BBQ and Spuds

A friend's recipe from years ago

Things you need this recipe:

Russet Potatoes (one per person)

Large yellow onion

Tbls. butter (for each spud)

Bacon slices


Salt and pepper (any other seasoning's you prefer work to)

Get a couple of medium to large russet potatoes (or one per person) wash and cut out any brown spots. Then cut across into 4 pieces, careful not to cut all the way through though. In between each sliced area place a slice of onion.

Add butter to each cut also...

Season to taste and then wrap one or two pieces of bacon around the potatoe to help hold the onion in place and pull it together. Wrap in double tinfoil and place on BBQ grill..It takes about an hour with a hot bed of coals..turn often.

Serve when done with sour cream, chives and enjoy...Yummmmm


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