An introduction to spicy Indian snacks- Appetisers before a drink or main course meal

Foods that you never might have tasted but you will never leave once tasted- Part 1.

Humans survive on food. They relish cooking their own food and savour it. What a pleasure it is to prepare one's own food and devour it. Mind your calories.

In India, each state has its own recipes. Each region enjoys their own food. They exchange the recipes. They enjoy foods of other regions and states. They regularly innovate. Spices play a large part in preparation. Obesity is not common in Indians, except in cities. The wonderful change that India experienced post globalization is that today we have restaurants of various nations. Villages too joined the global village.

In a series of blogs, I will present recipes special to South India, with Video presentation. To start with, I will post an item called "Mirchi Bajji" a spicy chilli item, deep fried in oil with Video presentation.

Most of India foods are laced with oil, that is rare in other countries. But with proper control over intake, the side effects can be nullified.

Next part will present the preparation. The main ingredients are presented below.

1. Green Chillies with less seeds in the stomach and fat in size. Lengthy chilli must be avoided. Short and fat is the best. (If seeds are there they can be removed)

2. Salt

3. Baking salt.

4. Tamarind paste

5. Besan or Corn flour

6. Red chilli powder.

7. Aizwan.

8. Sunflower or Rice Bran oil.

The quantities and method of pteparation will be presented in my blog Part 2.

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