Aronia Berries Wiki and Health Benefits

Have you ever heard about chokeberry? If you are North American, it shouldn’t be a new fruit to you! Aronia berry is the commonly known name for chokeberry. In the recent times, the chokeberries got tremendous popularity among the raw food lovers. Reason is as simple as one can expect, these chokeberries got amazing health benefits. They got high amount of antioxidants, folic acid and essential vitamins like vitamin C and E. Also the use of aronia berries in food products like jam, jellies, candies and pie fillings is very high these days. And what to tell about the wine produced from aronia berries! It’s just amazing flavor to taste. Chokeberry wine is mostly available in Poland and its neighboring countries.

These aronia berries are perfect super fruits to add in your raw food diet chart. They don’t carry any sort of side effects or other. These fruits played a major role in the diets of North Americans in the past, as old as few centuries ago. If you really wonder what benefits and uses these chokeberries have, then simply go through the following.

  • Chokeberries or aronia berries are the best sources of antioxidant substances.
  • These berries have high anti inflammatory properties.
  • Chokeberries are good for cardiac health.
  • They produce essential good cholesterol for the body.
  • They help keeping out urinal infections and maintains a good urinary tract.
  • It increases and improves the memory power and digestive system respectively.
  • The chokeberry juice is used in making jams, jellies and other confectionery.
  • Chokeberries are used to produce a good wine called chokeberry wine.
  • The leaves of these berries are used to make chokeberry tea.
  • Chokeberry trees are used as decorative trees in parks and roadsides.

These berries mainly come in three variants, the black chokeberry, red chokeberry and the purple chokeberry. Of them all, black chokeberry is said to be most effective because of the high amount of antioxidants. Aronia berries are easy to find, you can find them easily on many supermarkets and other fruit related outlets. These chokeberries are easy to export and transport thus having a wide global availability. You can consume them as raw fruits, organic powders and chokeberry extracts. The fresher the fruit is, the better the result would be! So it’s strongly advised that you try taking raw fruits instead of aronia berry extracts and powders.


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