Basic Cake Decorating At Home: Complete List of Tools and Prices

Cake, cupcake and cookie decorating tools come in handy when birthdays, events and the holidays come around. Single, Married, with children or post-children, cake decorating is always an appreciated skill and is a great hobby. For me, it has become my career and I look forward to sharing the passion with you.

A fantastic job cannot be completed without the right tools, right? (Ever try to sweep your living room carpet because the vacuum cleaner was broken? Doesn't work really well does it?) The same rule applies to using baggies with the end cut off for piping icing.<Ick> The results are vastly different when the proper tools are used. There is no comparison.

Well, here is your Complete List to set up your cake decorating at home with a basic set of essential cake decorating tips and tools.

You will find it only costs a tiny bit of money to start up your decorating endevour! In upcoming articles, I will show you how to use these tools to gain your desired designs.

All-Inclusive List of Tools For Basic Cake Decorating At Home

Cake decorating tools are each designated a universal number or a number/letter code by the manufacturers. The codes provide the easiest way to identify the tool's specific uses throughout the pastry arts industry.

How to read the list: You will only need one of each tool written in bold. To save a great deal of time, I recommend buying 2 or 3 of each tool if you have the few extra bucks to spend on them. Extra tools save you messy, time consuming clean up between colors.

Writing tips #3 (small) and #4
Writing tips #3 (small) and #4

Writing Tips

  •  The # 4 Tip is my personal favorite. Some prefer a # 3 instead. (Costs approx. $1.00)
  • # 3 is optional and provides a smaller hole for more detailed work, but the difference between a # 4 tip and a # 3 tip is negligible.

Most cake decorating sets will come with both of these writing tips. I use all Wilton decorating supplies through and Wilton's Annual Tent Sale.

Leaf tip
Leaf tip

Leaf Tip

  • # 352 (Costs approx. $1.00)


Rose/Balloon tip
Rose/Balloon tip

Rose, Petal and Balloon Tips

  •  #125 (Costs approx. $1.00)

As indicated above, this # 125 tip is used for rose petals, other flower petals AND balloons.

Rose nail
Rose nail

Rose Nail

  • 1 1/4 inch (Costs approx. $1.00)


Border tip
Border tip

Border Tips

 # 32 (Costs approx. $1.00)

Angled spatula
Angled spatula


 11 inch Angled spatula.(Costs approx. $6.00)

Icing color kit
Icing color kit

Icing and Colors

Buttercreme Icing Ready-To-Use

  • 5 lb. Tub White (Costs approx. $15.00)

Icing Colors

  • Primary Set of 4-12 Colors (Costs approx. $5.00-13.00)
  • Pastel Set of 4-6 Colors (Costs approx. $5.00-$8.00)

Disposable icing bag with coupler attached. Notice the inside piece AND outside ring to screw on the icing tip.
Disposable icing bag with coupler attached. Notice the inside piece AND outside ring to screw on the icing tip.
Decorating Bag with Coupler  and Writing tip attached
Decorating Bag with Coupler and Writing tip attached
Turn Table
Turn Table

Accessory Tools


  • Coupler Ring (Costs approx. $2.00)
  • Coupler (Costs approx. $2.00)

A coupler is designed to make cake decorating easier and minimize more mess and dishes to do later. I highly recommend purchasing couplers.

Disposable Decarating Bags

  • One roll Small (Costs approx. $5.00 for a roll of 12)
  • One roll Medium (Costs approx. $5.00 for a roll of 12)

Turn Table

Optional but handy (Costs approx. $15.00 for the least expensive/good table)

Child-sized scissors

  • Make sure they are NOT "safety-scissors" (Costs approx. $1.00)

Store-Bought Cake Mixes are best. (Costs approx. $2.00)

Any Decorations or Sprinkles (Costs approx. $.60 cents each)

Cake Pans

  • 8 inch (One or two)
  • Sheet Cake Pan (any size Height and Length, Width should be at least 2 inches)

Cardboard- Cut to an inch wider on all sides of cake.

Buying a Tip Set

Tip Sets are very handy because they come in a carrying case to keep all of your tips organized. These sets tend to include tips that are not mentioned below, but are definitely fun to play with for the beginner and used frequently by the advanced decorators. I use the Master Tip Set from Wilton.

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