A Neat Trick to Remove Grease From Gravy

Perfect Gravy Without the Grease


Love Gravy but Not the Grease?

You love homemade gravy but do not care for the grease. Most of us want to savor the flavor but do not wish to consume the fat. And on top of the fat, most of us do not care for the extra calories that come with it, nor find it particularly appetizing to ladle out gravy with a layer of grease on top.

But, unless you know a few tricks, it is hard to remove grease from gravy.

Tilting--Many cooks do their best to remove the grease before making their gravy by tilting their roasting pan, allowing the grease to pool on the lower end, and try to pour it off.

Spooning--Cooks may try scooping the grease off with a tablespoon.

While these methods will remove some of the grease, there will still be a stubborn layer of grease, which can spoil the appeal of homemade gravy.

Post-Gravy--Other cooks make their gravy first, then try to remove the grease as it forms later on top. They attempt to pour off the grease from the nozzle of a gravy boat or skim it off the top of the gravy.

There's a much better way!

Gravy With a Thin Layer of Grease on Top


A Neat Trick to Remove Grease From Gravy

This method is one of the best ways to easily remove almost all of the grease from meat juice before gravy is prepared.

  1. Strain: Pour meat juice through a strainer and into a pot (you want to strain the juice to remove bits and pieces left over from the cooking process).
  2. Freeze: Place your pot in the freezer.
  3. Remove Solidified Fat: As the meat juice cools, the grease will rise to the top and freeze in a solid white-colored disc that can easily be removed in either one chunk or in a couple of pieces.

Once you've lifted out the hardened grease you can make your gravy.

This is one of the easiest methods I know of for making near-perfect gravy.

Now that you've tackled the "grease in your gravy" issue, the next step to making good gravy is knowing how to make lump-free gravy. Good gravy is gravy that is free of grease and free of lumps.

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platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

I was aware of this trick, but I never used it. I try to eliminate the majority of the grease in cooking if I am going to make gravy.

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