Are Anti-Energy Drinks The Next Big Thing To Help You Relax?

They Are Also Called "Relaxation Drinks"
They Are Also Called "Relaxation Drinks"

Caffeine, America pretty much lives off the stuff. Coffee and energy drinks are the only way for some people to stay awake during a stressful day at work. However, what happens when you want to relax? Well, they made energy drinks to give you energy, so now they have made anti-energy drinks to help you calm down from a hard day. Could these become the next big thing? Well, let's find out...

What Exactly Are They?

Teenagers, in the never-ending (and quite honestly, stupid) quest to find the next thing to get high off of, found that if you mix cough syrup with soda and other ingredients, you can make a drink that in effect, calms you down and makes you a little drowsy. This however, can get dangerous, so drink manufacturers stepped forward to create a drink that would help relax you, without the side effects and dangers that come with drinking cough syrup. In the end, they came up with what many label "anti-energy" drinks. They have since increased in popularity, especially among college students. But what is in these drinks?

What Is In Them?

There are many different brands emerging, each with slightly different base ingredients, but there is one ingredient which stays the same. L-Theanine is an amino acid that is sold in the U.S. and a few other places as a dietary supplement. It is said to help reduce physical and mental stress, as well as improve your ability to think clearly. Although it is a supplement in many vitamins, there haven't been enough studies to confirm how it interacts with other things, such as alcohol. Despite this, it is perfectly safe by itself, and has been declared safe by many agencies, such as the FDA.

They also include an number of herbs, such as Valerian. This little flowering plant produces oils within it's roots, which was used as a medicinal herb. It helps with sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and it is also used as a muscle relaxant. Like L-Theanine, it is sold as a dietary supplement in many stores across the U.S.

The Slow Cow Anti-Energy Drink, a parody of the Red Bull line of Energy Drinks.
The Slow Cow Anti-Energy Drink, a parody of the Red Bull line of Energy Drinks.

What Are The Effects?

Even though they are called "Anti-Energy Drinks", they aren't exactly the opposite of an energy drink. A better term would be a "Relaxation Drink", since they are drank with the intention of helping you relax. However, some carry the side effect of actually making you drowsy, which you may or may not want depending on the circumstances you are in (such as driving).

So, do the effects of the drink match the intention for which they were made? In short, yes they do. Many people, ranging from teens and college students to working moms, state that they really do help when they have had a long stressful day. Insomniacs and others with sleeping issues find that they also help them sleep more soundly. The makers also say that they have many other health benefits, such as increasing your ability to learn, although that claim may be rather subjective.


Although the drinks appear perfectly harmless, there are a few doctors that say there is more than meets the eye. Many of them relate these drinks another growing market, medicinal marijuana-laced drinks. These drinks are becoming popular among medicinal marijuana users, some of which say it is better to ingest the marijuana instead of smoking it. Doctors say that these drinks can act as a sort of "gateway drug", and increase the chance that the user would start to use harder drugs. However, the marijuana drinks and these anti-energy drinks have almost no connection to each other, as these drinks do not contain marijuana or any other drugs like marijuana.

Doctors also state that the sedatives in the drink can cause problems with drivers, since the relaxing effect can lead a person to become drowsy. This may be true, however, the makers of these drinks state that there are no drowsy side effects with their drinks, and that the ones that may cause sleepiness have warning labels on the can. In other words, caution must be used when drinking them.

So Where Can I Get A Can?

While these drinks have been out for a few years now, they haven't been given any real attention until these past few months, so it may take a while until you can find a store or gas station that regularly stocks them. If you really want to try one, there are sellers on Amazon and other sites that will ship them out to you, but you may have to pay a little more for it. The manufactures think that consumption of these drinks will double by 2014, and soon they may become as popular as energy drinks themselves.

Did you like the hub, or have you found a local store which stocks these drinks? Please tell us in the comment section below, and have a nice day!

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Rob Winters profile image

Rob Winters 4 years ago

I hadn't heard of these drinks before but it doesn't surprise me that they're out there.Interesting hub :-)

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TheKatsMeow 4 years ago from Canada

I am drinking a slow cow right now as I read this :) great info!

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