a bread that requires no kneeding, dough that can be stored for 2 weeks and crispy crispy loaves. This book will tell all. I have been particularly impressed with the Challah..mmm salivating over the memories.

Finally and somewhat surprisingly my last book is

Jamie Olivers Ministry of food

Jamie wrote this book for the poor fatties of the Uk who wouldnt know a fresh vegetable if they tripped over one. The conceited cook may believe that there is nothing for them here but they are wrong!! Imagine a cheesecake that requires no baking or gelatine then imagine its slight lemony tang with a compote of summer berrries....mmm The advice on gravies for roasts is also very good. I keep buying Camenbert to create a baked cheese pasta but some how the camembert never makes it to the oven doors before its devoured...

Well thats all for my treatise on Cookbooks for the uninitaited. I could wax lyrical some more but thats for another day!



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