A Creamy Smoked Salmon Mousse

Salmon Mousse

This smoked salmon recipe is great served as a spread on crackers or a vegetable dip. Another way to enjoy this mousse is in stuffed cherry tomatoes. For the best taste, use a high quality smoked salmon. If you use cheap salmon the taste can be bland. For a stronger salmon flavor, you can eliminate half of one package of cream cheese.

This recipe only takes about 15 minutes to make and the results are amazing. It will be a big hit at your next party.


Eight ounces of smoked salmon

ΒΌ cup of heavy cream

Two eight ounce packages of softened cream cheese

The juice of one whole lemon

One tablespoon Worchester

One teaspoon of minced, dried dill weed

Salt to taste


Break the salmon up into small pieces and place in a blender. Blend on medium power until smooth. Add the cream cheese, heavy cream, lemon juice, Worchester, dill weed, and salt. Blend until well combined and is smooth.

Chill in the refrigerator or serve at room temperature. Garnish with dill.

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akirchner profile image

akirchner 5 years ago from Central Oregon

Oh yummy - it sounds like you are in a moussey mood~ Bring it on!!

Ms._Info profile image

Ms._Info 5 years ago from New Jersey

This sounds like it would be perfect as an appetizer. It seems easy and quick to make which for me is key when deciding on what to serve at gatherings.

dobo700 profile image

dobo700 4 years ago from Australia

Sounds nice, I will have to give this a go.

Thanks :)

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