Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper is a hot spice which fits itself in different applications. It is used in flavor food as well as it can be used to catalyze the healing process of some traditional medicine. Alligator pepper is commonly eaten together with Kola nut and Bitter Kola. Alligator pepper helps to remove the bitter taste of Bitter kola. Because alligator pepper is hot it kills the sensation of taste in the mouth so that Bitter kola will lose its bitterness or at least reduce while being chewed.

Alligator pepper grows from a shrub that looks more like big grass. It changes from green color state to red color when it is ripped. In general term Alligator pepper finds its usages in food and in health. The use of Alligator pepper is very useful in the curative measure. It is used in combination with other vital herbs or bark of tree or leaves of tree. In most cases the application is external unless otherwise necessary. Most medical application of alligator pepper whereby it is required to be consumed by mouth the concoction is boiled and filtered. The liquid filtrate is the portion the sick person takes according to directive.

Some of the known areas of application are to cure Arthritis, boil, pimples, and any inflammatory disease. Alligator pepper is used in combination of one or two other components to cure different sicknesses. For information on different application go to our web site: and subscribe to our newsletter “Traditional medication tips and guide. Also check out health blogs at

Alligator pepper is a seed that grows in soft tissue layers of the fruit. The seeds are so small that it requires precision grinder to crush into powdery form. When changed to powder form it could be sprayed over food that needs hot spices. It has delicious aroma and good taste. It can always make any food more delicious with its smell and taste.

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