Basic Pizza Dough for Handtossed New York Style Pizza at home

Making pizza dough is more about the process than it is about having the exact proportions. This is a pretty good and standard pizza dough recipe. The key to making good pizza dough is using a high gluten bread flour and kneeding the dough adequately. I think a dough hook might work to start out with but honestly there isn't really a way around kneeding it by hand.

I start my pizza dough by disolving two tablespoons of sugar with two cups of warm water (about body temperature), and mixing in one package of instant yeast. Let this bloom for about ten minutes.

In a seperate bowl mix four cups of bread flour with about a tablespoon of salt. Add about two tablespoons of olive oil to the liquid and slowly whisk the flour into the water, sugar and yeast mixture forming a smooth batter until a dough is formed and you can begin kneeding by hand. Add flour and kneed the dough by folding in half, turning the dough a quarter turn and putting your body weight into the dough. Continue this process until the dough is smooth and will bounce back when you push it with your thumb. You should also be able to stretch a small piece of dough into translucentcy without tearing it. You may use more or less flour than you have measured out.

Portion your dough into baseball size balls using your hands to pull all the ends into a "nipple." Place the dough balls into greased pans nipple side down and cover tightly with plastic wrap. At this point you can freeze them or continue with the process. If you wish to continue place the dough balls in the refrigerator to cool and then into a warm place and allow them to double in size to about softball size. They will then be ready to stretch which you can do by hand or on a pizza pan.

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agreenworld profile image

agreenworld 4 years ago from CT-USA

Love anything pizza from toppings to sauce and flavored doughs are the best! I will try making this dough as well. Thanks for the recipe. Something else on my to do list!

LABrashear profile image

LABrashear 4 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

Sounds yummy! I have always wanted to try making our own pizza dough. I might have missed it (it's late) but how long do you bake?

nateismguru profile image

nateismguru 4 years ago from Richmond VA Author

I'll write another hub about baking times (usually about five minutes on a stone at 500 is about right):) also I forgot to mention that I also add about two tablespoons of olive oil to the liquid before adding my dry ingredients.

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