Bilberry fruits Wiki and health benefits of Bilberries

Bilberries gained so much popularity these days as many of us might know well about them. Incase if you are unaware of them and their benefits, you are now in a perfect place to know about them. Bilberries belong to the family of blueberries and huckleberries which are mostly grown in North American region and in some parts of Europe. Bilberries are not easily cultivable, they need extreme cold climate. These dark blue colored berries have got exceptional medicinal values. Especially in European countries, these bilberries carry a history of more than 1000 years being used as an alternative medicine for many health problems. So the tangy little bilberries are mostly known for officinal purposes.

These bilberries are world’s best natural food source for curing vision impairments. This might sound bit odd, but many historians say that RAF (Royal Air Force, U.K) pilots used to eat bilberry jam during Second World War just to increase their vision capabilities during night missions! Ok let’s leave myths aside; let’s quickly look into some amazing benefits of bilberry fruits.

  • Bilberries are the best natural medicine that can cure cataracts and improves vision, especially night vision.
  •  Bilberry fruits are used to treat diarrhea and conditions like dysentery.
  • These berries are very helpful in minimizing urinal infections and disorders.
  • Bilberries are most effective in controlling and reducing stones in kidney.
  • Bilberry fruit contains high amount of antioxidants.
  • These berries improve blood circulation and reduce vein disorders.  
  • From ancient ages, the bilberry leaves are widely used in curing skin ulcers.
  • Researchers have proved that these bilberries can strengthen heart muscles.
  • The bilberry leaves are used to cure diabetes.
  • Also these leaves are used in some parts of Eastern Asia to make health teas.
  • Bilberry fruits are widely used in jams and jellies.

All in all, as you saw it, bilberry completely is a doctor fruit. It can cam be consumed as raw fruit directly or can be used in the form of powders. The most important point here, I repeat the most important point you need to know is these bilberry fruits does have side effects too. Over consumption of bilberries increases the toxic substances in the body. Unlike other fruits and super fruits, you need to check the amount of bilberry content you are taking always. These bilberries are widely available in the form of organic powders everywhere. Incase if you want to buy raw fruits, you need to check some online sellers or super fruit retailers in your area.


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