Bazooka Joe Shot Drink Recipe

Thanks to riptheskull @flickr
Thanks to riptheskull @flickr

Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum Nostalgia

If you're old enough to remember Bazooka Joe bubble gum, you should love this alcoholic shot drink. It's called Bazooka Joe, and named after that famous pink bubble gum.

Remember the bubble gum that had the comics wrapped in each piece? That's it!

Why Is It Called a Bazooka Joe Shooter Drink?

Why is it called a Bazooka Joe shooter? Because it tastes just like the bubble gum! And it's a shot. Try it, you'll see.

And when you see the ingredients that are used to make this mixed drink, you'll be amazed that it tastes like bubble gum. If you need cocktail party ideas, try this alcoholic drink. Making mixed drinks has never been so much fun!

This shooter drink is very smooth, so it can sneak up on you.

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Tasty ingredient used in a Bazooka Joe Shot drink Photo: anshu si @flickr
Tasty ingredient used in a Bazooka Joe Shot drink Photo: anshu si @flickr

Bazooka Joe Shot Recipe Ingredients

It's very easy to make a Bazooka Joe shooter. And you'll only need 3 ingredients:

  • Bailey's Irish Cream
  • banana liqueur
  • Blue Curacao liqueur

How to Make a Bazooka Joe Shot

Just use equal parts of each ingredient. Shake with ice for about twenty seconds. A cocktail shaker isn't necessary, but it makes it easier to chll and mix. Strain and pour into a shot glass. Enjoy!

Bazooka Joe Cocktail Drink Recipe Variations

There are other versions of the Bazooka Joe cocktail drink, but I think the one above is the best. If you don't agree, or don't have the ingredients, maybe you can try this other Bazooka Joe drink recipe below.

It is also very popular. It is rum based, and rum cocktails aren't my favorites, so maybe that is why I don't like it as well. Anyway, here it is- Bazooka Joe Drink Recipe #2

How to Make a Bazooka Joe Shot Drink Recipe #2

Mix a shot glass of lemon flavored rum (Try Bacardi Limon)
with a shot of Red Bull energy drink in a glass with ice cubes. Drink up!

I like Bazooka Joe Drink #2 better with a bit of grenadine added, but it's your call.

How to make a rattlesnake drink Photo: monicamuller @flickr
How to make a rattlesnake drink Photo: monicamuller @flickr

More Irish Cream Drinks - How to Make a Rattlesnake Alcoholic Drink

If you like Irish cream alcoholic drinks, here's another for you. It's called a Rattlesnake.

Use equal parts Irish Cream, Kahlua or other coffee flavored liqueur, and creme de cacao.
Pour carefully into a shot glass to layer it. If you like coffee or chocolate, this could well become your favorite whiskey cocktails drink!

How to make a blue kamikaze drink Photo: Foto Fox @flickr
How to make a blue kamikaze drink Photo: Foto Fox @flickr

Blue Curacao Mixed Drink #2 - How to Make a Blue Kamikaze Drink

If you want to finish off your Blue Curacao, try this mixed drink recipe:

How to Make a Blue Kamikaze Drink - Makes one drink

Shot glass each: Vodka, lime juice, and Blue Curacao

Mix in a glass or cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake til cold, then strain. Pour into an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes added.

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for all these lovely tips.

eventsyoudesign profile image

eventsyoudesign 5 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

Now I am thirsty. I have never had a bazooka Joe. I do want to try it out. Thanks!

Mare 2 years ago

I'm so glad you posted the recipe and also provided us with some history. I can't wait to try this!

Thanks for sharing ! :)

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