Benefits of gluten-free cooking


When looking to implement gluten free cooking ideas, you will be thinking of using this as a method whereby you will be able to use this for the different purposes. These might span from personal preference to medical preference. This article therefore explores the benefits that will be occasioned by gluten free cooking and why you too should try it.

About gluten

Gluten is a type of protein found especially in wheat, barley and rye. Its main uses include its use as a food additive in bringing flavor, a food thickener and to bring elasticity. A gluten free diet will therefore seek to exclude gluten from the meals that you prepare. Such a diet is also recommended for Celiac disease and wheat allergy. As it is impossible to reduce all gluten from its source, the only logically possible gluten free diet will in essence have reduced gluten than the normal.

Heath conditions

One of the main benefits of gluten free cooking lies in helping patients suffering from Celiac . Celiac is a digestive disease occasioned by the ingestion of gluten and goes on to cause pain in the stomach, a condition described by the patients of the disease as having ulcers. It is diagnosed using a bowel examination where a mucosal discharge is observed post eating a gluten meal.

The problem of the above condition is that it is a progressive digestive condition similar to ulcers that is not diagnosed immediately. The recommendation to use gluten free cooking is therefore a stop gap measure to the deterioration of the condition.

The elimination of gluten from your meal has also been documented to reduce the chances of migraines. The intensity and the frequency of migraines have been shown to be lower in people who have gluten as part of their daily meals compared to those who don’t.

Health benefits

To get the maximum benefits of this diet, it is always advised that you look to always look for foods that have the label Gluten free. As there is not an agreed upon on the minimal content of gluten, you should always check on the label to see the content that has been allocated. Most nutritionists agree on the minimum agreeable level of less than 10% gluten content to be safe for those who suffer from gluten related allergies and complications.

Best foods

The best foods to use so as to get the best benefits of a gluten free meal will include starch sources that don’t have gluten like corn, potatoes and rice. You can also consider the use of other forms of grain so as to provide roughage in the diet. The best source of this is oats as they do not contain the required nutrients for a person seeking a gluten supplement.


When seeking gluten free content, make sure that you supplement for the loss of this vital nutrient by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will make sure that your digestive system works at its best. This will allow you to enjoy all your gluten free cooking as your health will be at its best.

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