Baileys Chocolate Dessert - Easy Recipe!

I am a Baileys Addict!

So much so that, when I do have a bottle in the house, it doesn't last very long. I call it my 'special milk' and add a splash to my coffee, or hot chocolate. I pour it over icecream and bananas. I make Baileys milkshakes too! Yum!

I confess that I don't often buy the real thing, I have my favourite cheaper versions - poor man's Baileys - like Asda's Irish Knights or Tesco's Irish Meadow...

(I forgot to mention that I am also a chocoholic, as you will soon see!)

Baileys Irish Cream
Baileys Irish Cream

Everybody loves my puddings!

My Baileys Chocolate Dessert is a favourite with everyone who has tried it - so I thought I would be very generous and share the recipe with you, dear reader and fellow Baileys connoisseur.

This recipe is delightfully easy - there is no weighing or measuring involved - and being a bit of a lazy cook, I use ready made ingredients wherever possible!

May I suggest that before you start, you pour yourself a small glass and have a few sips to get yourself in a Baileys-enhanced creative cooking mood...

Suggested List of Ingredients

  • Baileys (or any preferred 'poor man's Baileys')
  • Chocolate Buns, Chocolate Cake Bars or Chocolate Sponge Cake
  • 2 cartons of ready made Custard
  • Whipping Cream
  • Cocoa or Chocolate Powder
  • Cadbury's Giant Chocolate Buttons, Chocolate Chips, or similar to decorate!

Baileys Irish Cream
Baileys Irish Cream
Chocolate Cake Bars
Chocolate Cake Bars


  1. Find a suitable large glass bowl, or several small bowls if you want to make individual desserts.
  2. Break up the chocolate buns, cake bars or sponge cake and put in the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Pour some Baileys into a wine glass, take a couple of sips and pour the rest of the glass over the chocolate cake.
  4. Pick up the bowl and swirl the Baileys around.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple of times more, until you are feeling pleasantly relaxed - and the Baileys is being absorbed nicely into the chocolate cake.

Pop the bowl in the fridge, while you prepare the custard.

Chocolate Custard

Put 2 or 3 heaped tablespoons of cocoa or chocolate powder into a large jug. Add a splash of hot water and stir to dissolve the powder. Add in the ready made custard and mix until you have a nice creamy chocolate custard.

Pour a glass of Baileys, take a swig, then gradually add the rest of the glass into the custard.


Get the bowl of chocolate cake/baileys mixture out of the fridge, slosh over another glass of Baileys, then pour the chocolate baileys custard over the top.

Give the bowl a bit of a shake, to settle the ingredients, and put it back in the frigde while you prepare the cream!


Topping it off!

Whip up the cream until it is fairly thick.

Pour a glass of Baileys and put it to one side.

Pour another glass and gradually add it to the whipped cream.

Take the bowl out of the fridge and pour the cream over the chocolate custard.

Decorate the top with the Chocolate Buttons and that's it!

Pop it back into the fridge, ready for your guests... and sit back with the glass of Baileys you put aside earlier, finish off any remaining chocolate buttons and congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Here's one I made earlier!
Here's one I made earlier!


This dessert is not suitable for children, people on certain types of medication, or the 'designated driver'.

Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery after eating, or indeed making Baileys Chocolate Dessert.

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I hope you have enjoyed this hub and found it informative, useful and entertaining. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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Comments 13 comments

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA

Great recipe! Cake and baileys...mmmmmmmmmm! Why not try adding a little whiskey to cream.....home made baileys

CrystalStarWoman profile image

CrystalStarWoman 7 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England Author

Home made Baileys? If I started making that, I wouldn't get a whole lot done, at all. Ever!

missfortune 13 profile image

missfortune 13 7 years ago

i was going to ask you for this last week! cannot wait to make it! although i love the creme brulee baileys the one sainsburys does is really good! thanks kaz!

CrystalStarWoman profile image

CrystalStarWoman 7 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England Author

Handy tip - when you make this dessert, make sure you serve yourself some, before your guests descend upon it, or you wont get a look in. That happened to me at our last barbecue - the whole lot was gone in seconds! (In future I shall make two and hide one!)

I shall be sharing some more of my alcoholic puddings and 'Tipsy Trifles' in the near future, so watch this space!

Dame Scribe profile image

Dame Scribe 7 years ago from Canada

I like the 'take a sip' part, lol. Love Baileys n chocolate also, :) great Hub!

CrystalStarWoman profile image

CrystalStarWoman 7 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England Author

"I like the 'take a sip' part, lol."

Thanks Dame Scribe!

It has to be done - chefs need to take a taste, every so often, during the creation of their gastronomic masterpieces ;)

TINA V profile image

TINA V 6 years ago

I love chocolates and Bailey's. But I haven't tried or even thought of combining these two things. hhhmmm... it looks so delicious. I'll try to make it too.

Thanks for sharing your recipes.

marieryan profile image

marieryan 6 years ago from Andalusia, Spain

This is the BEST,BEST,BEST recipe I have ever seen. It is SOOOO decadent it's probably illegal in some countries!

(by the way, did you notice, I am a Bailey's addict too!)

See you later! Off to the shops to get the ingredients!

gramarye profile image

gramarye 6 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

I'll have to buy some chocolate cake and custard before I can make this. The baileys is a permanent fixture, but it looks so good, It will be made very soooooon!

K Partin profile image

K Partin 6 years ago from Garden City, Michigan

Love Baileys, I definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing. K.

Sweet Tim 5 years ago

It's gonna be tough resisting desserts that use Bailey. It's like almost heaven!

Slightly Bonkers profile image

Slightly Bonkers 5 years ago from Ireland

hmmm... have to try out some of those recipes. YUMMY! I am usually not a fan of sweet drinks or sweets at all - not a sweet tooth really, but I make an exception for Bailey's in all shapes and forms :)

Nicky 4 years ago

This looks absolutely scrumptious, my 2 fav things, choccy n baileys! Look forward to trying it:)

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