Becoming Vegetarian Among Meat Eaters

Becoming Vegetarian

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How to Survive

Have you been thinking about becoming a vegetarian but don't know how you will survive in a meat eating world? Unless some of your friends and family are vegetarians, getting started can be challenging. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier.

Do you do the grocery shopping and cooking or does someone else?

  • If you shop and cook, your effort towards becoming a vegetarian just got easier. There are beaucoup vegetarian cookbooks, websites, and videos full of help.
  • Meat substitutes are great during the transition period. Many of the favorite recipes you use right now can be made with faux meat products from your local store. If your store doesn't carry them, ask them to.

Helping Prepare Food

 (Polo Morales)
(Polo Morales)

Making the Vegetarian Change Work

Does someone else do the cooking at your house? When other people are involved during the time when you are becoming a vegetarian, some type of understanding needs to be reached.

  • Be honest with the cook. Give your reasons for wanting to change your eating habits. Then, ask for consideration of your wishes when he or she is preparing a meal.
  • You may need to do some of the food preparation yourself to get what you want.

Eating Out Vegetarian

Do you often eat out with friends and business associates? When I was becoming a vegetarian, I would sometimes fudge.

  • If you find yourself in a difficult situation, do what you have to do. Then, get back on track.
  • You will probably fall off the wagon at some point (pepperoni pizza, dinner with in-laws). After a few vegetarian months under your belt, sticking to it won't be so difficult.
  • Whenever possible, choose restaurants with options for you. You can look at menus on-line. When you're becoming a vegetarian someone is sure to ask why you're not eating meat. You can respond with something like, "I'm trying to eat healthier."

Bring a Vegetarian Home

Invite a vegetarian friend to your house for dinner.
Invite a vegetarian friend to your house for dinner.

Resistance at Home

What if you have a parent or spouse who insists that you eat meat? You may find yourself in a situation where someone who controls what you eat can't be convinced that becoming a vegetarian is a good choice for you.

  • If insisting on eating the way you choose isn't an option, then accept your situation in the presence of the other person, but load up on the good stuff (vegetables) and decrease the bad (meat).
  • Get hold of some literature (books, flyers, website info.) and leave it lying around.
  • Invite a vegetarian friend to your house for dinner. Find one you think they will like.

Vegetarian Challenges

Becoming a vegetarian can be challenging. Old temptations draw you in. If you eat something off target once a month or even once a week, you can still consider yourself a vegetarian. Like smoking, to fully escape the old meat habits you have to stop eating meat at some point. Rest assured, you will love your new way of eating as much as the old once you get used to it. Someday you'll smell meat cooking and think, "That smells disgusting."

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Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

Love the picture of the brocolli! :)

Beverly Stevens profile image

Beverly Stevens 6 years ago from College Station Author


MAJJHIMA profile image

MAJJHIMA 5 years ago

I have been vegetarian for many years, i am one and the only one among family members. When i stated to change to vegetarian, i got the objection from my family members particularly parents. From my experience, i think our persistent is very important, in order not to be influenced by the meat eater, we ourselves have to know the reason why do we change. After few years of my firm stand, i can see my parents and family members have changed perception view as well, now almost 90% of the dishes served on the table are vegetarian food. I have also put down my reason for change in my hub named "Save the world, you can do it". There is also a video on slaughter house which i posted in my hub worth to be viewed, do encourage your friend to view it and i am sure it will have some impact, and i am sure most of them will eat less meat after viewing. Good luck!

Beverly Stevens profile image

Beverly Stevens 5 years ago from College Station Author

I think the resistance people get from others causes them to fall back into eating their comfort foods. My initial reason to change was for health reasons, but after becoming vegan, I started to think about why we eat animals, so my reason now is different. Thanks for your comment.

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