Awesome Chicken Wings

  • So my huband and I decided to make fried chicken wings tonight for dinner. We both have certain jobs for this dinner...he breads and fry's and I get to make the sauces! Yay! Thats got to be the best part. So anyways, I would love to share the recipies for the sauces that I created.
  • Honey Mustard BBQ
  • Chipolte BBQ
  • Spicy Buffalo

Honey Mustard BBQ

~ Ingredients~

- 1/2 Stick of Butter

- 1/4 Cup of your Favorite BBQ Sauce

- 1/2 Cup Honey Mustard

Melt Butter in a bowl in microwave. Wisk in Honey Mustard and BBQ sauce. Coat wings.

Chipolte BBQ

~ Ingredients ~

- 1/2 Stick of Butter

-1/2 Cup - 1 Cup Chipolte BBQ Sauce

Melt Butter in microwave. Wisk BBQ sauce into butter. Coat wings.

Spicy Buffalo

~ Ingredients ~

- 1 Stick Butter

- Garlic Tabasco Sauce

Melt Butter in microwave. Wisk Tabasco into butter. Coat wings. 

Hope you guys enjoy these sauces. They are awesome on breaded wings. just made some lastnight! 

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rafken profile image

rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

This made me want to stop for a snack. The hub is mouthwatering and useful, but no flag for mouthwatering. Thanks.

6hotfingers3 profile image

6hotfingers3 5 years ago

I think I will try some of these recipes. They sound delicious and easy.

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