Ask DJ Lyons: A Healthy Veggie Snack can cure Hand-to-Mouth Craving


Craving some Munchies?

Are you craving some munchies? Do you glory in that hand-to-mouth action of food, no matter what kind, within easy reach?

When I am working on the computer, which takes up many hours of every day, I love to have crunchy snacks nearby like Red Hots or pretzels or other even less healthy stuff.

Then, when I determined that I wanted to get serious about losing weight the healthy way, I began to question how I could still satisfy this craving but meet my nutrional needs at the same time.

Then I read "Fit for Life" and Harvey Diamond's other book called "Fit for Life not Fat for Life." You can read my review and see some of the products I am talking about below.


Fit for Life series

Fit for Life
Fit for Life

It's the program that shatters all the myths: FIT FOR LIFE the international bestseller that explains how to change both your figure and your life. Nutritional specialist Harvey and Marilyn Diamond explain how you can eat more kinds of food than you ever ate before without counting calories...and still lose weight! The natural body cycles, permanent weight-loss plan that proves it's not only what you eat, but also when and how, FIT FOR LIFE is the perfect solution for those who want to look and feel their best. Join the millions of Americans who are FIT FOR LIFE and begin your transformation with:

The vital principles that bring you permanent weight loss and high energy

The FIT FOR LIFE secrets of timing and food combining that work with your natural body cycles

A 4-week meal plan, menus, shopping tips, and exercise

Delicious recipes and more.

Fit for Life II
Fit for Life II

The Diamonds expand Fit for Life and offer a complete health program that includes all areas of life, including sleep, stress reduction and relationships.

Fit for Life: A New Beginning
Fit for Life: A New Beginning

Paperback: 414 pages

Publisher: Kensington; 3rd edition (May 1, 2001)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1575667185

ISBN-13: 978-1575667188

A New Way of Eating from the Fit for Life Kitchen
A New Way of Eating from the Fit for Life Kitchen

Timed to coincide with the long-awaited mass market publication of the #1 national bestselling diet book Fit for Life, this is an ideal companion volume that shows how everyone can devise a Fit for Life diet and overall health plan. Illustrated.

Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life
Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life

There is only one concept to grasp and only one action to take: Eat more living food than dead food. The simplicity of this message has eluded people up to now. In fact, it may seem oversimplified. Because of past frustrations and disappointments, people have come to believe that losing weight is complicated, difficult and expensive. Truth be told, all that is required to reap the myriad benefits of Harvey Diamond's program is to return to the fundamentals of life.

The human body is intelligent and capable beyond anyone's comprehension, but in order to unleash this extraordinary intelligence-including that which normalizes body weight-the proper fuel is required. That fuel is living food. But for some inexplicable reason, people have allowed themselves to believe that they can give their bodies the wrong fuel and then have it operate at optimum efficiency. And that is why most people become overweight.

This book offers not a diet, but a lifelong way of eating that allows the eating experience to remain a joyous one, rather than a clinical endeavor of measuring portions, counting calories, calculating grams of fat, carbohydrates and protein, or ingesting meal replacements. It teaches readers how to eat any food in the most healthful way so there is no feeling of deprivation. As readers embark on this life-changing journey, they will experience the surge of energy and well-being that only comes as the automatic result of properly fueling their bodies. Providing deliberate, gentle and forgiving guidance every step of the way, this book will become readers' trusted source and companion as they create a new way of eating and living, which will lead to both overweight and poor health becoming conditions of the past.


A Healthy Snack

As I read some of his books, I began to get a clearer picture of how I could do this yet not feel deprived. In fact, I now own all the books shown above. I've read three of them and am working on the other two.

For those of you not familiar with this system, it kind of boils down to the following routine:

* Eat raw fruits and fresh fruit juices exclusively in the morning and on an empty stomach. Do not have anything but fruits; however, you can pretty much have any quantity of fruits as you like during this time period.

* If you really want to lose significant weight, which is one of my major goals now that I am a breast cancer survivor, try to make 50% of what you consume be what he calls "living food." In other words, raw fruits, raw vegetables, and raw (non-roasted) nuts and seeds. The other 50% would be cooked foods.

* If you want dessert, having it around halfway in between lunch and dinner would be the idea time.

* You can eat meat and other proteins. Just make certain that you do not combine that with any starches. In other words, if you eat proteins like a steak, do not have potatos, pasta, or bread with that meal.

* You can eat starches like potatoes, pastas, and bread - just make certain there are no proteins present in that meal.

* His best recommendation is to have the following happen:

Breakfast: Raw fruit

Lunch: Giant salad of raw vegetables and leafy greens. Then either have protein with some cooked vegetables or alternatively, have starches with some cooked vegetables.

Dinner: Do the reverse of what you did at lunch. Have a giant salad again of raw vegetables and leafy greens. Then if you had a protein-based meal at lunch, have the starch-based meal for dinner or vice versa. Have some cooked vegetables along with that.

He is not a big fan of dairy products.

There is a lot more to this than I am conveying here. This is simply some of the basics that I am gradually adopting. I'm happy with the raw fruits part in the morning. It seems to be really helping. The rest is a work-in-progress.

So, knowing how much I love snacing on something crunchy as I work and learning about how much it benefits our bodies to be eating raw vegetables, I decided to cut up celery and carrots into small pieces and have them next to me as I work. Yum!


Healthy Snacks of Carrots, Celery, Red Peppers, and Organic Cucumber

The other day, I went to Dollar Tree and purchased this cute little divided container. Today, I filled it with carrots, celery, Red Peppers, and organic peeled cucumbers. I am enjoying this snack while I am writing this hub.

As for my husband, who is a sports writer, I fixed him a plate of celery and carrots. I also gave him a little bowl of Ranch Dressing to dip them in. He does not care for peppers or cucumbers. So we are both happy munching on our veggies. Woo-hoo!

What vegetables and other healthy snacks do you enjoy? Please share in the comment section below.

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