Acerola Berry Information and Health Benefits of Acerola Berries

Acerola Berries, many of us even doesn’t know what these fruits are about and in what way they are special from other super fruits. First of all, what is a superfruit? A super fruit is normally a fruit or a berry which has got exceptional nutritional values and is very little known to the world. In case of Acerola berries, these little red colored fruits possess amazing vitamin and antioxidant power in them and are little known to the rest of the world except for Central and South American regions.

Why these Acerola berries are so special? Let me tell you, they have got numerous benefits as they naturally contain high amount of vitamin C. Do you know one little Acerola fruit is equal to 30 oranges as one small berry contains 80mg of Vitamin C! Just have a look at what benefits you can have with these wonderful little Acerola berries.

• High antioxidant values in Acerola berries help fighting against viral infections like cold.
• The high vitamin C content helps maintaining a healthy and natural skin.
• Vitamin C in Acerola berries prevent discoloration of skin and maintain healthy skin tissue.
• Acerola berries are most powerful food agents that help to improve the immune system naturally.
• These super fruits boost the growth of a tissue known as collagen, which is an essential substance that protects cells and tissues.
• The considerable amounts of vitamin D and other minerals in Acerola berries strengthen the teeth, bones and cartilage muscles in the body.
• It’s the best natural medicine for diabetic patients; these wonder fruits will considerably reduce sugar levels in body.
• Continuous consumption of these Acerola berries can make your body resistant to heart problems, cancer and many other major diseases.
• Improvement of digestive system, reduction of cholesterol and bad fat are some additional advantages of Acerola fruits.

This Acerola berry really is a miraculous fruit in terms of its nutritional values. Now how to take and how much to take these Acerola berries in diet? Don’t bother; they are just fruits after all. And they carry very less content of calories too! It’s more effective and best way to take them as raw fruits instead of having them in the form of jams or jellies which contains added calories. Now these fruits are getting very popular in recent times, so it’s not a difficult thing to get Acerola fruits or their extracts sitting in any part of the world.


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