Authentic Mexican Salsa Made in a Deep Fryer or Broiler

Authentic Mexican Salsa is incredibly easy to make and is a great condiment for so many different things.

The ingredients you will need are two or three tomatoes in wedges, one onion in wedges. two whole jalapenos, three cloves of garlic unpeeled, salt, the juice of one lime, and half a bunch of cilantro.

Place your tomatoes, onions, garlic, and jalapenos on a sheet tray, salt the tomatoes, and roast in an oven around 400 degrees. When the garlic is finished roasting your other ingredients should be done as well. Put your roasted tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos into a food processor. Squeeze the galic from the cloves into the food processor. Add the juice of one lime and the clintro. Puree. Add salt to taste

Note: this recipe is rather spicy. For a less spicy salsa remove the seeds from the jalapenos. I try to add enough salt to the tomatoes so that I don't have to salt the salsa when I'm finished. Also if you have a deep fryer and are short on time you can fry everything instead of roasting it.

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