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In this era when more people are becoming more aware of what they eat it is essential to watch out of certain ingredients contained in food that might cause you a lot of problems. For people suffering from celiac, a disease of the digestive system that is accompanied by pain after ingestion of products containing gluten, gluten free cooking is advised in order to rule out any complications that might arise. To control this disease it is necessary to avoid foods that may contain gluten or traces of it. So why not make your kitchen a gluten free zone?

What is gluten?

This is a product that is naturally found in wheat and is responsible for giving wheat its elasticity. This product is also found in other products such as rye and oats. For those products that do not contain gluten naturally, cross-contamination may occur during transport or during processing. In most countries, it is necessary to have a “gluten free label” on products that naturally contain gluten

Gluten free cooking

Gluten free cooking also ensures that development of celiac disease is impaired. Corn has been shown to soothe the intestinal mucosa and is therefore well tolerated by those with sensitive digestive tracts making it a key ingredient you might consider having in your kitchen. Here are some few suggestions to ensure you enjoy gluten free cooking

  1. Eliminate all gluten products by ensuring that you do not purchase wheat flour, barley or rye products. If you must, ensure that any product you purchase is labeled “gluten free” or that the level of gluten is below 10%
  2. Substitute the few products that contain gluten with another fun alternative. You can switch that wheat flour for corn flour. Sure it’s not the same but change is difficult, make it work for you. By making that switch you not only ensure that the expected eating experience doesn’t bring you pain but you make your health better as well.
  3. Let your friends know of your preferences, they might not make same choice as you but at least they will help you through it. When you go out to eat, ensure you let someone know, like the waiter before you order for food.
  4. If you do not trust the labels then cook your own food, that way you ensure that all ingredients that go into your meal are gluten free to your satisfaction.
  5. Supplement your diet with lots of fruits and leafy vegetables to ensure that you are not lacking in any nutrients. The vegetables also provide fibre that will assist in bowel movement.

Gluten free cooking ensures that gluten intolerance does not progress to celiac disease. This type of cooking involves carefully choosing ingredients in your kitchen and reading labels before purchase of wheat products and other substances such as oats that may be cross contaminated with gluten. Many products that have wheat as a main ingredient usually contain labels detailing levels of gluten. Choose products that have “gluten free” labels. If you are very sensitive to gluten then you might consider avoiding all wheat products and instead opting for other alternatives such as potatoes and rice. Immediate stoppage of gluten intake in diet will eliminate all symptoms of celiac disease. This however does not mean that the disease is cured, these symptoms may return once the patient starts to consume gluten again.

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litsabd profile image

litsabd 3 years ago

Great, informative hub. I got tested yesterday and proved to be intolerant to gluten and to be honest I knew practically nothing about it. Thank you for your piece of work...well researched...well done...:)

Davidnjoroge profile image

Davidnjoroge 3 years ago from Nairobi Author

Thank you for your kind comments. You still can lead a healthy life as you embark on your gluten free diet. All the best in your new diet.

icmn91 profile image

icmn91 3 years ago from Australia

Great hub. I've had my fair share of bad experiences with gluten-related illnesses (like celiac disease). I had ten (10) years of excellent health on the gluten free diet until I went away to University (where my dietary requirements were violated (more on my profile)). I'd love to hear your feedback. ;)

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