Empty Calories vs Healthy Diet

The brightly coloured bags with expensive potato chips and a hundred combinations of cheese and flour have won the war of our children’s diet.  As parents we want them to snack on apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, papayas, mangoes, water melons, raw carrots, and all that good stuff; instead they keep chomping on all that advertised colourful content. 

I have reached the point now where all I say is “OK.  In years to come, God’s willing that you should live to that age, and I wish you do, when you are 40, then the effect of all this junk food will be medical bills and surgery.  Prevention is better than cure.  Eat for health and not for appetite.”

Water off a duck’s back.

It is so bad now that when I go to the supermarket with my son he actually complains that I spend so much time at the produce aisle.  So you know, I give a short health talk there and then that if the entire human race shopped only at the produce aisle we would all be healthier.   

So I look out for the few healthy food items that he likes.  Yoghurt is expensive but I sure try to get his favourite flavour.  And Silk Soy Drink is rather pricey but so is illness. 

A child will reject a fruit but will enjoy its juice especially if procured outside the home.  Now I prefer to eat the fruit and drink water.  Honestly!  But  I purchase juice for the sake of bribing the young to consume a natural diet, plus preservative and added vitamins.   

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