Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel

I wanted to surprise my Mom for her upcoming birthday but I didn't know how. Lucky enough for me, I saw a Groupon coupon for Afternoon Tea at The Pierre Hotel, Afternoon Tea Service for Two at half price! It was an idea from the heavens and i quickly made my purchase. It seemed other people felt the same way because there were over a thousand purchases for this and quickly sold out. This is just a little account of Afternoon Tea at The Pierre.

First off, The Pierre Hotel is a five-star hotel and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. My Mom and I made sure to dress up very nicely because this was such a special occasion. Not only is it my Mom's birthday but we were having Afternoon Tea. Now before I go any further, I just wanted to explain my fascination with Afternoon Tea. I come from a middle class family where both my parents worked and I knew that I also had to work for a living. The idea that you could take a couple of hours off in the afternoon and have a pot of tea, finger sandwiches, and pastries was, for me, the height of decadence. My mother also shares this fascination. My brother just thinks it's so pretentious.

Every now and then, on a Saturday, i would make afternoon tea and invite my Mom over. The tea was your ordinary Lipton tea bag. The sandwiches were egg salad and chicken salad, cut into triangles, without the crust of course. Instead of scones, I usually bought a couple of mini-croissants from the grocery store bakery, and for the pastries, I bought a couple of small cakes from a local bakery and cut it in two. I of course have the tree-tier serving tray and put the sandwiches at the top, the croissants in the middle, and the cakes at the bottom. Butter and jelly were set on the table and the tea would be steeping in the teapot which came with its own warmer. My Mom would come over, exclaim over how nice everything was and we would proceed to have tea and chat. The Afternoon Tea at The Pierre was definitely different.

Afternoon Tea Table Service at The Pierre
Afternoon Tea Table Service at The Pierre
Finger Sandwiches
Finger Sandwiches
Raspberry scones
Raspberry scones
Yummy assorted pastries!
Yummy assorted pastries!

A New York Experience

Now the tea service was held at the Two E Lounge, and you have to make a reservation for the tea. Classical jazz music was playing in the background and the hostess leads you to a low table with comfortable chairs. You are given a list of tea to choose from. We both chose an Assam tea and we preferred to have it with cream. The tea came in its individual teapots that contained the loose leaf tea container and hot water was poured to steep the tea. Assam is very fragrant and slowly as I sipped my tea, I can feel myself relaxing.

Then the food arrived. It all looked delicious. The finger sandwiches were varied; salmon, caviar, cucumber, curried chicken, egg salad (yeah!), and prosciutto (I think). There were four fresh raspberry scones that came with Devonshire cream, strawberry marmalade, and Meyer lemon curd. The raspberry scones were moist inside. This is impressive because scones can be rather iffy. I tried to make scones once, following a recipe and it came out so dry, a hockey puck would have tasted better. The pastries were an assortment and they all looked so good and they tasted fresh and yummy.

The service was attentive but unhurried. They replenished our tea pots with hot water several times unasked. My mother and I whiled the next hour and a half away with chatter as if we were ladies who lunched. It was a very nice experience and one that my mother thoroughly enjoyed.

If you are visiting in New York and want to take an unhurried break from the shopping, touring, and sightseeing, consider Afternoon Tea at The Pierre. It would be one of the best memories of your visit.

Afternoon Tea at The Pierre

A markerThe Pierre Hotel -
5th Ave & E 61st St, New York, NY 10065, USA
[get directions]

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rjsadowski 4 years ago

A very nice Hub. It takes me back many years to my occasional visits to New York. The map was very helpful too.

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Thanks for visiting rjsadowski.

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