Alternate Uses For 3D Cuddly Bear Cake Pan

3D Cuddly Bear Cake Pan Uses

In the beginning of my journey into cake decorating, I discovered the Wilton 3D Cuddly Bear Cake Pan. I was so excited to produce such a beautiful cake with my new found decorating skills. This cake pan gave me the confidence to continue baking after a lull in inspiration. If you are looking for a pan to help you create a cake with the ultimate WOW factor, this is just what you need! This pan can be a little difficult to use and I shared my secrets in this post. Sad to say this pan has been sitting in my pantry accumulating dust ever since. I just have not had any requests for bear cakes lately. In an attempt to rid myself of clutter, I began to give away cake pans I no longer use. I just couldn't give away this pan though. I absolutely love what it does! So I decided to find alternate uses for this awesome pan. Here's a little inspiration for my fellow novice bakers with this pan in their inventory.

Clever Uses for 3D Cuddly Bear Pan

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Cute Baby Cake!Monster CakeEwok cake
Cute Baby Cake!
Cute Baby Cake! | Source
Monster Cake
Monster Cake | Source
Ewok cake
Ewok cake | Source

How To Carve An Owl from 3D Cuddly Bear Pan

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Dragon Cake

This is such a clever use of my beloved pan. With the help of fondant and a little imagination, this cake artist transformed our cuddly bear into a dragon. Fairy tales have been centered around dragons for years. So this party theme has staying power and versatility!


Quick Tip: Red Food Coloring does not taste too good when used in large amounts. Be sure to use Red (No Taste). When coloring a large batch, as much as 1 ounce of gel color may be used.

Elmo Cake

Wow! Why didn't I think of this!? Sesame Street monsters are on the top of many toddlers list of favorite characters. So it is no surprise that Elmo cakes are a popular request for first and second birthday cakes. The added bonus is that Elmo will be 3D!! Simply cut off the ears and extend the feet with a few cupcakes! This is such an easy way to create a high impact show stopping centerpiece for your dessert table!!


The Possibilities Are Endless

While brainstorming I came up with some other ideas. My daughter absolutely loves Hello Kitty, so that should have been a no brainer. Some others ideas are an elephant, rabbit, frog, The possibilities are truly endless. All you need is a little inspiration and don't forget the tips in my tutorial here! This pan is definitely staying in my pantry!! In fact, I think I may invest in some other 3D pans Wilton has to offer! Brainstorm with me! What are some other ways to use this 3D Cuddly Bear Pan?

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