About Fruit and Vegetable Diets

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

What to lose weight ? Heard about fruit and vegetable based diet that supposedly works wonders? Fruits and vegetables are healthy nutritious additions to any diet, but a truly healthy diet should never consist of only fruits and vegetables. That is if you are planning to become a vegetarian or a vegan, protein replacements and wholesome grains are still essential to maintaining a healthy weight and body.

Solely fruit and vegetable based diets are often short, but can still damage your health as you will not be receiving your body's needed protein supply to maintain muscle. So in the end you may lose weight, but much of the weight you lose will likely be muscle tissue not fat. Your body might even hold onto more fat as a natural self-preservation technique, and as a result of lost muscle tissue your body will gain fat more easily after you complete your diet, since muscle boosts your metabolism and burns more calories.

To lose weight safely and for the long-term, a lifestyle change is needed. Not a crash course, yo-yo diet. You must balance nutritious whole grains, a protein source, a dairy source, and plenty a fruits and vegetables. Potato chips and foods like fries may be vegetable based, but are not ideal in any healthy diet. Neither are any sugar or fat laden foods like doughnuts or other deep fried treats.


How to Diet Right

Just because you should not eat only fruits and vegetables, does not mean you shouldn't eat them at all. In fact, a diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetable will help you shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight and body. Fruits and vegetables contain the essential vitamins and minerals the human body needs to function. They can keep your skin, hair, teeth, etc. healthy and happy. So be sure to include them in your daily meals.

Follow These Tips For Healthy Weight Loss:

  • Instead of snacking on chips, candy, etc. eat a peach, apple, plum, etc.
  • At every meal try to have two types of vegetable dishes and one grain and meat.
  • Drink plenty of water. It may not be a fruit or vegetable, but it will keep you hydrated and fresh.
  • Replace tempting snacks in your cupboard with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Pre-cut and wash fruits and vegetables so they are more convenient to grab and eat.
  • Choose not starchy vegetables and lower sugar fruits more often than those which are starchy and sugary. (eg. broccoli over potatoes)
  • Don't force yourself to eat fruits and vegetable you do not like. this will only discourage your healthy eating in the future. Instead stock up on the fruits and vegetables you do enjoy and test out different recipes for cooking them.
  • Incorporate daily exercise into your lifestyle. Even the little things count, for example if you can walk or bike to work, why not save on gas and burn calories at the same time?


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